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Thursday, 23 February 2017

My Favorite 5 Pink Lipsticks...

Pink lips will always remain my personal favorite no matter what upcoming trends we see every now and then. Pink lipstick is one of my everyday color to wear because it not only matches any outfit but also is perfect for many occasions. No matter whether its spring-summer or autumn-winter, Pink never goes out of fashion. I really love wearing all kinds of pinks on my lips as many of them go pretty well with my skin tone.
Today, I am gonna share with you all My Favorite 5 Pink Lipsticks that I personally love to wear. No doubt I am certainly obsessed over these pink shades as they are bold and bright ones. Yes, I do love bold lips for sure. So keeping the blog post really short lets jump on to what I have to show you all today.
So, let's have a look on to My Favorite 5 Pink Lipsticks...

NARS AUDACIOUS LIPSTICK by NARS COSMETICS in the shade 9451 MICHIYO has to be on top of my favorite list. Not only I am crazy over this lip color because of the brand but actually its one of those bold lip colors that you will never go wrong with. Its a sexy hot pink color. This lipstick gives you best application and coverage in one stroke. The formula is so soft and creamy that it just evenly smooths out on your lips. It keeps your lips well hydrated and has good longevity. Being a high end brand the packaging is really great and this comes in a magnetic cap case. You can get this online at amazon or on the official site of NARS COSMETICS.
(Thailand Airport, 1000 Baht approx)

Cathy Doll LIP BLUR by KARMART in the shade 5 Electronic Pink is one of my everyday shades to wear. Amazing electronic pink that goes well with many skin tones. Though formulated by Gabby in Korea but is a original product by  Karmarts Thailand. This is flocked foam head lipstick that gives the result of natural perfect lip. Also it gives off a smooth feeling that blends easily and evenly all over your lips. The formula is semi matte texture that comes with LIP BLUR innovation which assists in concealing, blurring and fading off lip's line (cracking lip) resulting in a natural beautiful lip. Rich in moisturizer that nourishes lip and gives off a healthy lip look everyday. Its preservative free and alcohol free as well. It feels like a souffle all creamy and soft with a good long lasting finish.
(Karmart Thailand, 200 Baht approx)

CHAMBOR POWDER MATTE LIPSTICK in the shade 176 is a bright powder matte pink color. Literally has a powdery texture and feel to it which gives a perfect 100% matte look. Works best on fuller lip. It has triple action formula and has a good hydration though being matte. Perfect for summer as its matte and also doesn't dry out the lips duw to sun. As it has sun protection too, it makes it even better for summers. It is anti-age as well that means it helps keeping your lips youthful with its technology. Its a daywear lipstick and is long lasting.
(Westside Nagpur, 645 INR)

LAKME 9to5 LIP COLOR in the shade MP13 Coral Incentive is a very beautiful color for everyday use. Gives you rosy natural pink lips all day long. The formula is soft and hydrating. As its designed 9to5, the longevity is good. Amazing coral pink color that looks beautiful on many skin tones.I love it when I want to keep the look minimal and natural. Perfect to wear in work place as well.
(Mumbai Airport, 425 INR)

Pure Passion IRRESISTIBLE LIPSTICK by STUDIOWEST in the shade 204 Wildly Fuchsia is my everyday favorite lipstick that I wear quite often. Whenever I get confused over choosing a lip color, I just grab this one and am good to go. Its a beautiful pink shade which has slight peachy coral undertone to it. Cannot exactly be called as fuchsia pink if compared to its name. This color goes well at any time of the day or eve. Trust me its a beautiful shade and most people compliment me when I wear this one. Has a good coverage. Its soft moisturizing formula keeps lips hydrated and has good long lasting finish to it. Its the most affordable one of them all. 
(Westside Nagpur, 295 INR)


I hope you all liked my post on My Favorite 5 Pink Lipsticks... You must definitely try them if you are fond of pink lip colors and I bet you will like them for sure. Don't forget to like, comment, share and follow me on my blog and on social media.

Thank you...

Love Bhagyashree...


Friday, 17 February 2017

How I Clean My Makeup Brushes + DIY Cleansing Ideas...

