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Wednesday, 21 November 2018


We all know the importance of Saffron & Sandalwood in skincare. Personally, I have used these natural ingredients many times in DIY face masks for my skincare. But when it comes to Face Wash I am very particular about what is best suitable for my skin type. I think Face Wash is an important key product in your entire skin care routine that one must not go wrong with.
I am really happy that I said yes to collaborate; with this brand for the Face Wash they sent me, otherwise I would have missed out an opportunity to discover a good brand. Special thanks to MAGIC DUST® for this collaboration. I am really loving this product. :D
Today I'll be sharing with you all a product that is all natural & hand made. Also; it will help you to take care of your skin without compromising over chemically treated products.

So, first let me tell you a bit about this brand & the products they manufacture. MAGIC DUST® is a brand that deals in hair & skincare solutions. The products are 100% Organic, Fresh & Natural. So, by using this brand I can assure you that you'll definitely be saying a big "No" to chemically treated products available in the markets. All the products also are; 100% hand made, have 100% pure plant actives, have 100% natural scents of essential oils & are 100 % biodegradable. Totally made by using eco-friendly raw materials.
NO; Parabens,  SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate), mineral oils, artificial scents & harsh chemicals are used to make any products, by this brand. All the products consists of high quality bioactive ingredients. Though handmade the products are made under supervision of qualified team. The products are made in India.

So, lets begin with SAFFRON SANDALWOOD FACEWASH - Review... In Collaboration With MAGIC DUST®  HOME MADE SECRETS...

SAFFRON SANDALWOOD FACEWASH by MAGIC DUST®  HOME MADE SECRETS is an organic Face Wash. This product helps remove excess oil from your skin and makes your skin tone lighter as well. A mild organic formula i.e is gentle & foaming; removes impurities deeply, controls excess oil & pimples. It cleans thoroughly without drying out the skin. Skin feels clear, supple, refreshed, nourished & glowing after every use. This Face Wash is for all skin types.
It contains Saffron Oil, that makes skin look brighter and younger by removing tan and darkness. Helps getting even skin tone & glowing complexion. Sandalwood Oil, helps in removing excess oil produced by the skin & gives your skin rosy glow and cooling effect. Also; this Face Wash contains Water extracts, Sunflower oil, Almond oil, Aloe vera extracts , Fruit extracts & Dead Sea mud. Completely SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate) & Paraben free.

My experience with SAFFRON SANDALWOOD FACEWASH by MAGIC DUST®  HOME MADE SECRETS was pretty amazing!!! I was really surprised by the quality & result of this product when I used it for the first time. This product actually feels luxurious and smells heavenly due to Saffron & Sandalwood. The texture is gel like and smooth. Gives a soothing & refreshing feel after every use. One can actually see & touch the real extracts of Saffron and its natural colour in the product. Must say!!! its one of the best products I have ever used. You can see noticeable difference once you start using it.. Skin feels soft, smooth, oil free, clean yet nourished. Doesn't dry out your skin even in winter. Skin looks better everyday. I have been using this Face Wash since more than a week now. I am loving this product since my first use itself. I have oily skin all year round & this Face Wash is really helping me out by getting rid off excess oil & impurities without letting my skin feel itchy, dry or stretchy out.
All you need to do is apply a small quantity of the product on wet face and neck in circular motions. Lather it till you feel the face is thoroughly clean. Once done, wash it off with water and pat dry. Use twice daily. A very small quantity of the product is required while using, so this makes the product last for a long time i.e about 2-3 months roughly. Over all I would give this Face Wash a big Thumbs up in my opinion.

The packaging of this product is quite decent & a good quality. The label should have been more luxurious & the packaging could have been better in comparison to the other products provided by this brand. Otherwise, I am quite happy with the packaging as it is easy to use & travel friendly.
The price of this product is 1,100 INR for 125 ml & 1850 INR for 250 ml. The price might seem a bit high at first, but when it comes to the luxurious & high quality of this product; you wouldn't think twice for investing in this amazing Face Wash. I highly recommend you all to try this product at least once. You can buy this Face Wash  Here directly. This product is available on Flipkart, Amazon & Nykaa as well. Also; you can check other products from the Magic Dust®  Official Website as well. I am quite impressed by the variety of other Hair & Skin Care products provided by this brand.

I hope you all liked my Blog post on SAFFRON SANDALWOOD FACEWASH - Review... In Collaboration With MAGIC DUST®  HOME MADE SECRETS. Let me know in the comments section below if you have already used this product or any other from this particular brand!!! Also; would love to know if you are planning to give it a try as well. Please follow me on my social media for latest updates, entertainment and fun :D Coming up with new Blogs & Videos, so continue to support my work & stay connected as always. Till then Be Happy & Stay Beautiful!!! :) XOXO

Thank you...

Love Bhagyashree... 

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