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Wednesday, 21 November 2018


We all know the importance of Saffron & Sandalwood in skincare. Personally, I have used these natural ingredients many times in DIY face masks for my skincare. But when it comes to Face Wash I am very particular about what is best suitable for my skin type. I think Face Wash is an important key product in your entire skin care routine that one must not go wrong with.
I am really happy that I said yes to collaborate; with this brand for the Face Wash they sent me, otherwise I would have missed out an opportunity to discover a good brand. Special thanks to MAGIC DUST® for this collaboration. I am really loving this product. :D
Today I'll be sharing with you all a product that is all natural & hand made. Also; it will help you to take care of your skin without compromising over chemically treated products.

So, first let me tell you a bit about this brand & the products they manufacture. MAGIC DUST® is a brand that deals in hair & skincare solutions. The products are 100% Organic, Fresh & Natural. So, by using this brand I can assure you that you'll definitely be saying a big "No" to chemically treated products available in the markets. All the products also are; 100% hand made, have 100% pure plant actives, have 100% natural scents of essential oils & are 100 % biodegradable. Totally made by using eco-friendly raw materials.
NO; Parabens,  SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate), mineral oils, artificial scents & harsh chemicals are used to make any products, by this brand. All the products consists of high quality bioactive ingredients. Though handmade the products are made under supervision of qualified team. The products are made in India.

So, lets begin with SAFFRON SANDALWOOD FACEWASH - Review... In Collaboration With MAGIC DUST®  HOME MADE SECRETS...

SAFFRON SANDALWOOD FACEWASH by MAGIC DUST®  HOME MADE SECRETS is an organic Face Wash. This product helps remove excess oil from your skin and makes your skin tone lighter as well. A mild organic formula i.e is gentle & foaming; removes impurities deeply, controls excess oil & pimples. It cleans thoroughly without drying out the skin. Skin feels clear, supple, refreshed, nourished & glowing after every use. This Face Wash is for all skin types.
It contains Saffron Oil, that makes skin look brighter and younger by removing tan and darkness. Helps getting even skin tone & glowing complexion. Sandalwood Oil, helps in removing excess oil produced by the skin & gives your skin rosy glow and cooling effect. Also; this Face Wash contains Water extracts, Sunflower oil, Almond oil, Aloe vera extracts , Fruit extracts & Dead Sea mud. Completely SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate) & Paraben free.

My experience with SAFFRON SANDALWOOD FACEWASH by MAGIC DUST®  HOME MADE SECRETS was pretty amazing!!! I was really surprised by the quality & result of this product when I used it for the first time. This product actually feels luxurious and smells heavenly due to Saffron & Sandalwood. The texture is gel like and smooth. Gives a soothing & refreshing feel after every use. One can actually see & touch the real extracts of Saffron and its natural colour in the product. Must say!!! its one of the best products I have ever used. You can see noticeable difference once you start using it.. Skin feels soft, smooth, oil free, clean yet nourished. Doesn't dry out your skin even in winter. Skin looks better everyday. I have been using this Face Wash since more than a week now. I am loving this product since my first use itself. I have oily skin all year round & this Face Wash is really helping me out by getting rid off excess oil & impurities without letting my skin feel itchy, dry or stretchy out.
All you need to do is apply a small quantity of the product on wet face and neck in circular motions. Lather it till you feel the face is thoroughly clean. Once done, wash it off with water and pat dry. Use twice daily. A very small quantity of the product is required while using, so this makes the product last for a long time i.e about 2-3 months roughly. Over all I would give this Face Wash a big Thumbs up in my opinion.

The packaging of this product is quite decent & a good quality. The label should have been more luxurious & the packaging could have been better in comparison to the other products provided by this brand. Otherwise, I am quite happy with the packaging as it is easy to use & travel friendly.
The price of this product is 1,100 INR for 125 ml & 1850 INR for 250 ml. The price might seem a bit high at first, but when it comes to the luxurious & high quality of this product; you wouldn't think twice for investing in this amazing Face Wash. I highly recommend you all to try this product at least once. You can buy this Face Wash  Here directly. This product is available on Flipkart, Amazon & Nykaa as well. Also; you can check other products from the Magic Dust®  Official Website as well. I am quite impressed by the variety of other Hair & Skin Care products provided by this brand.