Hey Everyone!!! Today I'll be sharing with you some tips on How I Clean My Makeup Brushes and I'll be sharing some DIY Cleansing Ideas too, that will help to get the job done easily and at less cost. First of all cleaning your makeup brushes is as important as you clean your face. Cleaning makeup brushes save you from a lot of skin problems like outbreaks i.e acne, rashes, bacterial infections,etc. Yes, though we clean our face before applying makeup, the brushes come in contact with our skin all the time. The left over make up products on the brushes, the oils and even the dead cells or germs on skin, gets transferred to your brushes resulting in more germ build up when they are not in use. So, when you use the same brush over and over again you add on more germs and bacteria to you skin resulting in skin problems. So to avoid such stuff, we should clean our makeup brushes from time to time. I clean my makeup brushes in every one week or two. Trust me this habit has helped me maintain a clear skin reducing the outbreaks and rashes on my face.

Here I am using P.S. LOVE THIS MAKE-UP BRUSH CLEANSER and PS... BLEND & CLEANSE MAKE UP SPONGE CLEANER that I got from Primark Store, U.K for 2 GBP and 2.50 GBP respectively. These Makeup cleansers are really amazing and affordable and helps to clean the brushes super easily. You can use make up brush cleansers of any brand which are available in the market or online. Also; below are some DIY brush cleansing ideas that will help save you a lot of money on expensive products. I use Spot cleaning and Deep cleaning methods both depending on the use of my make up brushes.

So lets begin with How I Clean My Makeup Brushes + DIY Cleansing Ideas...

I use this P.S LOVE THIS MAKE-UP BRUSH CLEANSER for Spot cleaning specially for my eye makeup brushes as they are really tiny and don't require a Deep cleaning regularly. This product comes in a spray bottle and all you need to do is spray directly on the cosmetic brush bristles and clean it with a tissue. It can be used for both synthetic and natural hair bristles. Sometimes I like to pour slight amount of liquid from bottle, dip my brush and clean it with tissue if the brush is too dirty. This really helps me clean my brushes fast. Spot cleaning can be done in between your makeup as well, if you are using the same brush for different products.

This PS... BLEND & CLEANSE MAKE UP SPONGE CLEANER is great to use for all your makeup sponges and beauty blenders in no time. This really makes the job easy for Deep cleaning your makeup applicators. I just take this product on wet sponge depending on how much my makeup sponge is dirty and just massage it gently on my palm by squeezing and pressing until all the make up is removed and then wash it under running tap water. Then I repeat the same steps if more cleaning is required. Lukewarm water works best.

Also; I use this same product to Deep clean my makeup brushes. I simply add lukewarm water and mix this cleansing product in a bowl and soak my brushes for few minutes. Then I wash them under running tap water avoiding the metal part of the brushes. I specially Deep clean my face brushes as these are the ones that require more cleansing due to the use of heavy liquid products like foundation, concealers etc. and also these brushes are more prone to germ build up and bacteria as they come in contact with the facial skin a lot.

If you don't have an affordable cleanser like me, or if you don't want to invest on high cost makeup brush cleansing products, these DIY cleansing ideas will not only save your pockets but also are great when compared to high end cleansing products. 
So the very first DIY cleanser is a mixture of Olive oil and Baby shampoo. You can use any regular baby shampoo and olive oil you like. Here I am using Johnson's Baby Shampoo and LIOL Olive Oil from a local drugstore. Add 1 tsp of olive oil and generous amount of baby shampoo in a bowl. Dip the brushes and start cleaning your brushes by rolling in circular motion on your palm or on silicon cleansing mats.Then wash brushes under running tap water. Olive oil breaks down the makeup and also conditions the bristles while baby shampoo cleanse out all the dirt and grime. You can also use Coconut Oil as it works best too.
 Also you can directly use a nourishing soap bar like dove, any bacterial hand wash, face wash or a conditioning shampoo alone to clean you make up brushes. If you already have a Micellar Water that will work as well.

After I wash my brushes, I make sure all the water is squished out, then I wipe them gently and lay them slanting on a napkin and leave to dry over night. This way I really get super clean brushes and it helps to maintain a proper hygiene of my skin and the tools. Hope you all weekly clean your brushes too and if not please follow the methods and make it a beauty ritual.

I hope you all liked this post on How I Clean My Makeup Brushes + DIY Cleansing Ideas... I would love to know below in comments section, if you have better ideas for cleansing. Don't forget to share, like, comment and follow. Till then have a great time!

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Love Bhagyashree...

