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Thursday, 30 April 2020

Wednesday, 29 April 2020

How to make most out of Ramadan 2020... { Quarantine Edit }

Hi Everyone... Ramadan Mubarak!!! to all my readers out here!!! Hope you all are perfectly fine & having a good time even in this situation of Lockdown. This year is turning out to be so different for all of in all the matters. Who knew even Ramadan, which is a festival where so much socialising is required on one's part, would also end up in Quarantine. The whole world has commenced Ramadan 2020 in Quarantine due the Pandemic Covid-19. I seriously feel so heart broken to know all the prayers, iftars & other Ramadan gatherings will not be taking place in the whole world including Mecca & Madina as well. Also; I am a bit concerned about the poor muslim population that won't have access to free food easily this time to break fasts; due to this lockdown.

Though its Quarantine-time & Ramadan has started, one must not be disheartened due to any negative reason as it is a month full of blessings & happiness. As usual, I am so excited for the whole Ramadan month & I am totally ready with all my Ramadan goals, plans & things to do list. 
Before I start with my Blog, I Would like to quote what I posted on my Instagram; down below; on Ramadan Day 1...

Ramadan Kareem 🌙✨
Let the spirit of Ramadan remain in your hearts & light up your souls from within
It’s time to reflect, connect to the creator & spread the light of faith & hope 💫
May Allah bless you & your family; this Holy Month with happiness, good health, strength & courage ⚡️
On the other hand where Ramadan is a month full of social activities & gatherings; It’s a humble request to everyone to Stay Home in quarantine this Ramadan. Who thought this month would be so different this year. Anyway; Let’s make this time more towards worshiping together with family, reading, gaining more Islamic knowledge & being productive & positive in all the situations & conditions. I hope & pray this pandemic ends soon. Please offer help whoever needs it... Keeping everyone in my duas 🙏🏻

So, as this year Ramadan is unlike other years & in Lockdown, I just wanted to quickly share with you all few points that will be really useful to make your Ramadan the best one ever.

So, Let's begin with How to make most out of Ramadan 2020... { Quarantine Edit }

Even though you are in Quarantine or in Lockdown situation, you still can make most out of this month without compromising on the essence, beauty & blessings of this month. to make it short & easy, I am quoting everything in points!!!

  • Make 30 Days Ramadan-Goals. It helps to prioritise & put everything up in one chart, that you need to achieve or accomplish in this month. It can be all your spiritual, reading, daily Ramadan tasks, imp days, etc.
  • Start with Ramadan decorations at your home. Organise & decorate a space specially for it to achieve a positive & happy ambience. Also; you can set up really good suhoors & iftar tables.
  • As you are in Quarantine, one must try to observe all the fasts. 
  • Read more Quran, Ramadan related articles, books on prophets & more islamic books to help gain more knowledge. 
  • Focus & reflect more on prayers, duas, repentance, etc.
  • This year as you get to spend more time with your family in Ramadan, try to share more spiritual/Islamic knowledge, performing group prayers, group readings, etc
  • Prepare iftar meals with your family as you wont get outside food this Ramadan that you always enjoy. It's time to eat more home cooked & healthy suhoor, iftar & dinners together.
  • Help out at home however you can.
  • Sleep less while fasting & Try to make most of your time earning blessings..
  • Try to do more sadaqah/zakat by sending meals, food packets, etc for the poor & less fortunate people. Also; due to Lockdown you cannot go out frequently. So, try donating to food or health programmes of your community or online as well.
  • Be generous as much as you can in every possible way.
  • Use social media only for restricted time for watching or uploading spiritual or really important work updates.
  • As you are at home whole day; Watch Islamic lectures to gain more knowledge in your free time.
  • Try praying sunnah prayers with your family; So that you don't miss the Taraweeh prayer gatherings in masjids this year. (for males)
  • Try to learn something new this ramadan which you always wanted to.
  • Do good deeds as much as possible; but by keeping yourself safe & by following all the rules & regulations of the govt.
  • Try to change your bad habits into good habits.
  • Spread the message of Islam how ever possible. 
  • Make most out of this Ramadan & make it your finest of all times.

 P.S. Don't be to harsh on yourself; Just try to finish as many goals as you can.

I hope you all had a great start in Ramadan. I know its difficult to Stay at Home; But it is the most important & best thing you can do to Stay Safe & keep your loved ones out of danger from this Epidemic.
Hope we all make it to the end of this Ramadan successfully!!! No matter what, we should focus on the blessings & goodness of this Holy month. Try to follow my mentioned points; as much as you can to have a great Ramadan. I hope; I'll be able to complete all my Ramadan goals of this year & I wish the same for you all. Hope you all have a great & blessed 30 days, full of happiness & abundance. Have faith & don't lose hope. We all can still make things positive & beautiful through this month!!!

I hope you all liked my post on How to make most out of Ramadan 2020... { Quarantine Edit } You can mail me or send dm on any of my social media for anything you need to know more or need any help!!! Also; don't forget to follow me on my social media platforms for more updates on my life & work. See you all in the next post. Till then have a blessed & great Ramadan 2020. Stay Home Stay Safe & Always; Keep smiling... :)

Thank you...

Love Bhagyashree...

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