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Thursday, 30 March 2017

Inspired Style: Deepika Padukone (spring/summer)...

There ample of fashion inspirations all over social media, but few styles and looks always remain our favorites no matter what the on going style trends are. So balancing out our personal likes and taste with current fashion we can always create what we love. Most of the time we get inspired from our favorite celebs that we look up to for fashion styles and trends. Also its super fun to follow style of celebrity or fashion divas and to dress up like them as it makes us feel special. 

Well, we all know this look of Deepika Padukone in the song Khuda Jane from the movie Bachna Ae Haseeno (2008), in case if you don't you can always google it. The movie is slightly old, but this style of her matches the on going fashion trends totally. This song and look of her has always been one of my favorites, so I decided to recreate her style, which actually worked out pretty well for me. This look being perfect for spring/summer, I thought it would look good and I really hope! you all like it :)

So lets begin with the blog on Inspired Style: Deepika Padukone (spring/summer)...

This get this style of Deepika Padukone was actually easy for me, as I love floral print dresses a lot. Also; I tried to keep my look as similar as possible. For this style, I am wearing a floral print summer cotton dress which is quite similar to her outfit and has almost same design details. The dress is off-shoulder which is a huge trend this season and has hour glass silhouette which actually looks great on many body types. The dress has patterned elastic at the empire waistline and is tiered at the bottom. The soft cotton fabric is perfect for this season. I already had this dress in my wardrobe which I got from Pantaloons, Nagpur for 1099 INR. You can create this look with any similar kind of floral dress available in stores near you.

The shoes I am wearing are similar to the ones she is wearing. My red flat summer shoes have straps and has butterfly cut out applique detail on it. Too comfortable to wear and goes well with this dress. The shoes are not the exact ones she is wearing, but I think they are quite similar as you can see in the pics. I got these Meriggiare artificial red flats from amazon.in at the price of 440 INR.

For the neck piece I am wearing single strand of rose pink stones. The stone beaded neck piece matched my entire look pretty well. Even after sourcing a lot, I couldn't get the exact multiple beaded strings like the ones she is wearing, but I think my neck piece did a good job in keeping the whole look similar to her. I got this neck piece from Colaba Causeway, Mumbai for 50 INR. On my wrist I am wearing white glass bangles form a local store in Nagpur which are hardly 50 INR.

Photo Courtesy: Tauseef Khan
Location: Gorewada, Nagpur

I am quite happy with how the Inspired Style has overall turned out for me in this look without much efforts. The look is easy & affordable yet chic & stylish. Many of you can get this look very easily as well. All you need to do is pick up some similar looking clothes and accessories and create your own unique fashion style with this inspiration.

I hope you all liked my post on Inspired Style: Deepika Padukone (spring/summer). Please comment and follow me on my blog as well as on social media. Also; let me know if you all would love to see more of such Inspired Style Blogs. Love you all and always remember to keep it stylish.

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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

My February Favorites 2017...

 Hallo! Guten Tag! Greetings in Deutsch. :) Hello! Good Day! to all my lovely people out there. Yes, you all guessed it right! I was super super busy. Just to keep you all updated about me, I am taking a professional German language course. Every year I make a resolution to learn a foreign language and end up doing nothing about it. But finally its happening this year and I am so happy about it.

So coming back to the blog, I am here again with My Favorites post. Guys, I keep using almost the same beauty products every month, just replacing one or two according to the needs. As I cannot include same Favorites every time in my list, I just decided to share these 3 products which are good and been using pretty much in February.

So let's check the list of My February Favorites 2017...

Lidl's Suddenly MADAME GLAMOUR is one of My Favorites from February. Lidl is a German supermarket chain. So this German made perfume happens to be one of the bestsellers in many European countries. Well, it is famous because it smells as good as the classic COCO MADEMOISELLE by CHANEL and is considered as a dupe. Must say, I really loved the floral fragrance of it. Though I am not a huge fan of too floral perfumes, I really liked the notes of Bergamot, Rose & Jasmine. This fragrance embodies elegance and femininity in its own unique way. An everyday wear perfume that leaves you feeling glamorous. A perfect fragrance to wear in spring. When compared to Chanel the longevity is not that good but it will last you for a good time. Also; the price is almost nothing when compared. Chanel will cost you 70 GBP while, Suddenly MADAME GLAMOUR will cost you 4 GBP. The packaging is simple and chic. The box as you can see, is white and gold. The glass bottle has very light pinkish-gold liquid in it, with gold details and a white cap. If you compare the price, the notes, packaging, etc. I am totally satisfied with this product and that's what makes this perfume one of My February Favorites as its elite yet affordable. I got this perfume as a gift from my sis in law from Cardiff, U.K. but you can definitely purchase this online as well.

