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Monday, 15 April 2019

My Bucket List - 2019... & Why you must create one???

Hey Everyone!!! I hope you all are doing well. Today I came up with an interesting Blog post i.e My Bucket List - 2019... & Why you must create one???  I know Bucket List was a huge trend few years back. Lately it is not a trend but a must thing to do in your life. If you follow my Blogs regularly; you might know I created My WishList 2017... You can read it Here if you are interested. I could complete only one thing out of the three brands that I mentioned in My Wishlist 2017...  I got one e.l.f cosmetics product & I am really happy about that. :D

First let me tell you a bit about Bucket List if you are new to this concept. A Bucket List is all the things, experiences, achievements, etc. that one hopes, dreams or desires to do in one's life. You can create yearly Bucket List, a monthly or a lifetime one as you prefer. Also; you can create a particular Bucket List for travel, fashion, beauty, business, summer, winter, holidays, relationship, simply on any topic you want to. I literally have many Bucket Lists since ages & I must say I have accomplished many dreams, desires or goals mentioned in my journals in past years as well. I think it is really important to make one or multiple Bucket List for self. 

Keep reading the Blog till the end; to know My Bucket list 2019... & Why you must create one???  Also; wish me luck & positivity that I go out of my way to complete most of the things mentioned below. I hope you like reading it. :D

So; let's begin with My Bucket List - 2019... 

I literally have an endless list that can go on & on. So; I decided to just mention few major things from my list & add it under different categories to be more specific. I am really positive about My Bucket List 2019 & definitely looking forward to finish as many goals I can this year. I hope you get inspired by my list & make one for yourself as well!!! :D

1. Beauty
Indulge in High End/Luxury makeup brands. {e.g. Nars, Chanel, Dior, etc.}
Invest in High End/Luxury skincare products. {e.g. Estée Lauder, La Mer, Clinique, etc.}

2. Fashion:
Buy Luxury fashion items. { e.g. Clothes, Accessories, Shoes, etc.}
Invest in best jewellery brands. {e.g. Tiffany & Co., Pandora, Swarovski, etc.}
Be more Chic/Classy than present. 

3. Lifestyle, Health & Fitness:
Positive Lifestyle. {e.g. Positive Mindset, Meditation, Holistic Culture, etc.}
Luxury Lifestyle. {e.g. Indulge in Luxuries even more than present, etc}
Healthy Lifestyle. {e.g. Eat, Sleep, Exercise, etc.}
Join Fitness Centre. {e.g. Sport, Yoga, Kick Boxing, etc.} 
Join a Club/Group. {e.g. Reader's Club, Social Services, City/Country Club, etc.}

4. Travel:
Visit best Island destination either national or international. {e.g. Maldives, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Ko Samui, etc.}
Travel with family, friends, solo. 

5. Food & Drinks:
Different types of Sushi.
Gourmet Cuisine.
Visit a Vineyard & Winery either national or international.

6. Career:
Re-start my Fashion Business & Grow as soon as possible.
Collaborate with best brands in Blogging.
Create more content on YouTube & collaborate with other YouTubers.

7. Books:
Read 2 books a month. 
Start Bullet Journaling more professionally.
Complete my Dream Book.
Organise & declutter all my digital & paper planners.

Why you must create one??? 

I feel it is very important to create A Bucket List as it helps to keep a track of all your major & minor goals or dreams in one place. Reading your list over & over again; motivates you to do things faster. It pushes you out of your comfort zone to go & achieve, explore or discover things you always dream of. It is a positive & organised way of achieving goals that you keep procrastinating every now & then. 

Also; sharing your Bucket List with everyone helps keep one motivated to do things & inspires others as well. I would definitely recommend you to make a Bucket List as it gives purpose to one's life. Not only it helps you focus on your goals & dreams but also; gives a direction to your life to move on towards particular things that you love & always wanted to do. I think making a Bucket List is so positive in every single way.

