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Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Primark's Fashion Week Fragrances...

Hey guys!!! I hope you all know that I did a Perfume LookBook on my YouTube Channel on this perfume collection lately. If you don't & haven't watched it yet; I will insert the YouTube video down below. As these perfumes are really amazing & worth indulging in; I thought to give you all a brief idea & share here more in details about the Primark's Fashion Week Fragrances... 
Okay! so first things first; these fragrances are from Primark's Private collection. These Primark's Fashion Week Fragrances... were specially launched for fashion week in September, 2018. I was really happy to get this collection in December itself. Personally, I feel all these 4 fragrances are really unique & smell really luxurious. The packaging is creative & stylish. Definitely apt & totally connects to Fashion Week. I got these perfumes from Primark, Cardiff, U.K. for 8 GBP each i.e 32 GBP for the entire collection. If you are interested to know more about these fragrances; then please keep reading :D 

So without any further ado, Let's begin with Primark's Fashion Week Fragrances...

NEW YORK EAU DE PARFUM is glamorous, passionate & daring, she is a risk taker & will make her dreams a reality {as mentioned on the packaging}. It is quite a classic floral & fruity scent with a modern touch to it. The notes are of fresh grapefruit & mandarin combined with sparkling jasmine & orange blossom with a burst of pink pepper. Smells like freshly plucked flowers. Also; this perfume definitely reminds me of Hollywood glamour.
As mentioned above I am in love with the packaging. Fabulous illustration of Manhattan, New York street view with the Empire State building & the yellow cab with the stylish girl gives perfect passionate & daring vibes. Perfect to wear in Fall.

LONDON EAU DE PARFUM is rebellious, spontaneous & carefree, she knows all the hottest spots in town. I am in love with this scent. Definitely my type of fragrance. Refreshing & sensuous. The notes comprises of rich amber & sweet vanilla bean with a base note of cedar bay. A perfume that actually reminds me of London. An unique scent must say.
Totally in love with the illustration of the street view of Big Ben, Westminster House of Parliament, London & the black cab along with the chic girl looks classy. The over all packaging definitely gives, classy, vintage yet modern vibes. Perfect to wear in Autumn.

PARISIAN EAU DE PARFUM is feminine, elegant & unique, she lives for desserts, shopping & falling in love. A very soft, delicate fragrance that is very enchanting & romantic. Loved this perfume as it is powdery & seriously reconnects to Paris the romantic city of France. The notes consists of delicate bouquets of jasmine & violet blended with rose petals & patchouli. Very enchanting, captivating & mesmerising fragrance. 
Again loved the packaging of this perfume. Totally chic & sophisticated just like its scent. It has got a French vibe to it, i.e chic & romantic. Simply loved the illustration of the beautiful girl chilling & shopping  with her pet, on the streets of Paris and the Eiffel Tower rising at the end of the Rue de Buenos Ayres looks astonishing. Not to forget the pink car gives chic vibe as well.. Loved this perfume. A good one to wear in the Fall.

AMSTERDAMN EAU DE PARFUM is charming, unforgettable & inspiring, she has a fearless spirit & is ready for her next adventure. This fragrance is really luxurious & has an unique scent to it. Quite a feminine perfume but with fresh vibes. The notes of peach & freesia blended with rose petals, iris & musk smells refreshing & adventurous. This scent is really amazing & I am totally loving it. Chic & stylish must say.
Once again would say packaging is really beautiful that represents the autumn season of Amsterdam. The illustration of autumn trees, with the girl & her bi-cycle, on De Rosa Overbeekbrug i.e a canal in Bloemgracht, Amsterdam brings out the adventurous girly vibe. Perfect to wear in Autumn.

So guys!!! Thats all for this blog post. Personally, I loved this entire collection by Primark which is creative & unique. I hope you enjoyed reading my blog post on Primark's Fashion Week Fragrances... See you all in the next blog post. Until then follow me here & on my social media platforms linked on this website as well. Also; comment down below if you have this collection or have tried & tested any of the scents mentioned above. So, Bye for now. Keep smiling :)

Thank you...

Love Bhagyashree...

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