Friday, 10 February 2017

My Favorites January 2017...

Hello Everyone!!! I am back with My Monthly Favorites post once again. First week of February is gone, its gonna be mid Feb soon and it is really surprising that January ended so fast. I mean it was hardly any time for the new year month's beginning and now it seems the month has disappeared long back.
 So coming back to the post, you know My Monthly Favorites consist of either beauty, fashion or lifestyle products that I use in the mentioned month and when I like any particular products or feel they are good to use, I suggest them to you all to either try or get to know whats good out in the market. I am always happy to do My Monthly Favorites and I hope I keep doing My Montly Favorites in the coming months as well.
So this being My First Monthly Favorite blog post of the year, I decided to include beauty products only, which I really loved using this January ...

So lets begin with My favorites January 2017...

BBLUNT BACK TO LIFE DRY SHAMPOO FOR INSTANT FRESHNESS (no water required) is a must buy product. Does a superb job of absorbing excess grease and grime and revamps your hair. Specially created for Indian hair. Totally in love with this product as this not only keeps my hair fresh but also keeps the oil and grime away on the third day after the wash. Washing hair frequently is not a good option due to the damage it causes. So keeping a dry shampoo always works best to maintain the in between freshness of hair. Avoid frequent washing as it creates more oil in the hair. I love this product as it has nice fragrance, helps keep oil and grime away. Also; it has a nice texture that gives volume to your hair as it gets rid of heavy grime and grease from the scalp. Just spray and you get fresh hair without washing. Also you can spray at night before bed time and you are good to go with clean hair next morning.

BBLUNT SPOTLIGHT HAIR POLISH FOR INSTANT SHINE is a spray on hair serum which works really great and is handy to use when you are in hurry and don't have time to use your regular one. This product gives even the dullest hair glossy, smooth finish. Specially created for Indian hair. It also protects hair from the environment and heat styling damage. Can be used before styling hair with a blow dry or heating tools. It adds shine to you hair leaving it soft and lustrous. Formula is not heavy and gives a nice polished look to your dry hair. I really love this product as it keeps my hair shiny and soft. Just spray on mid length and tips/ends of your hair and you are ready with nourished and shiny mane. 
 I got both these products from Nykaa.com at a combo pack rate of INR 880. Otherwise both the products are of INR 550 each. 

MAYBELLINE NEW YORK FIT me! MATTE+PORELESS FOUNDATION fits your skin tone and skin perfectly. I got t his in MATTE+PORELSS normal to oily skin as this is true match for my skin type and tone. There are other shades and dewy finish formulas for dry skin as well. I got mine in the shade 115 IVORY. I started using it at the end of January month as its the transition period here in Nagpur, from winter to spring.This foundation is perfect for spring-summer as this has thin watery texture and the formula is very light. Yes it does makes your skin poreless and gives a super matte effect. It refines your pores and keep skin matte oil free. Definitely feels amazing after applying it as if its your natural skin and you are not wearing any foundation. It matches your natural skin tone without changing the color. Gives a seamless finish. Really loving this foundation ever since I got this and will continue to wear it all my summer for that natural coverage and finish. I got this product for INR 525 from Westside, Nagpur.

MAYBELLINE NEW YORK FIT me! CONCEALER is perfect to use for your daily make up routine along with the foundation of fit me! range. Formula of this concealer is very light and blends easily giving a natural finish. I got my concealer in the shade 20 SAND SABLE as it has yellowish tinge to it which covers and conceals my under eyes perfectly. Also yellow undertone gives perfect coverage and brightens under eyes and is suitable for most of the skin tones. Its not heavy and does a good job of concealing and brightening your eyes instantly. As its lightweight, it doesn't crease at all. Gives a smooth finish and is not drying. I love this product as its easy to apply and blends effortlessly even into the inner most corner of the eyes. I got this for INR 500  from Westside, Nagpur. 

MAYBELLINE NEW YORK FIT me! PRESSED POWDER SET+SMOOTH is perfect to set your under eyes or smooth out your entire face. As its for normal to dry skin it has a little shiny finish that gives a natural glow. Definitely helps keep foundation in place.You can retouch with this powder whenever you want to as it comes along with a mirror and a sponge. I got mine in the shade 120 CLASSIC IVORY. Its light yellowish banana color that works best for all skin tones to brighten up your face. It naturally sets make up. Smooths skin as it has buttery soft texture to it and blends seamlessly giving natural finish and look. Formula is light weight and doesn't make you look cakey. Works great with fit me! foundation and concealer range. Has slight natural shimmer to it which makes your skin look glowy and healthy. I got this for INR 475 from Westside, Nagpur.

