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Monday, 30 December 2019

My Birthday OOTN... { October 2019 }

Hi Everyone!!! Seriously guys cannot believe it, hardly a day left for New Year's Eve. Finally the time has come to say Good Bye to 2019. So many things happened this year in my life; Good & Sad both. This year's journey was amazing. Full of fun since beginning & at the same time completely overwhelming since last few months. Must say, A hectic year full of work along with a lot of emotional moments. Can't wait to Welcome 2020 as I have already planned a lot of things for self in the year to come. Also; can't wait to start working again with a fresh mind & with a fresh beginning. Hope to have a great start in 2020!!!

Regarding today's Blog; As I told you all in my last post, I am here to share with you all My Birthday Outfit that I wore on My B'day Eve on Oct' 10th this year. For My B'day evening celebration, I went to Tuli Imperial Hotel, Nagpur. This time I went to their Mint Leaf Restaurant. They totally made my day special with all their lovely hospitality. Really had an amazing time there with my family over dinner & cake cutting ceremony. Also; took a lot of pictures & vlogged for you all. So stay tuned in for B'day Vlog as well.

So, let's begin with My Birthday OOTN... { October 2019 }

Coincidently, both My Birthday Outfits were in the shades of red & My B'day Theme turned out to be Red & Black out of randomness. So, for My B'day Outfit Of The Night, I chose this beautiful, asymmetric, mid-calf length cocktail dress. This dress in red had black animal print i.e my fav Leopard print all over. Though being asymmetric, the dress had beautiful pleats & flare.  I really loved the entire details of this dress & the collared neck pattern. The viscose fabric of this dress was slightly heavy yet comfy with a beautiful fall. Loved how amazing it looked on my body type. Also; this dress, already came with a removable belt on its empire waist line.

I kept the look for My B'day Eve classic-vintage. To add more chic & classy details to the look, I chose to wear pointed toe block-heel pumps in black suede. The shoe heels had a beautiful gold metal details to make it look extra chic. I wore red rose earrings that I was skeptical about matching with the animal print on my dress. But seriously, it turned out to look pretty good. Wore my all time fav black metallic watch. To finish off the look I carried a black hobo leather bag that was perfect to fit in all the necessary things. To make my look extra classic-vintage, I wore a Chignon hairstyle i.e a classic French bun.  For makeup I wore classic winged liner & bold red lips, which is my go to glam look. Overall, I was really happy with my entire classic-vintage look for  my b'day.

Outfit details:

Dress by L.O.V. from Westside, Nagpur.
Price: 1699 INR approx.
Shoes by FOREVER Glam from Pantaloons, Nagpur.
Price:  1499 INR approx.
Bag by DA MILANO ITALIA from Mumbai.
                                                             Price: 12999 INR approx.
Watch by Anne Klein from Central, Nagpur.
Price: 6000 INR approx.

I hope you all enjoyed reading this Blog post on My Birthday OOTN... { October 2019 }. Let me know in the comments down below whether you loved watching all the pictures I uploaded in this post or not!!! This is my last post for this year guys. I know, I have uploaded very few posts this year; but will be uploading a lot more Blogs next month onwards for sure.
I hope you all have a great New Year's Eve this December 2019. Also; wish you all a very Happy 2020 to come. May all your dreams & wishes come true. Will see you all in the next year with a new post & lots of new content for you all. Till then keep Smiling & keep Rocking!!! XOXO :)

Thank you...

Love Bhagyashree... 


Friday, 13 December 2019

My Birthday OOTD... { October 2019 }

Hi Everyone!!! Today I'll be sharing with you all My Birthday Outfit that I wore on 10th of October 2019. I know as usual I am late to share this post here. If I am not wrong; you all might have already seen My B'day updates & stories on Instagram & other social media platforms. I just wanted to share with you all few pics & details of the OOTD in this post.
For My afternoon Birthday celebration; I went to Delice Cafe, Nagpur to have some amazing premium desserts. Then I went to Trilium Mall, Nagpur for some good time & shopping. I hardly took pics there but, I did Vlog for you all. 
I really had an amazing start to My B'day. As usual I celebrated it with my family and got to spend the whole day with them. 
I really appreciate all the love & support that you all give to me every single time. Thank you for all the lovely B'day wishes that you all showered on me everywhere; this year as well. Means a lot to me :D

So let's begin with My Birthday OOTD... { October 2019 }

For My Birthday OOTD... I chose to wear this simple yet stylish Rose Red Dress with floral print all over. It has got a beautiful A-line silhouette with bell sleeves. I loved the details on the waist & the attached fabric belt. Simply loved how beautiful the bow looked at the back in a knot. 
I chose a casual dress as it was daytime & also; as I planned to visit the mall later, I tried to to keep my entire look minimal & easy going.
I paired this dress with Black Ballet Flats that had a cute bow details as well. Also; it perfectly matched the black floral print on my dress.
I carried a bright Mustard Yellow Tote Bag that looked stylish with the outfit. Was big enough to carry my Camera & all my stuff for the entire day. I kept my Makeup minimal & coincidently my lipstick perfectly matched my outfit colour as well. Wore Golden Hoop Earrings & kept my Hair simple.
Not to forget I wore my favourite Black & Gold Metal Watch to finish off the look.