I hope you enjoyed reading this Blog post i.e My Bucket List - 2019... & Why you must create one??? I would really love to know what's on your Bucket List as well. Who knows we might even have many things in common in our list coincidently!!! So; comment down below your list as well as let me know what inspired you from My Bucket List. Also; follow me on my social media platforms & subscribe to my blog here as well. I'll see you all in my next post. Till then keep rocking & smiling always :)

Thank you...

Love Bhagyashree...


Friday, 5 April 2019

Dupes For Jo Malone London??? Primark's Luxury Private Collection...

Hey Everyone!!! I know I didn't blog on Tuesday this week as I have been re-scheduling all my Blogging & Youtube posts for my new work pattern. First things first, I am so happy to share this blog i.e Dupes For Jo Malone London??? Primark's Luxury Private Collection... with you all. You all know how much I love perfumes. So I am back with another perfume review that I seriously wanted to do long ago i.e back in early 2018. Anyway everything has its own time & pace. 
These 2 fragrances are from Primark's Luxury Private Collection. They had launched 6 fragrances in total back in 2017. I literally got these perfumes in the end of 2017 itself; but seriously I had so many major things going on in life that I literally had to keep postponing this blog post. Don't you worry they still make these perfumes, so you can definitely grab few for self whenever you visit Primark Store next. In my opinion, its one of the best collections by Primark so far :)
The Scents from this range or collection includes Jasmine & Honey, Vanilla Absolute, Rose Oud, Mandarin & Basil, Pomegranate & Black Tea and the last one is Amber Noir that comes in Black Packaging.
Definitely most of these perfumes smell, look & are inspired by Jo Malone London, which is one of a high end brands. Obviously, you have to pay 10 times more when compared with the Primark's prices. Thats why, I am so happy that currently I am getting the dupes to try on before I invest in Jo Malone London. Also; Primark is one of my favs as well, when it comes to budget friendly shopping :D

So let's begin with Dupes For Jo Malone London??? Primark's Luxury Private Collection...

JASMINE & HONEY Eau De Parfum PRIVATE COLLECTION by Primark is a romantic & addictive scent. This fragrance literally has a floral freshness with velvety opulence touch. Smells so luxurious & rich that you can't be wait to indulge in it. The notes of these perfume are that of orienatal floral bouquet of jasmine & ottoman rose, combined with honey, tonka bean & warm woods. I am totally in love with this perfume. Gives you a perfect blend of floral, fruity & woody notes. A great scent to wear in spring-summer.
The packaging is also inspired by Jo Malone London perfumes. Totally loved the elite packaging though. The white box with the picture of honey bee, is perfect for white aesthetic; which happens to be my favourite. The bottle looks chic, elegant & luxurious with minimal aesthetic vibes. So in love with this fragrance. I got this perfume from Primark Store, Cardiff, U.K at the price of 8 GBP approx. for 100 ml. A must try & a must have perfume.

VANILLA ABSOLUTE Eau De Parfum PRIVATE COLLECTION by Primark is a perfume I am obsessed over totally. This perfumes give a luxurious experience of dreamy clouds of feathers with champagne sparkles. One of my favorites so far as I love vanilla scent. The notes have a milky sweet blend with mimosa & sweet honey suckle in a floral heart creating an addictive oriental gourmand fragrance. Amazing perfume for spring-summer.
The packaging as I discussed already is great. This has a butterfly picture that makes it more feminine and pleasing to me. Totally love this perfume. I got this perfume from Primark Store, Cardiff, U.K at the price of 8 GBP approx. for 100 ml. A perfume you should not at all miss if you love vanilla scents.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post on Dupes For Jo Malone London??? Primark's Luxury Private Collection... Also; I want to share newly launched perfumes by Primark as well. I hope I make it soon. Till then keep yourself updated with my work & lifestyle by following me on my other social media platforms. I would love to connect with you all on day to day basis. See you in the next post. Till then keep rocking!!! :D

Thank you...

Love Bhagyashree...

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