So jumping on to the next product INGLOT Lipstick/Rouge `a L`evres Matte 401 is one of My Favorite lip color this spring. I really love make up from INGLOT and all the products are really amazing & are Made in Poland. I really love this 401 shade particularly as its coral peachy nude one can say. Can't really describe its color exactly. A perfect one that is suitable for fair skin tone. The formula is matte yet moisturizing. Very soft and smooth. Doesn't budge off easily and stays on for a long time. Perfect for spring day to night wear. The packaging is simple yet chic, all black with white details. The case is of metal and the entire look of this lipstick is really elegant and stylish. I got this lip stick from INGLOT- Phoenix MarketCity, Bengaluru for 950 INR.

Aura Vedic Lightening Lip Butter is My Favorite lip butter/balm since a month. Not only it hydrates but also is a great treatment to lighten my dark lips. This lip butter lightens dark lips naturally without any harm or side effects. Many times you face a problem of dark lips due to sun tanning or not removing lipsticks properly before going to bed. Well in my case, I was facing a slight problem due to sun tanning. This product is really helping me lighten my lip color and is super nourishing at the same time. You just require a small quantity and mostly I use it before I go to bed at night. The formula is matte but hydrating and has a strawberry bubblegum flavor and color. Quite affordable and effective beauty product must say. I got this online on Amazon.in for 100 INR.

So guys that is it for My February Favorites 2017... Please feel free to try these products if you get a chance to or purchase online.

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Sunday, 5 March 2017

Mirror Manicure... DIY Chrome Nails

Hi Everyone... First of all I am really sorry for the late post. Was too busy lately due to many things going on at a time... Today I am here with a lovely post on Mirror Manicure that you can easily get it done at home without visiting Nail Bars or Salons... Of course this costs you no time and is super affordable...
Chrome Nails have been huge trend since 2016 and still continues to be so. In fact the nail designs are getting better and better and more creative in 2017. Basically Chrome Nails are done through chrome nail polish with highly pigmented powder. This certainly has a procedure in which the pigmented  powder on nails is applied in a buffing technique. It takes time, patience and professional help.
Well, I don't have time to spend so much on nails as I hardly go to salons. Also; why to visit one when you can get this million dollar look just by these simple Do It Yourself/DIY techniques. So today I'll be telling you what to use and how to get this Chrome Mirror Manicure in 3 easy ways.

So let's begin with Mirror Manicure... DIY Chrome Nails

The first DIY is to use this perfectly designed pre-decorated nail tips. The faux nails are easy to get and look professional. Definitely there is no hard work required in this method. Totally looks amazing and stylish. You simply have to use a nail glue to stick the nail tips. Basically I love this technique as it requires no time to apply and within 5-10 mins you are ready with your pro nails. I got these Pro Fashion Design Nail just for 295 INR from amazon.in You need to order the glue separately. Trust me they look super cool and gives an impression that you have spent like a way to much on your manicure.

The second DIY is using an aluminum foil tape or a holographic gift/chocolate plastic wrapper. Here using an aluminum foil sticky tape I created a french manicure tip. You can also use stripper tape for this. This gives a mirror effect french manicure. Any nail polish can be used here to match your french mirror manicure. Also; you can use this method to get a full Mirror Nail effect as well. You just have to cut the shape out on the sticky tape or stick the tape and  trim it accordingly. This sticky tape is waterproof and heat resistant. Apply a top coat to get a finished look and to protect your nail art. I got this Aluminum Foil Tape for 50 INR from amazon.in I really loved how cute the manicure has turned out with this simple method.

The third DIY is using any metallic silver polish or chrome nail polish to get this look. This gives false mirror effect to some extent. This is the best way if you don't want faux nails or any kind of nail art for yourself. Super easy and a simple way to get close to Chrome Mirror Nails. Basically its risky to use any varnish paint or varnish finish method, so I chose to stay with this metal silver polish. Also; you can get so many chrome nail polish and metal polish easily online or in stores. Here I used PS... QUICK DRY NAIL POLISH just for 0.60 GBP from Primark, U.K.

So Mirror Manicure Chrome Nails look very difficult to achieve, but with these techniques its easy and will cost you hardly any money. I loved doing my Mirror Manicure... DIY Chrome Nails at home and if you like how it has turned out, simply go ahead with any one of these methods. This Mirror Manicure looks really chic and stylish which captures everyone's attention.

I hope you all liked my post on Mirror Manicure... DIY Chrome Nails. Don't forget to share, comment & follow. Also; feel free to drop a suggestion or request down in the comments section  below, if you want me to do a blog on any specific topic related to Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle.

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