I hope you all liked my Blog post on SAFFRON SANDALWOOD FACEWASH - Review... In Collaboration With MAGIC DUST®  HOME MADE SECRETS. Let me know in the comments section below if you have already used this product or any other from this particular brand!!! Also; would love to know if you are planning to give it a try as well. Please follow me on my social media for latest updates, entertainment and fun :D Coming up with new Blogs & Videos, so continue to support my work & stay connected as always. Till then Be Happy & Stay Beautiful!!! :) XOXO

Thank you...

Love Bhagyashree... 


Tuesday, 30 October 2018


Hey Everyone!!! Today, I'll be sharing with you guys these beautiful & amazing LUXURIOUS SOAPS FROM ITALY... that I feel are Too Pretty To Use!!! Who doesn't like to have luxurious items. I am one of those who love luxe lifestyle & things around me. When I got these Luxurious Soaps from Italy, I was overjoyed. My sis-in-law sent me these Italian Soaps which she got during her recent visit to Italy. Yes, She spoils me a lot every time by sending goodies that she knows I would love to have. I am really happy & lucky to get gifts from abroad by many people close to me.
I thought why not share with you guys these fancy looking soaps which are so tempting to smell and amazing to use. 
So, today I,ll be giving you guys a short info on these Three Soaps that I have currently with me. It wont be like a review sort of Blog. Just a casual info that will give you guys an idea regarding these Luxe soaps. I feel one should definitely try out such unique stuff from certain countries that is so beautiful and artistic. These Soaps are inspired by Florence and are made in Italy. This is what makes these items unique and has artisanal value as well. Also; there are many other scents and types of such Soaps available back in Italy to choose from. Totally love these Soaps. Too Pretty & decorative must say!!! 

So, Let's begin with LUXURIOUS SOAPS FROM ITALY...Too Pretty To Use!!! 

The first is Fine Natural Soap Pink Roses Made in Italy... A pack of 3 Soaps made of pure Rose scent. These Pink Roses Soaps are 100% natural soaps & do not contain preservatives. 100% made in Italy i.e saponified, produced & packed in Italy only. Must say, the scent is so fascinating & smells like pure Rose Petals or Rose Water. Really loved it. This Soap is quite moisturising and leaves your skin pampered with lingering Rose fragrance. Its looks quite good and rich with that brand logo engraved on it. The packaging is very impressive, Florence inspired and has that luxe feel to it. Delicate light pink Roses all over with luxe gold calligraphy. These Pink Roses Soaps are produced by Saponificio Varesino srl, Italy. You can find more information on this product at there Online Store  You can buy these soaps in Italy or online for specific countries at the price of 10-13 Euros approx. i.e around 1000 INR for 3x100 g. Must try!!!

The second is La Saponeria Firenze Shea Butter Scented Soap with Coconut Oil by Saponificio Artgianale Fiorentino... that is 100% Made in Italy-Tuscany. This Tuscan Luxury Soap Bar is hand made and highly decorative. Inspired by Florence with decorative & artistically embossed design which reminds of gardens of Italy with the brand logo embossed as well. It is made with highest quality all natural ingredients. The Shea Butter with Coconut scent is tempting, smells heavenly & gives you Italian spa treatment. This Soap Bar is highly moisturising & hydrating and makes your skin soft. The packaging is very impressive with peacock feather design all over with luxe silver calligraphy. This Shea Butter Soap is produced and packed by Saponificio Artigianale Fiorentino s.r.l, Italy. This is a different brand than the previous Pink Roses Soaps. You can get more info on this soap on their website i.e Online Store You can buy this soap in Italy or online for available for few countries at the price of 12-14 Euros approx. i.e around 1000-1100 INR approx. for 300g one soap bar. Amazing & Must try!!!

The third is La Saponeria Firenze Coconut and Vanilla Scented Soap by Saponificio Artgianale Fiorentino... that is 100% Made in Italy-Tuscany. It is from the same brand and produced by the same company of the previous Shea Butter Soap. So you can get it for the same price and the info for this product you'll get on the same website provided. The decorative details, quality of this soap is same. The ingredients are highest quality and natural as well. The soap bar looks exactly the same i.e decorative & artistic. It just the Coconut and Vanilla scent is too sweet. This Soap being Coconut hydrates and moisturises making skin soft and supple while it leaves sweet Vanilla scent lingering after use. Gives the same Italian spa treatment. The packaging is different as it has beautiful Coconut and Vanilla flowers on it with luxe gold calligraphy. A Must try if you are fond of sweet scents!!!