So these were My Favorites January 2017... beauty products. You can definitely go n try out these products if have not yet. These are really affordable and good for your daily beauty or make up  routine. Let me know which one you would love to try or you are looking forward to buy in the comments section below. I would be happy if you try out these ones because I am really satisfied after using them. You can definitely buy these products from stores near by or online as well.

I hope you all liked my post on My Favorites January 2017... Please don't forget to like, comment, share and follow... Also; let me know through your comments, if you want me to do any blog post on any particular topic. I would love to hear from you all.

Thank you...

Love Bhagyashree...


Sunday, 5 February 2017

Flaunt your lips this Valentine's Day with INTENSE BUTTER GLOSS by NYX...

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Well, Valentine's Day is near and I know many of you have already started shopping and planning out everything. Obviously! who doesn't want to look their best on this day of love even if you are single & planning to spend time with your girl gang or going out on a special date. So, I thought why not suggest you all lip color shades that will look best on any girl specially on this Valentine's Day. Also, I wanted to share my experience on this beautiful and amazing IBLGSET06 INTENSE BUTTER GLOSS by NYX which I think is perfect to match any outfit or style. Though last month I did a video-swatch review on Snapchat, I could not stop myself from blogging on these lip glosses.

So lets get started...

INTENSE BUTTER GLOSS by NYX is all new version of their signature BUTTER GLOSS. The formula is even thicker, more creamier like soft thick butter, more glossy but opaque if compared to BUTTER GLOSS by NYX. The lip colors are more intense and bold. The lip glosses have a very unique yummy scent to it. The INTENSE BUTTER GLOSS are specially introduced for spring-summer, so that makes it even great to use these colors for this Valentine's Day.

My experience with these lip glosses is really amazing. Though they are glosses, they don't feel like one. The lip glosses give a feeling of applying soft thick butter literally. The texture is soft, creamy, moisturizing and glossy. As they are heavy they cover even dark lips completely. The longevity is really good. The lip colors will last for a very long time. They can be worn at day and evening as well. The color transfers a bit but I don't think that is a major drawback. They wont dry out and will keep your lips hydrated and moisturized all day long without being sticky.

Though the glosses feel tacky in the beginning they feel very good after the formula is settled down on your lips. Its tricky to apply evenly if you are new to the glosses as they are very thick and opaque. There are almost 24 shades available on nyxcosmetics.com but in India the shades are limited to 12. Also, here I am using the IBLGSET06 which already come in a set of 3 lip colorset. Also, the IBLGSET packs are available in other shades as well. What I loved is that this set has really awesome pink, coral peach and red color. All the colors that I would love to buy are already in a single pack.

So below are the lip color shades IBLG19PINK MACAROON, IBLG16 SUMMER FRUIT & IBLG22 CHERRY CUSTARD in the respective order. Definitely for this Valentine's Day you can go with pink, fruity or bold cherry lip color. All these three colors will look stunning and make you stand out completely. As pink and red symbolizes the color of love any of the colors mentioned, is a must have. Wear it either at day time or at evening, your date is gonna love it for sure and won't be able to stop himself from showering you with compliments.

The packaging is same as their statement BUTTER GLOSS but the cap of the bottle is metallic shiny one. Compared to the price of the lip gloss the packaging is really good. My sis got this IBLGSET06 from U.S for $12. Individually you can buy INTENSE BUTTER GLOSS for $5 that is INR 550-600 approx.You can definitely get these shades from amazon.in or nykaa.com easily. I am personally loving the color shades and formula of these lip glosses. I would highly recommend you all to buy these glosses as they are super affordable and if you personally love bold statement lips.

So, Flaunt your lips this Valentine's Day with INTENSE BUTTER GLOSS by NYX... Grab yourself one, or as many as you feel like and I am sure you won't regret. I bet you will definitely fall in love with this amazing beauty product. I hope you liked my post on these awesome glosses by NYX. Don't forget to Like, Comment, Share and Follow...

Thank you...

Love Bhagyashree...

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