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Wednesday, 30 January 2019

PS... Face Masks by Primark U.K...

Hey Everyone!!! As you all know I always love trying out Primark Beauty Products. So, today I wanted to share a short review on these Face Masks by PS... Primark that I have used long ago i.e back in mid 2018. I am so sorry that I totally forgot to post the blog on these Face Masks back then. Thought, though late this review might help you all to try out all new Masks by Primark at present. As usual Primark keeps upgrading their products, so you might not get exactly the same Masks, but there are so many other different types & varieties to choose from. So, don't forget to check out your nearest Primark store to grab your hands on PS... Face masks... which I feel are pretty amazing to use. All these Masks are made in South Korea. Nothing better than Korean made products when it comes to Skincare. :D

So keeping the review very short let's begin with PS... Face Masks by Primark U.K...

PS... CALMING HEAT THERAPY APRICOT MASK by Primark U.K is one of its kind. This Mask heats up as soon as you apply giving your skin warmth that is totally bearable. Later it gives a calming effect within a minute of time. Smells incredible like fruits and flowers. I really loved the fragrance of this Mask. The texture is runny like gel cream. The consistency is quite thin and is semi-transparent. The colour of the Mask is peachy pink. This Mask has the goodness of fruits & richness of minerals. It is really soothing and refreshing. Doesn't dry out the skin. Good for all skin types.

PS... MOISTURISING & NOURISING CHOCOLATE SKIN REVITALISE MASK by Primark U.K is good as well. This Mask smells of course like cocoa and reminds me of chocolate mousse. It has mousse like texture that is soft and smooth. Personally, I feel that the colour could have been better, I mean more of a dark brown than this muddy one. This Mask is moisturising and nourishing as it has richness of cocoa, minerals & shea butter. Good for normal to dry skin.

PS... CONDITIONING DEAD SEA MINERALS MASK by Primark U.K has a peculiar smell that I can't describe. Kind of cosmetic & mineral mixed together. This Mask has powder blue color. It has a texture and colour of white clay and is soft to touch. It does feel dry and is whitish powdery like clay when applied but is quite conditioning and gives a soothing cool effect. Rich with the goodness of Dead Sea minerals. Best for summers as it helps to remove excess oil from skin. Good for oily skin.

PS... HYDRATING COCONUT CREAMY MASK by Primark U.K is very creamy and white in colour. Smells fruity and spa like. Wish it smelled more like coconut. This Mask is thick and smooth in texture. Very hydrating and soothing. Rich with goodness of coconut, minerals and Shea butter. For all skin types as it hydrates yet doesn't make skin oily.

PS... PURIFYING PAPAYA CREAMY MASK by Primark U.K is good as well and has light green colour. This Mask is slightly thin in consistancy. The texture is smooth and creamy. Smells fruity and spa like as it has richness and goodness of papaya , minerals & citrus fruits. It is soothing and helps to purify skin. Quite refreshing and Good for all skin types. 

How to Use: The technique to use all the Masks is same. All you need to do is thoroughly clean your face. Open the sachet and apply evenly all over face and neck avoiding the eyes & lips. Rinse with water after 15-20 mins.

You will get all these or new variety of different PS... Face Masks from Primark stores, all over U.K, Europe & U.S. I got mine from Primark Store, Cardiff, U.K. All the masks are for 0.80 GBP approx. for 15ml. You can also check the official Primark website for more info on these masks as well as other products available. 

Yes. they are really cheap and work really well on many skins. I loved all the above Masks that I tried. Definitely looking forward to try the new ones as well. I recommend you all to use these Masks if you are on a budget as the quality & quantity is quite good. Also; the packaging is quite simple & travel friendly and can be stored easily. 

I hope you all liked my post on PS... Face Masks by Primark U.K... If you have tried any of these Face Masks, please let me know in the comments section below. Also; if you want me to blog on any particular topic, please mention that too in the comments or you can text me on my social media mentioned on this website as well. I would really love to hear from you all :) Don't forget to follow me here as well as on my social media platform to stay connected and updated.  Till then keep smiling guys!!! :)

Thank you...

Love Bhagyashree...

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