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Tuesday, 30 October 2018


Hey Everyone!!! Today, I'll be sharing with you guys these beautiful & amazing LUXURIOUS SOAPS FROM ITALY... that I feel are Too Pretty To Use!!! Who doesn't like to have luxurious items. I am one of those who love luxe lifestyle & things around me. When I got these Luxurious Soaps from Italy, I was overjoyed. My sis-in-law sent me these Italian Soaps which she got during her recent visit to Italy. Yes, She spoils me a lot every time by sending goodies that she knows I would love to have. I am really happy & lucky to get gifts from abroad by many people close to me.
I thought why not share with you guys these fancy looking soaps which are so tempting to smell and amazing to use. 
So, today I,ll be giving you guys a short info on these Three Soaps that I have currently with me. It wont be like a review sort of Blog. Just a casual info that will give you guys an idea regarding these Luxe soaps. I feel one should definitely try out such unique stuff from certain countries that is so beautiful and artistic. These Soaps are inspired by Florence and are made in Italy. This is what makes these items unique and has artisanal value as well. Also; there are many other scents and types of such Soaps available back in Italy to choose from. Totally love these Soaps. Too Pretty & decorative must say!!! 

So, Let's begin with LUXURIOUS SOAPS FROM ITALY...Too Pretty To Use!!! 

The first is Fine Natural Soap Pink Roses Made in Italy... A pack of 3 Soaps made of pure Rose scent. These Pink Roses Soaps are 100% natural soaps & do not contain preservatives. 100% made in Italy i.e saponified, produced & packed in Italy only. Must say, the scent is so fascinating & smells like pure Rose Petals or Rose Water. Really loved it. This Soap is quite moisturising and leaves your skin pampered with lingering Rose fragrance. Its looks quite good and rich with that brand logo engraved on it. The packaging is very impressive, Florence inspired and has that luxe feel to it. Delicate light pink Roses all over with luxe gold calligraphy. These Pink Roses Soaps are produced by Saponificio Varesino srl, Italy. You can find more information on this product at there Online Store  You can buy these soaps in Italy or online for specific countries at the price of 10-13 Euros approx. i.e around 1000 INR for 3x100 g. Must try!!!

The second is La Saponeria Firenze Shea Butter Scented Soap with Coconut Oil by Saponificio Artgianale Fiorentino... that is 100% Made in Italy-Tuscany. This Tuscan Luxury Soap Bar is hand made and highly decorative. Inspired by Florence with decorative & artistically embossed design which reminds of gardens of Italy with the brand logo embossed as well. It is made with highest quality all natural ingredients. The Shea Butter with Coconut scent is tempting, smells heavenly & gives you Italian spa treatment. This Soap Bar is highly moisturising & hydrating and makes your skin soft. The packaging is very impressive with peacock feather design all over with luxe silver calligraphy. This Shea Butter Soap is produced and packed by Saponificio Artigianale Fiorentino s.r.l, Italy. This is a different brand than the previous Pink Roses Soaps. You can get more info on this soap on their website i.e Online Store You can buy this soap in Italy or online for available for few countries at the price of 12-14 Euros approx. i.e around 1000-1100 INR approx. for 300g one soap bar. Amazing & Must try!!!

The third is La Saponeria Firenze Coconut and Vanilla Scented Soap by Saponificio Artgianale Fiorentino... that is 100% Made in Italy-Tuscany. It is from the same brand and produced by the same company of the previous Shea Butter Soap. So you can get it for the same price and the info for this product you'll get on the same website provided. The decorative details, quality of this soap is same. The ingredients are highest quality and natural as well. The soap bar looks exactly the same i.e decorative & artistic. It just the Coconut and Vanilla scent is too sweet. This Soap being Coconut hydrates and moisturises making skin soft and supple while it leaves sweet Vanilla scent lingering after use. Gives the same Italian spa treatment. The packaging is different as it has beautiful Coconut and Vanilla flowers on it with luxe gold calligraphy. A Must try if you are fond of sweet scents!!!

So that's all for now guys!!! I hope you all liked this Blog post on LUXURIOUS SOAPS FROM ITALY...Too Pretty To Use!!! Don't forget to buy & try these Italian Soaps whenever you visit Italy. Let me know if you have ever tried these Soaps or liked this content of mine in the comments section below. Also; follow me on my other social media platforms to stay connected & updated with my work & life as well. Will be back soon with another Blog. Till then Keep Smiling & Pamper Yourself!!! :D

Thank you...

Love Bhagyashree...

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