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Thursday, 26 September 2019

Life In Great Skin Starts Now with 3-Step System by "CLINIQUE"...

3-Step Creates A Great Skin; Yes!!! it does undoubtedly when it comes to this amazing 3-Step System by "CLINIQUE"...
Hey everyone, Welcome back to my Blog!!! You all know how much I love my skin care. So, Today, I am here to share with you all my wonderful experience with this excellent 3-Step System  by "CLINIQUE"... 
As I have Oily to Combination skin; I chose this Type 3 Kit. Trust me, if you use this 3-Step Kit even once for trial, I bet you won't be able to keep your hands off it. Seriously guys!!! I am not at all exaggerating. 
Also; there is a different 3-Step System for every skin type whether it is very dry, combination dry or oily skin. There are separate Kits available for men as well. So don't forget to check out the products according to your skin type & requirements :) 

But, before I start telling you all about my experience with this Kit; I would love to tell you a bit about the brand "CLINIQUE". It is a luxury brand that deals in an excellent skin care & makeup that you can blindly invest in. Must say; I am totally obsessed over something after a long time!!! 

Also; I wanted to mention that with this purchase; I was super happy to tick off one of the brands to invest in; from my Bucket List :D
If you are interested; You can read my Bucket List HERE 

Now; Let's jump into the blog Life In Great Skin Starts Now with 3-Step System by "CLINIQUE"...

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I had to invest in "CLINIQUE"... at some point in life; as I have heard about it since my teenage. Also; many Bloggers & YouTubers rave about the Skin care range by "CLINIQUE". Oh God!!! Now I feel why I took a step towards this brand so late. Seriously!!! :(
Though I had a pretty good skin since teenage; I wasn't able to get rid of skin texture, few breakouts & excess sebum production that has developed in past few years. Definitely, if you have oily skin it looks quite dull if you don't treat it well. 

I wasn't skeptical but was hesitant to buy this 3-Step Kit online without testing the products personally. But, I am happy I made my mind & its been almost a month that I am using this Kit. As soon as I got this Kit, on my first application itself, I got such an incredible result that I cannot express it in words much. Without actually experiencing by yourself, you will not understand it. I basically should have done a Vlog unboxing & using the products for the first time. Might have helped to get a clear idea. 

On a serious note, I wont stop using  products from "Clinique" as I got wonderful results with it. My skin feels radiant, fresh, bright, glowing & no acne problems at all. Also; the skin texture is diminishing day by day as well. 

As mentioned on this Kit, it is a dermatologist-developed 3-Step System for Combination Oily skin type to use twice a day. From day1,  3 Step helps sweep away dulling flakes & balances moisture in your skin. You might breakout a little, hardly once or twice in my case as it opens up oily junk trapped in your pores emerging as whiteheads or blackheads. Day by day skin will look less oily & more clearer with minimised pores. Definitely after 10 days you will see that Clinique Glow
Skin is fresher, less oily & oily/dry areas are well balanced. 
In the beginning, I was suffering from a lot of sebum production even after using this Kit. Then I realised it is all the extra oil my skin is releasing from the oil trapped in my pores.  This 3 -Step helps & prepares skin for further skin treatments daily. Also; makeup looks better too as you get a smooth & clean canvas to work on. 
Yes, whatever the brand mentions & promises on the box; actually helps achieve results from day one itself. So; don't miss out to check this brand.

Now, let me give you all a little more idea & details about this 3-Step System by "CLINIQUE"...

Skin Type 3 is for Oily T-zone & comfortable cheeks i.e Combination Oily Skin. This 3-Step Kit contains 3 products i.e Liquid Facial Soap Oily Skin Formula (30ml), Clarifying Lotion Twice A Day Exfoliator 3 (30ml) & Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel (15ml). Must say!!! One of the best Kits I came across so far.

Step 1 of 3-Step Skin Care: Liquid Facial Soap Oily Skin Formula basically helps get rid of oils, dirt & impurities from face without making face dry. Specially formulated for comfortable cheeks & oil free t-zone. Clean gently with this face wash twice daily for fresh & oil-free skin. 

Step 2 of 3-Step Skin Care: Clarifying Lotion Twice A Day Exfoliator 3 is a comfortable non-drying  exfoliator cum toner that helps create clear & glowing skin. It gently exfoliates dull skin & helps balance the sebum production. Also; it gives a clean & new skin surface to help absorb moisture properly into the layers of the skin. Without Step 2 your skin cannot absorb the goodness of Step 3. Purify to freshen skin twice daily avoiding eye areas for radiance.

Step 3 of 3-Step Skin Care: Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel helps nourish & hydrate your skin without making it oily as it has a non-oily formula. Restore the glow with this gel applying twice daily on areas where moisture is needed for a glowing skin. 

I highly highly highly recommend everyone to buy this 3-Step Kit by "CLINIQUE" in Type 3 Combination Oily; to maintain a healthy & radiant skin. One of the best brand you can invest in blindly. Trust me you will thank me for suggesting this Kit to you all once you try it.
I got this 3-Step Kit for 2500 INR online. Definitely it is worth investing in & these products will last for more than a month. Also; this Kit is quite affordable when compared to the other full size products from "CLINIQUE". You can buy this Kit & check even other products at the Clinique Store in your city or just like me; You can buy it from the link mentioned below.

3-Step Kit Type 3 Combination Oily BUY here.

The packaging of all the products is safe, easy to use & high quality. I really loved the aesthetic details of the packaging i.e the materials, colour selection & co ordination they have incorporated. Also; every single details on the box, the design of the bottle & squeeze tubes is totally luxurious. Really appreciate the look & the quality of the products. As this Kit contains products of 30 to 15ml, this makes it travel friendly as well.

I hope you enjoyed reading my Blog i.e Life In Great Skin Starts Now with 3-Step Kit by "CLINIQUE"... Please subscribe & comment down here if you want to read a Blog on any particular topic. Also; for daily life & work updates follow me on Instagram & other social media as well. Would mean a lot to me. Also; I am coming up with some exciting GIVEAWAY in October on Instagram. Definitely, stay tuned in for that guys!!! So; that is it for now. I'll be back here with some more amazing posts soon. Till then Have a great time & Keep Smiling :)

Thank you...

Love Bhagyashree...

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