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Tuesday, 20 March 2018

PS... PERFECT BROW KIT by Primark U.K. - Review...

It is believed that eyebrows are the most important feature on any face. Thats why filling in your eyebrows is considered one of the crucial step in makeup. I never felt it was necessary, until few years back when I got into makeup and blogging. I think one should always groom & fill in your brows as it really enhances your eyes and gives more definition to your face as well.
Eyebrows on fleek is a serious game these days. You will find everywhere on social media beauty gurus, makeup addicts and beauty bloggers flaunting their eyebrows on fleek. Its kind of a dream to get those perfect pair of filled in eyebrows. I myself find it difficult sometimes to get my eyebrow makeup done when I am in a rush. Also; I never go too heavy on my brows as I find it a bit difficult to attain that perfect shape while filling in the product. But, I was really happy when my sis-in-law got me this PS... PERFECT BROW KIT by Primark, Cardiff, U.K. Brow filling really seemed easy to me by just looking at this KIT. So, today I thought of reviewing this amazing Eyebrow Palette for you all. Just keep reading the blog post till the end to get full details on this product.

So, let's begin with PS... PERFECT BROW KIT by Primark U.K. - Review...

 You and your brows are going to love this BROW KIT for sure. This kit is for every brow need that you require whether you are running late or in any brow SOS situation. This sculpt and fix kit will help you get those glam and spa-worthy brows quickly. I think Primark is really launching amazing products day by day.

This Ultimate Kit contains 2 shades of eyebrow powder, wax, 2 shades of highlighter with eyebrow stencils, brush, comb & tweezers. Yes, this all-in-1 Eyebrow Palette has everything that you need to groom, fix & sculpt your eyebrows. This kit also includes step by step guide to create the perfect brows. I am totally loving this product as it really helps to achieve the glam and perfect brows so easily and in minutes.
I really loved both the brown shades of eyebrow powder. I will definitely prefer the darker brown shade for my brows as I have original dark eyebrow hair color. The texture of the brow powder is really soft, smooth & easy to apply. Definitely helps to define and evenly fill in the sparse areas in your brows. 
The colourless wax helps to shape, tame and fix the eyebrows. This really sets the brow hair in place and helps maintain the desired shape all day long. The texture of the wax is soft, smooth & creamy. 
Both the shades of highlighter are really good. One highlight shade is shimmery gold & the other highlight shade is matte nude. The shimmery shade helps to highlight the brow bone and the matte shade helps to define the brow shape. The texture of the highlighters is soft, smooth and easy to blend. 

As this Brow Kit contains Brow prep tools, it is easy to achieve the glam eyebrows in minutes. The brow brush, comb, stencils & tweezers helps to groom and shape the brows. I am not a huge fan of stencils as I really love to keep my brow shape thick and natural, but this stencil really helps me to define the arch. 

The packaging of this Brow Palette is super simple. The black magnetic box with white details makes it chic. This Brow Kit is simple to use and super easy to carry in your makeup bag or pouch as well. It is travel friendly due to its small size and packaging. The cost of this kit is 2 GBP approx. Must say quite an affordable price. The quality of the kit is amazing and to get a great quality product for such an affordable price is totally worth it. You can buy this kit from any of the Primark Stores available.

So thats all for this post everyone. Don't forget to get your hands on this Brow Kit whenever you get a chance to buy it. I really hope you liked reading my blog post PS... PERFECT BROW KIT by Primark U.K. - Review... Please follow me here as well as on my social media for the latest updates. Keep supporting my work :)

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