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Friday, 5 January 2018


Hi Everyone!!! First of all Happy New Year to all my dear readers :D Thank you for the love that you all give me every single time by supporting my work. Being my first blog post of this year 2018, I am so happy to announce that this is my first Official Collaboration with WOW™ SKIN SCIENCE. They sent me their new launched ACTIVATED CHARCOAL FACE WASH, which I have been using since couple of days. If you are aware of this brand, You might be knowing they have really good and famous skin, hair and health care products to indulge in. So getting to work with this Bengaluru/Bangalore based brand is really a great opportunity for me as it is not only famous in India but also, this brand distributes its products in US.
Getting back to the product, Today I will review the NEW ACTIVATED CHARCOAL FACE WASH by WOW™ SKIN SCIENCE. I actually loved it at the very first use. I bet after reading the entire blog, you will definitely buy this product and won't regret. 


As soon as I got the product, I was really excited to use it. I had to try this newly launched ACTIVATED CHARCOAL FACE WASH by WOW™ SKIN SCIENCE. My skin felt absolutely fresh and oil free in the first wash itself. It looked fair, fresh and felt completely cleansed. The face wash did an amazing job of cleaning my face without making it dry. My skin also felt nourished and had a soothing effect after the wash. So, after using it for couple of days, I personally love this product and give it a thumbs up.

Why you should include ACTIVATED CHARCOAL FACE WASH by WOW™ SKIN SCIENCE in your daily skin care regime?

This ACTIVATED CHARCOAL FACE WASH is Anti-Pollutant, Anti-Toxin & Anti-Dirt for all skin types including acne prone skin as well. It gives your face a total cleansing effect and with every wash, your skin feels cleaner and fresher than ever before. This Bio Active face wash is made in Himalayas. 

This clear gel based nourishing face wash has tiny black beads filled with Activated Charcoal and tiny green beads filled with Tea Tree Essential Oil. These Activated Charcoal beads traps all the impurities as it lifts off pollutants, toxins & dirt while the Tea Tree Essential Oil beads disinfects, heals and soothes skin leaving it soft and nourished. The formula of the face wash has no sulphates and no parabens. Its 100% vegan, cruelty free and dermatologically tested. As we all face harmful pollutants from various reasons on daily basis, our skin becomes dull, dry and wrinkled. Also; not only pollution in the air but  the harmful light from electric devices and other gadgets can cause visible signs of ageing and damage skin which includes uneven skin tone, dullness, and fine lines and wrinkles. So this product is specially designed to fight all these skin problems. This face wash has gel based consistency and you can actually feel the texture of the tiny black and green beads present in it. This face wash has a strong refreshing fragrance to it which I personally liked.

The packaging & quality of the product is good and must be appreciated. The bottle is sturdy and is handy, which makes it travel friendly as well. Easy to use and store. 
Th price of this face wash is 349 INR for 100ml. Quite affordable must say. I highly recommend you all to buy this product as it has no side effects and a safe product to invest in for your daily skin routine. You can buy this face wash and other products from this website https://in.buywow.com

I hope you all liked this blog on NEW ACTIVATED CHARCOAL FACE WASH - Review... In Collaboration with WOW™ SKIN SCIENCE. Don't forget to check the website mentioned above. Also; follow me on my social media for latest updates. Please follow, share, comment and like. 

Thank you...

Love Bhagyashree...



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