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Tuesday, 26 March 2019

2 Casual OOTD... {Pink & White Aesthetic}

Hello Everyone!!! I hope you all are doing well!!! Today I am sharing with you all 2 Casual Outfits  that I wore recently. These 2 Casual Outfits are perfect for spring. I loved wearing these outfits in early & mid March days; as it was quite cool & pleasant weather in Nagpur.
I was actually doing a shoot for footwear blog & I literally grabbed outfits from my closet which I already had hanging since quite a long time. I came up with these 2 looks that went pretty well with the Pink & White Aesthetic vibe. Definitely matched my footwear & were totally cohesive.
We always build up an entire look keeping a dress in mind. But this time, I created these 2 Casual OOTD with keeping shoes in my mind. I know guys this is very easy, casual & simple way to style any basic outfit that you already have. It's just I wanted to show you all how you can actually build up an entire look hardly in any time; with a key piece i.e footwear in my case. I hope you all like what I came up with!!! Just keep reading :D

So, let's begin with the blog on 2 Casual OOTD... {Pink & White Aesthetic}

Photo Courtesy: Tauseef Khan

In this OOTD, I am wearing a pair of White Sneakers. Comfy & casual that goes well with most of the outfits. So, I decided to wear a multi colour one piece dress that has a lot of White as a base colour to it. Definitely a good option for White & Pink Aesthetic. The dress is super comfy & girly as well. I matched it with my White & Pink watch & wore golden hoop earrings to complete the entire look. Also; I kept the makeup pink & minimal. The look turned out to be quite good in my opinion. A perfect girly OOTD for a perfect spring day :)
Dress: One Piece Dress by Grab The Funk, Empress Mall, Nagpur for 1219 INR approx.
Shoes: White Sneakers by Forever Glam, Pantaloons, Nagpur for 999 INR approx.
Watch: Gold Rose Boulevard Velvet Watch by Capitola, U.S.A. for 49 Euros approx.
You can buy the watch & get 15% discount with the code : "Bhagyashree10" HERE

Photo Courtesy: Raina

In this OOTD, I am wearing a pair of Nude Beige Flip Flops. Definitely super casual & comfortable. As I wanted to keep the vibe very girly, I decided to wear a Pink Cardigan that I paired with a White cotton skirt. Very casual yet stylish & feminine as well. I went with my Nude Beige Backpack that completely matched my footwear. Also; wearing matte gold rose shaped tissue earrings. As usual, kept the makeup pink & minimal. Totally loving this look. A perfect OOTD to hang out with your girl squad to a beach or shopping on a spring day :)
Top: Blush Pink Cardigan by NUON, Westside, Nagpur for 1399 INR approx.
Skirt: White Skirt by PILOT, Birmingham, U.K. for 8 GBP approx.
Shoes: Nude Beige Flip Flops by GINGER, Lifestyle Stores, Nagpur for 499 INR approx.
Bag: Nude Beige Backpack by Forever Glam, Pantaloons, Nagpur for 1299 INR approx.
Watch: Gold Rose Boulevard Velvet Watch by Capitola, U.S.A. for 49 Euros approx.
You can buy the watch & get 15% discount with the code : "Bhagyashree10" HERE

I hope you liked watching the pics & reading my post on 2 Casual OOTD... {Pink & White Aesthetic}. Let me know your views on this blog post in the comments section down below. Also; mention any particular blog topic that you would love to read in the future. I'll try my best to blog on it as well. Don't forget to follow me here as well as on my social media platforms; to be a part of my tribe. I would really love to connect with you all everywhere. So as usual, see you all in the next week on the same day. Till then Keep Smiling :)

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Tuesday, 19 March 2019

International Designer Shoe Dupes To Rock This Summer...

Hi there!!! I came up with an interesting Blog for you guys. Being a fashion addict, I always keep on searching various brands online every now & then for some inspiration. When I got these pair of shoes, I thought these were really cute & unique in design. But later, I was totally surprised to find out that my shoes were dupes of International high end brands. I was overjoyed as I had hardly spent on these 3 pairs; compared to other shoes that I purchase usually. I didn't know till then that Indian companies/brands are actually making dupes of famous International brands these days.
I though it would be fun & really interesting to share with you all this Blog on Shoe Dupes as these footwear are really amazing to rock this summer. Also; you will love it when you'll check the prices as well. So keep reading this post till the end!!!

P.S: Also; I am sharing my Shoe LookBook that I have recently uploaded on YouTube. Hope you like it. :)

So let's begin with International Designer Shoe Dupes To Rock This Summer...

Nude Bow Flip Flops by Ginger are dupes for Michael Kors. Yes, you read it correct!!! I was so surprised to see these flips flops that totally resembled the one's from Michael Kors. These flips flops are very comfy and best for summers. Specially amazing to wear pool side or on beach. Definitely good for everyday as well. The nude beige colour & the bow design is super cute & stylish. Totally love this footwear. 
The quality of this footwear is very good. I got these flip flops from Lifestyle Store, Nagpur for 499 INR approx. Super affordable.

