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Thursday, 26 April 2018

The Rustic Summer Style...

A Rustic Style is made in a plain & simple fashion, in particular. A style that gives a feel of a country side or rustic nature. This style is all about wearing basic and simple clothes which look unsophisticated or homely but are super stylish in their own way. Also; such outfits are more wearable and can be styled in so many ways or worn as it is without extra styling efforts. 
Rustic fashion with an elegant twist really makes a hell lot of difference in your day to day style. As you all know I mostly prefer basic outfits rather than investing in very complicated silhouettes; I couldn't stop myself from grabbing this summer dress at Westside Store, lately.

So; lets begin with my take on The Rustic Summer Style...

First of all let me tell you, it is the most easiest look I have ever styled. Yet this Rustic Summer Style turned out to be one of the best looks for me so far. In this look I am wearing a Rust colour, breezy, long summer dress by L.O.V. from Westside Store, Nagpur. This dress is super comfortable, stylish, and beautiful for everyday summer look. Inspite of being simple, this dress is definitely eye catchy. Totally in love with this dress as it is very easy to wear and on the go sort of outfit as well. Definitely summer dresses are great to option wear on many occasions and places and this indeed in one of those dresses which don't require much styling. This dress gives me earthy and countryside vibes for sure!!!

This long summer dress has a crushed cotton fabric, is flared and free flowing. The most beautiful part of this dress is the off shoulder ruffled neckline which looks trendy and stylish. The rust color of the dress is perfect for summer and looks amazing for day and evening wear as well. The balloon sleeves have tassels to it which adds more style to the silhouette. This Rustic Summer Dress is great for boho look as well. 

I kept this Rustic Summer Style a bit Indo-western by adding a pair of Punjabi Mojris with self embroidery & pompom lace details; which is a huge trend lately. These flat slip on Punjabi shoes are quite good to wear in summers. Also; I added a pair of tribal Indian style earrings to my outfit to give a rustic vibe to the entire look. These white beaded dangling earrings matched perfectly as well. Then finally, one side tucked hair and a rustic makeup completed the entire look in minutes. A very simple, comfy yet elegant & feminine look that should be included in your personal style, must say!!! If you liked it, please go ahead and try it out without a second thought.  Also; you can add various fashion elements keeping the rustic vibe in mind.

Location : Nagpur...
Photo Courtesy : Tauseef Khan...

As I already mentioned above, this dress is from Westside Store, Nagpur and I got it for INR 1699/- The shoes are from local Indian ethnic store, Empress mall, Nagpur just for INR 200-300/- approx. The earrings that I am wearing are from a local store, Nagpur for INR 300/- The whole look is quite affordable and can be achieved with any kind of similar outfit and accessories. Hope you all give this Rustic Summer Style a try, as it is effortlessly comfortable and stylish.

So, that's it guys!!! I hope you all liked my post on The Rustic Summer Style... that I created. Comment down and let me know if you love the fashion posts that I create always. Please follow me here and on all my social media for daily updates. Keep supporting my work. XOXO :D

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Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Ancient Indene Old Shanghai Sisters... Product-Review...

It is always exciting and wonderful to get different kinds of products to use. I really love using, reviewing and sharing my first impressions with you all regarding various products that I get so many times from various cities and countries. So, finally I got a chance to share with you all about these amazing products from Shanghai that I have been using recently. I think one must really try authentic and famous products from a particular country or city which has historic significance related to beauty. This actually gives an experience of using various products of new and amazing brands that one isn't aware of. Also; you never know which products might work wonders on you & become one of your favourites. :D

Ancient Indene Old Shanghai Sisters is a brand that has historic significance in China. Women out there have been using these products since ages. It is one of the authentic and oldest products created by Two Shanghai Sisters which became famous decades after decades. The origins of the products are in Shanghai since history. Quite famous products must say. Also; this brand manufactures various products as well; that are easily available all over China.

So, lets begin with Ancient Indene Old Shanghai Sisters ... Product-Review...

As soon as I got this 3 piece gift set box, I did some research on google, as I had no idea about these products. Also; I literally had to google translate every single product to get the exact info that I wanted to share due to Chinese language all over the product. I wish the company had info on the packaging in English as well. Seriously, you can check. The only info available on the product is the name and brand of the product. :(

These products come in various gift packs and sets. The set that I got is Old Shanghai Flower Sisters; A box of Aromatic Creams. This gift box contains three products : Sisters Evening Primrose Vanishing Cream, Sisters Evening Primrose Snow Cream & Sisters Evening Primrose Herbal Aloe Vera Gel
These products consists of core-ingredients like, water, glycerine, mineral oil, hyaluronic acid, aloe barbedness-leaf extract, rosa rugosa- rose water, etc. Hyaluronic acid keeps skin moisture intact, is anti ageing and increases skin elasticity. While rose extract is anti oxidising which firms and moisturise skin. Also; these products lasts for a long time as they have 3 years shelf life.

Now let's get into a short details of each product....

Old Shanghai Sisters Evening Primrose - Vanishing Cream

This Sisters Vanishing Cream is a hot classic. It is a non-greasy skincare product. A Body Cream you deserve that repairs dry skin, helps to prevent and relieve rough skin by moisturising it completely. Smoothes and improves dry, itchy and peeling skin problems by isolating skin from outer dry air. 
How to use: Smear this product directly all over the body often, to retain skin's moisture & to nourish your skin.

Old Shanghai Sisters Evening Primrose - Snow Cream

This Sisters Snow Cream is a natural ingredients non-greasy, vanishing silky balm. A Face Cream that brightens & whitens skin colour. Moisturising rose extract nourishes skin & improves dullness. Also; this cream softens skin and firms lines. Moist and smooth as velvet helps prevent dryness and protects skin from outer air. Hydrating and refreshing cream for all type of skins, particularly for dry & rough skin with water shortage.
How to use: After cleansing face in morning and evening, take some cream on your palms, pat on forehead, cheeks & chin in three parts. Massage according to skin texture until totally absorbed.

Old Shanghai Sisters Evening Primrose - Aloe Vera Gel

This Sisters Aloe Vera Gel is a natural herbal non greasy product. A Face Gel that is skin whitening and moisturising. A herbal aloe vera gel that is amazing as a makeup base. Keeps skin oil free, shrink pores, nourishes skin and is hydrating. It works great as a primer that helps improve skin as well.
How to use: After cleansing face apply directly on face on daily basis. Also; apply it as a primer before wearing your make up.

The packaging of these products is very basic yet beautiful. The products come in tin boxes; ultimately packed in cardboard gift box. The historically significant two Shanghai Sisters picture packaging in different colours on the products and gift box makes everything really unique and authentic.
I really liked using these products recently and love how affordable they are. My brother in law got this 3 piece gift set box from Shanghai for RMB 78 i.e INR 800 approx. including taxes. These products are easily available all over China at various places, drugstores and vendor machines. Wish the products were available online or in India. Well, I would suggest to try and buy these products at least once, whenever you visit China.

I hope you all liked my blog post on Ancient Indene Old Shanghai Sisters ... Product-Review... Comment down below if you ever have tried these products. Also; follow me here and on other social media platforms for latest updates. Keep supporting my work. XOXO :D

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