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Thursday, 14 February 2019

My Current Favourites... {Beauty-Edit}

Hey Everyone!!! Today I'll be sharing My Current Favourite products which are related to Beauty that I personally use on day to day basis for my skincare & grooming. As you all know I share only stuff that I use & really like; So the Current Favourites is all about the products that I am using since quite a while & still obsessed over.
 Must say; all the products that I'll be sharing are really amazing & of good quality/brands. As usual I would be sharing short details about all the products as this post is not a review. Hope so you all find this post helpful to add on few products in your daily use as well.

So, Let's begin with My Current Favourites... {Beauty-Edit}

STUDIOWEST Marine HydraQuench Face Lotion by Westside Stores is a light yet hydrating lotion. It deeply hydrates the skin without making it greasy. This lotion is packed with goodness of mineral, seaweed & cucumber. Also; this lotion is Paraben free as well... A Unisex product that is suitable for all skin types. You can get great results when used with the entire Marine Range for face

I really loved this product as it helped me deeply moisture my face in winters yet keeping the oil at bay. I got this product for 445 INR approx. from Westside Stores Nagpur. Don't forget to check  out the Marine Range for Face & Body when you visit westside stores next time. 

FACE WASH TEA TREE by fabindia Skin Care is a Clearing & Purifying face wash for oily skin. It has goodness of tea tree oil & turmeric extracts. It is an antiseptic face wash that removes excess sebum, reducing acne & pimples. I personally got good results within a week with this tea tree range as I was suddenly suffering with loads of clogged pores, whiteheads and breakouts in the month of January. Also; this a great range to use for oily and acne prone skin specially in summers. Loving this face wash lately. I got this face wash at the price of 250 INR for 120ml. A must try product!!!
SKIN TONER TEA TREE by fabinida Skin Care is a Toning & Clarifying toner for oily skin. An alcohol free toner that has goodness of tea tree oil, neem oil & turmeric extract. This toner helps control sebum & clears blemishes. Definitely a great one for acne prone skin. A best toner for summers as well to keep skin clear and bacteria free. I got really good results using this toner. Totally obsessing over it. This skin toner is for 265 INR for 100ml.
SUNSCREEN SPF 30 VITAMIN E by fabindia Skin Care is a Protection & Repair sunscreen for all skin types. This sunscreen is made with effective ingredients that prevent damage from harmful UV rays of sun. As you all know how important it is to wear your sun defence every day. I was never into sunscreens at all. But recently, I discovered the importance to use sunblock to protect your skin. So, I invested in this amazing sunscreen which is really helping me out a lot. I got this sunscreen at the price of 375 INR for 120ml.
I have already blogged long way back on the SKIN HYDRATING CREAM VITAMIN E, NIGHT CREAM VITAMIN E & UNDER EYE GEL ALOE VERA by fabinida Skin Care... You can check the product details Click Here  The only difference in the products is the packaging has been changed and there is a slight difference in the prices of each product as well. The New Price of SKIN HYDRATING CREAM VITAMIN E is 265 INR for 50mlNIGHT CREAM VITAMIN E is 450 INR for 100ml& UNDER EYE GEL ALOE VERA is 265 INR for 50ml
All the products are really amazing to use. Every single product has good results and benefits. I personally love this brand a lot. I got all these products from fabinida, Nagpur. So, don't forget the the fabindia store near you.

PS... Brunette DRY SHAMPOO by Primark, U.K. instantly refreshes your hair between washes. We all know how important a dry shampoo is when we want to keep our hair fresh or need extra clean hair to style in between your next hair wash.. This dry shampoo is best for Brunettes i.e for deep or dark hair colour people; like me; as it doesn't leave a white residue in hair or scalp. This also; has got very amazing fragrance to it. I really loved using this dry shampoo during winter when I skipped a hair wash. Also; this dry shampoo will be great to use for summers as well when I would want my scalp to be extra fresh from oil & sweat; due to the scorching weather of Nagpur. 
I always love products from Primark. Also; Primark has other 2 Dry Shampoos i.e PS... Blonde and PS... Volumising. These 3 Dry Shampoos are their recent launches in the PS... Hair Range. I got this dry shampoo for 1 GBP from Primark Store Cardiff, U.K. A must try product.

e.l.f. Baked Highlighter & Blush in Rose Gold is one of my favs in makeup . It creates a natural looking blushed glow with this baked duo. This sheer highlighter helps to add a perfect illuminating shimmer to the skin and the blush adds a perfect flush on the cheeks for everyday use. With goodness go Jojoba, Sunflower, Apricot & Grape this baked duo helps to nourish and hydrate the skin as well. I got this highlighter form USA as a gift, but u can get this around 4 USD. I am really loving this highlighter so far as it gives perfect glow to my skin and everyday makeup look. 

I hope you all loved reading today's Blog post on My Current Favourites... {Beauty-Edit}. If you guys have tried any of the above products then please comment down below. I would really love to know what Beauty stuff you all are Currently Obsessed over. Also; you all can follow me on my social media to stay connected with me & to be a part of my tribe. It would really mean a lot to me :) So, thats all for now guys!!! Keep smiling & rocking :D Catch you all in the next post... XOXO

Thank you...

Love Bhagyashree...


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