White Sneakers by Forever Glam are dupes for Adidas All Star & Nike Air Force. I found these sneakers similar to both the brands. These sneakers are super comfortable, stylish & goes with many summer outfits. Also; white being my fav; I was super excited to buy these sneakers & later found out that these are dupes as well. 
The quality of this footwear is quite good when compared to the price & design. I got these sneakers from Pantaloons, Nagpur for 999 approx. Affordable when compared to the price of International Brands.

Pink Bow Slip On Shoes by Forever Glam are dupes for Mia Shoes. These shoes have beautiful suede finish. Very girly as it has a cute bow on it. Also; super comfortable for summers as well.  I was surprised with these shoes as well, when I came to know that these are exactly the same pair of slip ons that I saw in one of the videos on YouTube. I specially got these for My Birthday & since then I wear them quite often. These shoes are one of my favourites.
The quality if this footwear is very good. I got these slip ons from Pantaloons, Nagpur for 999 approx. Very affordable.

I hope you all enjoyed reading this Blog i.e International Designer Shoe Dupes To Rock This Summer... If you want to buy these shoes, you can definitely visit the Stores & Brands  that I have mentioned above. Also; you can check out other amazing designs & variety; these stores offer every every time. I really loved sharing this post with you all. If you liked it; please comment down below & let me know. Also; subscribe here & follow me on my social media as well. It would really mean a lot to me. I try to blog every Tuesday these days. So; catch up with you all until next one. Till then keep rocking!!! :D

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Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Simple Ways to De-Stress yourself using "Basil Oil"...

In a world where we live, stress has become such a common thing. Whether its work, studies or just being at home doing your daily chores; our mind & body tends to become a lot stressful ever single time. This continuous habit of being in stress, often leads to fatigue, worry, anxiety & depression. I myself feel a lot stressed out, as I have to put in a lot of effort to manage my work & daily routines together. I guess every person deals with this same situation everyday :(
Well, I think it is so important to de-stress yourself from a hectic schedule; to regain positive energy & increase your good vibes mentally or physically everyday. Being stress free is so crucial as it helps avoid many problems & makes life happy.
Thats why I thought to share with you all few simple ways that I find really helpful to reduce my stress and keep myself calm & composed. I know this won't take away the work or tasks you have to do everyday; but these simple ways will definitely help you relax, calm & refresh your mind & body to help you live better & do the same tasks but with certain ease. 
First let me tell you a bit about Basil/ Tulsi Herb. Basil has been one of the best herbs originated in India. Basil also known as Queen of herbs; is very therapeutic & is beneficial for skin, hair & body in many ways. Essential Basil Oil is a magical oil in its purest form; to treat many problems in your day to day life. It is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal & has anti-stress properties as well. The aroma of Basil Oil is super calming, soothing & relaxing. 
There are many ways to use Basil Oil to de-stress, but in today's Blog  am just sharing few simple ways that are very easy to help you relax on day to day basis. You can use any essential Basil Oil that you like. Here, I am showing Basil Oil by Indus Valley Brand which was sent to me for a collaboration

P.S: Basil Oil is great for your Skin, Hair & Body in many other ways. But in this Blog I am just focusing on simple techniques to de-stress daily. 

So, lets get into Simple Ways to De-Stress yourself using "Basil Oil"...

Adding Basil Oil to an oil diffuser.

As essential Basil oil is super calming & relaxing; you can use it to relax your mind & body every single night by adding this oil to your oil diffuser. This helps relax your senses further leading to a good sleep. This reduces anxiety & depression as well. Also; this oil assists with clear breathing & relaxed mind. It is also a great way to enhance your mood with this oil diffusing method. 

Few drops of Basil Oil on your palms.

Applying few drops Basil Oil on your palms & sniffing at intervals is a very convenient way to immediately de-stress & refresh your mind. You can also; apply Basil Oil to the temples of your head to relax & calm down. This helps reduce headaches caused by migraines or stress as well. Also; you can use this method in between hectic schedules; to relax or refresh your mind. 

Adding Basil Oil to your baths

Add few drops of Basil Oil to your warm water baths. This not only helps to have a good skin, but also; helps to soothe muscle aches, headaches & body pain. This gives a relaxing spa effect as well. A great way to de-stress your body & mind after a long hectic day.  

Using Basil Oil for body & head massage.

De-Stressing your body is very important. I think this is the best way to relax your body, scalp & mind. Using Basil Oil in your massages weekly gives a soothing & calming effect. It's anti-inflammatory properties help soothe stressful & aching muscles. Also; helps reduce headaches. Add this oil to a carrier oil, like coconut, almond, olive oil etc. & enjoy your relaxing massage routine. 