So that's all for now guys!!! I hope you all liked this Blog post on LUXURIOUS SOAPS FROM ITALY...Too Pretty To Use!!! Don't forget to buy & try these Italian Soaps whenever you visit Italy. Let me know if you have ever tried these Soaps or liked this content of mine in the comments section below. Also; follow me on my other social media platforms to stay connected & updated with my work & life as well. Will be back soon with another Blog. Till then Keep Smiling & Pamper Yourself!!! :D

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Sunday, 30 September 2018

Beauty Products from Germany/Deutschland...

Hi Everyone!!! Today I'll be sharing with you guys a list of few Beauty Products that my brother-in-law got for my sister & I,  from Germany/Deutschland. This post is not detailed review on these products. Just wanted to share with you all short info, so that even you guys can visit Germany and get these products by yourselves, if you feel like. 
These products are locally available in Germany & Online as well. Also; they belong to famous brands out there which many people prefer to use. All the products listed below range between 2-3 Euros. This makes all the products really affordable. Also; these products are of great quality and quantity. Definitely worth buying and trying. I highly recommend these products to you all.

So, lets begin with these Beauty Products from Germany/Deutschland...

Starting with this Balea ZAUBERHAFTES HAAR PARFUM by dm is an enchanting Hair Perfume that gives the hair a fresh fragrance. I really loved the scent of this product. It is fresh and fruity. Can be used whenever your hair needs a little bit of freshness or can be used whenever you feel like. I really love this product. Keeps my hair fresh smelling, specially on the third day after shampoo. Balea products come only with German/Deutsch language on the product. No English information is available on it. Luckily I know a bit of German and if you don't, you can always google translate their products. ;)

The next product is Balea HAARSPRAY Volumen Effekt by dm i.e a Hair Spray with Volume Effect, that gives extra volume to your fine hair. This gives a voluminous style and a flexible hold with a natural shine for all day long. Just spray on your hair after shampoo and lightly comb out or style as you need. Simply love the scent of this product. Also; this product gives my hair a bouncy texture and soft feel. 

The next product is Balea PROFESSIONAL WONDERFUL REPAIR SHAMPOO by dm which is for Dry & Brittle Hair. This shampoo not only strengthens the hair structure but also; provides suppleness to hair. Makes brushing hair easy that leads to less hair breakage. My hair really feels soft and nourished after I use this shampoo. Love the fragrance of this shampoo. I really love how all the products from Balea are really effective and smells super amazing as well. 

The next product is 10er Lidschatten by SABRINA RUDNIK COSMETICS which is a 10 shades Eyeshadow Palette. This eyeshadow palette consists of 2 nude matte and rest shimmery shades. The shades are really pretty right from shimmery Pearl, Gold, Rose Gold, Copper to Dark Brown, etc. I really loved all the shades from this palette, as I mostly love using these kind of eyeshadow colours for my makeup looks. All the shades feel buttery and are highly pigmented. Simply loved the quality of this product. Also; the packaging is simple and travel friendly as well. 

The next product is an Eyeshadow Palette by NYC NEWYORKCOLOR which contains a Highlighter, a Shadow for lid & a Shadow for Crease. A perfect nude shimmery palette for gorgeous looking eyes. Formula is soft and buttery. A great palette for beginners. Quality of the product is really good. 

The next product is P.S... LOVE ROSE by PRIMARK, GERMANY which is an amazing rose scent perfume by Primark Stores. Obviously being a rose perfume it is floral but also; has fresh green notes to it, that makes the perfume fresh, crisp and sharp. I basically love most of the perfumes by Primark. Definitely a must try.

The last product is PS... LOVE YOUR SMILE WHITENING by PRIMARK, GERMANY which is a whitening toothpaste that helps restore teeth to their your natural white colour and helps reduce gum problems and freshens breath as well. I didn't like this toothpaste much comparatively to my regular toothpaste. But you can give it try if you feel like. 