Outfit details:

Dress by BOMBAY PAISLEY from Westside, Nagpur.
Price: 1499 INR approx.
Shoes by FOREVER Glam from Pantaloons, Nagpur.
Price:  599 INR approx.
Bag thrifted from Thailand.
Watch by Anne Klein from Central, Nagpur.
Price: 6000 INR approx.

I hope you all enjoyed watching the pics & reading this Blog post on My Birthday OOTD... { October 2019 }. Coming up soon with My Birthday OOTN as well. So stay tuned in guys!!! Also; would love to see you all on my other social media platforms as well as on Instagram as a part of my tribe. See you in the next post. Till then keep smiling & keep rocking as always :)

Thank you...

Love Bhagyashree...


Wednesday, 27 November 2019

My Current Beauty Favourites...

Hi Everyone!!! Today I'll be sharing with you all My Favourite Beauty products that I am currently in love with. As being a part of my job; you all know; I keep indulging & adding new products to my skin care routine every now and then. Lately; I have purchased a lot of Beauty Products.
These products that I have mentioned below are really good & amazing for Autumn-Winter skincare. Also; these products come really handy on daily basis and are pocket friendly too. As its been a long time I didn't post a favourites blog; I really wanted to share with you all; what I have been obsessing over currently :D

So let's begin with My Current Beauty Favourites...

NYKAA SKIN SECRETS Korean Sheet Masks (made in Korea) are great for 10-Step Korean Skin care routine. These Sheet Masks are available in many different formulas, with amazing & unique ingredients. I purschased a few masks out of many other available to try on. Must say really loved them all. Definitely will be trying few more from NYKAA SKIN SECRETS.
These masks comes really handy & can be used while Muti-tasking as well. All these masks are of really good quality, effective & suitable for many skin types. Skin feels good & pampered after using each Sheet Mask. Definitely you get desired results as mentioned from each & every mask.
Single Sheet Mask is of 100 INR. But, I got these Sheet Masks in offer Buy 5 get 5 free for 500 INR from NYKAA Store, Trilium Mall Nagpur. You can buy these online on Nykaa.com or on Nykaa App as well. 
Packaging of the masks is beautiful & good quality. Even the Sheet Masks though thinner than other sheets masks I have used before, the quality is pretty good.

THE FACESHOP RICE WATER BRIGHT CLEANSING LOTION is one of my favourites to use for double cleansing everyday. Double cleansing comes under 10-Step Korean Skin care routine. This Rice Water Cleansing Lotion is soft textured & has goodness for rice extracts. This lotion removes makeup gently & effortlessly. Not only it gets rid of dirt & makeup; but also helps brighten your face with its amazing properties. It is nourishing as well. 
All you have to do is gently massage in circular motion & wipe off with a soft cloth or wipes/tissues. Definitely use a foaming cleanser after this.
I am in love with this cleansing lotion & really looking forward to purchase many other products from this RICE WATER BRIGHT RANGE  by THE FACESHOP as the quality of this brand is quite good.
Got this Cleansing Lotion for 700 INR for 200 ml. from NYKAA Store, Trilium Mall Nagpur. You can buy it online on Nykaa.com or Nykaa App as well.
Packaging is quite korean, chic & good quality. A must try product. 

DR SMILE Lip Butter has the goodness of coconut oil & aloe vera leaf extract along with other amazing ingredients. This Lip Butter comes in a Dental Treatment Kit that contains other treatment products by DR SMILE Clinique in Berlin, Germany. You can either go for an appointment or visit their online site to purchase this DR SMILE Kit for a beautiful & confident smile.
As far as this Lip Butter is considered, it is very deep nourishing, hydrating & highly moisturising. Lips feel soft & plump in dry winter weather. Keeps lips away from chapping as well.
For more info on this Dental Treatment Kit you can visit the website HERE
The packaging is minimalistic yet luxurious & of good quality. Definitely looking forward to try DR SMILE Kit in the future.

I hope you all liked reading this Blog post on My Current Beauty Favourites... Definitely coming up with few Fashion Blog posts as well; So please stay tuned in guys!!! Really appreciate all the love & support that you give to my Blog... Please let me know what all posts you all would be interested to read. Also; would love to here from you all here & on my social media platforms as well. See you again; pretty soon. Till then enjoy & keep smiling :)

Thank you...

Love Bhagyashree...

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