Using Basil Oil in tea.

I love drinking Tulsi Herbal tea most of the times. A great way to relax and calm your body after hectic work or schedule. Adding few drops of edible Basil Oil to your green tea or just warm/cold water with lemon, helps relax, de-stress & detoxify your body inside out.  Definitely a good idea to drink in the evening or before bed.

I hope you all liked reading my Blog on Simple Ways to De-Stress yourself using "Basil Oil"... Such simple ways really help us relax & avoid stress related issues. If you know few more ways to use this oil for distressing; then please comment down below & share. I would really love to read all your tips. Also; don't forget to subscribe here on my website as well as follow me on my other social media as well; to stay updated. I hope you have a relaxing, calm & stress free day. Catch up with you all in the next post. Till then keep Smiling :)

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Tuesday, 5 March 2019

3 Sprays - Must Haves This Summer...

Hey Everyone!!! I know its not officially Summer yet, but these Sprays that I am going to share with you all today are definitely worth a try & I personally love them a lot. Not only these Sprays will be helpful to you in Summer but also; really useful in everyday lifestyle as well.  I'll just give you all a brief idea on these 3 Sprays. I hope you will enjoy reading it :)

So, let's begin with 3 Sprays - Must Haves This Summer...

NUTRAFIX FIRM HOLD HAIRSPRAY made in U.K. is a dupe to OGX hair care products. It is formulated to hold your hair in place naturally. Though it gives firm hold it is gentle and gives a natural look to your hair. So gentle that it can be brushed away easily when required. It is long lasting and has added goodness of Pro Vitamin B5. It has got a very good fragrance similar to a hair shampoo. Quality of this product is really good. 
As you can check online, the packaging is same as OGX hair care products. I liked this product quite a lot as I prefer natural looking sprays rather than strong hold for day to day use. All you have to do is spray on dry hair keeping a distance of 20 cm & style the way you want. As simple as that.
NUTRAFIX brand & its products are easily available at stores in U.K. The price of this Hair Spray is around 3-4 GBP approx. for 300 ml. I got mine from POUNDLAND, Cardiff, U.K. A must have spray in your collection this summer, as it can hold on to your beach waves, messy buns or loose summer hairstyles quite well without damaging.

Odor-Eaters FOOT & SHOE SPRAY made in U.K. is an Anti-Persipirant Deodorant. This brand totally deals in foot & shoe care. This Foot & Shoe Spray provides superior Odour & wetness/sweat protection on contact for 24 hours. It has a quick drying formula with a cool & soothing relief.
All you have to do is apply spray evenly on foot, in between toes & soles keeping 20 cm distance. Also; apply directly on shoes, 2-3 seconds before wearing or after as well to keep your shoes fresh while storing. It is best for summers to keep sweat at bay. Also; best to use while doing your workouts. 
I use it when I know I am going to do a lot of walk or stay out for a long time wearing closed footwear. Definitely good to keep feet fresh on daily basis. 
Quality of the product is really good and is highly effective. The packaging is quite ordinary like a normal bulky deodorant bottle. The price of this product is around 5 GBP approx. for 150 ml. I got this spray from POUNDLAND, Cardiff, U.K. You can buy it on Amazon.com as well. I really loved this product. Definitely a must have spray.

GOLD RUSH by Paris Hilton is a feminine perfume spray that I got as gift from USA. Gold Rush kinda reminds me of my PS. LOVE GOLD perfume by Primark, U.K. but with a little extra sweet notes added to it. This perfume was launched in 2016 by Paris Hilton. The fragrance is inspired by the captivating Beauty of Old Hollywood Glamour. 
The fragrance is sensuous, sweet-floral & woody. It has top notes of lemon, bergamot & nectarine that gives a fruity fresh touch to it. The middle notes are of velvet orchid, violet & rose on a warm base notes of vanilla, praline & cashmere wood definitely gives an unique touch & vibe. A long lasting fragrance that is perfect for day to eve wear.
The packaging is really elite that of a heart on top & hollywood style female body shape, that totally represents Paris Hilton and her style. The gold details is attractive. Loved this perfume. 
As it is a miniature bottle; it is travel friendly. Easy to carry in you small bags specially in summer when you have to stay out for a long time. This miniature perfume bottle around 10-15ml is a gift by my cousin & his wife. But you can check this perfume online to buy a full size bottle. Totally loving it, a must have spray in your collection. 

I hope you all liked my Blog on 3 Sprays - Must Haves This Summer... I am working on few more post related to perfumes, so stay tuned. Also; let me know in the comments below what more stuff you would love to read??? I would really appreciate if you all subscribe here by email & follow me on my social media as well to stay in touch with me & my work. See you all next week with a new post. Till the keep Smiling :)

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