So, that's all for today guys. I hope you all liked the blog post on Beauty Products from Germany/Deutschland... Definitely you must try these products at least once!!! Comment down below, if you guys have tried any of these products ever. Would love to know from you guys as well. Also; follow me here and on my other social media for latest updates. Till then Keep Smiling :)

Thank you...

Love Bhagyashree...   


Thursday, 20 September 2018

My Current CTM Routine... with WOW SKIN SCIENCE...

Cleansing, Toning & Moisturising (CTM) is the the ultimate solution to keeping skin problems at bay!!! The 3-Step CTM Routine is the most simple & basic way through which you can maintain and achieve beautiful skin. Following this routine every day and night is as important as you do the other tasks in your day to day life. I personally follow this skin care regime since ages and it is one of my essential part of daily beauty care. I hardly remember me skipping it ever in my life.  
Its been quite a while, Probably since mid- June this year; I have been using these products by WOW SKIN SCIENCE for my CTM. I really love products by this brand, as they are Cruelty Free, 100% Vegan,  Parabens Free, Sulphate Free & have Bioactive Ingredients. On top of it, they are quite affordable and easily available. I use these products generously since then and still I have got plenty, to last this whole September month as well. Quite a good quality and quantity to invest in. 

So, let's begin with My Current CTM Routine... with WOW SKIN SCIENCE... 

For Cleansing, I am using this WOW SKIN SCIENCE ACTIVATED CHARCOAL FACEWASH which was sent to me by the company for collaboration. So, you can check the Blog I did on this product here Review

For Toning, I am using this WOW SKIN SCINECE LAVENDER & ROSE Skin Mist Toner. Its alcohol free and hence really hydrating and calming. It balances, hydrates, protects & refreshes my skin in seconds. It is a Mist Toner so can be used in between intervals to have a refreshing skin always. I really love this product as it minimises my pores and gives it a hydrated n refreshed look. 100% pure Lavender & Rose Hydrosols helps minimise pores and pure Witch Hazel, Green Tea and Cucumber Extracts helps maintain and balance the ph levels of skin. 
Toning is as important as Cleansing, so never miss this step. Tone your skin after Cleansing and before Moisturising your face. This product is simple to use. Just spray it on your cleansed face or apply with cotton swab & let it dry. 
This Toner balances skin oil production, removes dirt and impurities that causes acne, tightens pores, forms a protective layer on skin, helps light blemishes & helps keep signs of ageing at bay. 
The packaging of this product is really good and of good quality. I got this product for INR 499 approx. You can buy it here Official Buy WOW or from Amazon.com The quantity i.e 200ml  is very good and last for about 2-3 months. Suitable for all skin types. Also; can be used by men as well. A great quality and safe product to invest in. Highly recommend it.

For Moisturising my skin, I am using this WOW SKIN SCIENCE ...Be fair FAIRNESS CREAM. Personally I am not a huge fan of whitening or fairness creams and products. But for a change I ordered this cream and I quite liked it. My skin looks better using this product. This cream has SPF 20 PA++  with FAB 5 Fairness Effects that are: fairer skin with reduced melanin, protects from sun's darkening rays, delays wrinkles, fine lines, gives even and bright skin & helps fade age spots. Helps protect skin from harmful UVA/UBV rays as well as is very hydrating and moisturising without making skin oily. Doesn't clog pores and is suitable for all skin types. Can be used by men as well. 
This skin lightening formulation is powered with Mulberry, Saffron and Liquorice Extracts along with Shea butter and Kojic Acid which all are renowned for their skin lighting, anti- pigmentation and anti ageing benefits. Apply onto cleansed & toned face; day and night for clearer and brighter skin. 
The packaging is quite impressive like high end brands. The Advanced Technology Airless Jar that this product comes with is the most hygienic way of accessing the cream without worrying about contamination or spoilage. Just a single press dispenses small amount of cream on the surface of the jar to apply. I got this product for INR 989 for 50ml. You can buy it here Official Buy WOW or from Amazon.com Lasts for 2-3 months and is a great quality product. Highly recommend it. 

So thats it everyone!!! This is my current CTM Routine, But I'll be coming up with more skin care related blogs soon. So, stay tuned. I hope you all liked this blog post on My Current CTM Routine... with WOW SKIN SCIENCE... Please follow me on my social media for daily updates on my latest collaborations, my lifestyle, etc. Till then stay Beautiful & keep Smiling :)

Thank you...

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