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Wednesday, 27 December 2017

My Birthday Gifts-Haul + Gift Ideas...

Hi Everyone!!! As mentioned in my last post, I am back with My Birthday Gifts-Haul :) I really wanted to share with you all what gifts I got on My Birthday this year on 10th of October. December being a holiday season and as new year is around the corner, this Haul would be really helpful to get some inspiration, to buy gifts for your loved ones.
Most of the stuff is from U.K so, all my U.K followers and readers will love this Haul for sure!!! :D
I am just giving you all the list of gifts, as I will be either blogging or making a video separately for each stuff soon, so thats why the details of each gift is not mentioned in this blog post.

So let's begin with My Birthday Gifts-Haul + Gift Ideas...

I was really happy to receive these Birthday Gifts!!! The watch by Anne Klein is a gift from my close friend Tauseef. Rest all the gifts are from my brother Abhishek and sis-in-law Urszula from U.K.  I received many other gifts from my family as well. Feels amazing and blessed to have my loved ones with me who shower so much of love and blessings upon me always, which is Priceless!!!
The names of Birthday Gifts from the above mentioned sequence are as follows: JIMMY CHOO ILLICIT - Gift Combo of Perfume and Body Lotion, ANNE KLEIN - Wrist Watch in Gold & Black Metal Finish, PRIVATE COLLECTIONS by PRIMARK, U.K - Vanilla Absolute, Jasmine & Honey Eau De Perfum, P.S... by PRIMARK U.K - 3D Face Masks , P.S... by PRIMARK U.K - Nail Polish, Bella & PINK PRINCESS Eau De Perfum from PRIMARK U.K, P.S... Pollution Protect Face Cream by PRIAMRK U.K, P.S... Perfect Brow Kit by PRIMARK U.K, P.S... LOVE GOLD & SILVER Eau De Toilette by PRIMARK U.K, PS PRO Hydraeting Prep Spray by PRIMARK U.K & PS... WORKOUT FIX UP Makeup Setting Spray by PRIMARK U.K.

So, thats all for this blog post. Hope you all like My Birthday Gifts-Haul + Gift Ideas... I'll be blogging on these products separately soon. All the gifts are really amazing and perfect to make your loved ones happy on special occasions. Don't forget to share and subscribe & please follow me on my social media to get updates on my latest posts and events.

Thank you...

Love Bhagyashree...


Monday, 18 December 2017

My Birthday October-2017...

Hello Everyone!!! It really feels amazing to blog again after such a long gap. As you all know; especially who follow me on Instagram; that I was on a month's break in October due to several reasons. I really wanted to blog long back, but had no time to do so. Finally, I am back on the track. 
Of course the blog title says it all, but still I would still like to mention that I had my Birthday on 10th of October this year. So, I thought why not share My Birthday photoshoot pics in this post which would be a great way to connect back with you all once again. I actually wanted to blog on this way back, but got a chance now. So, I am really happy to share with you all this special blog of my special day :)

So, let's begin with the blog post My Birthday October-2017...

For My Birthday lunch I decided to go to Hotel Radisson Blu, Nagpur. Whenever I am in Nagpur for My Birthday, I choose this same place quite often :D Also; this place turned out to be a great choice for a day time photoshoot. This photoshoot was planned specially for My Birthday.  I was accompanied by Dhiraj who does all my professional blog and video shoots, Also; who is a good friend. I had an amazing time at the lunch and during the shoot. Adding few pictures from Walker's Street, Nagpur as well. 

Photo Courtesy: Dhiraj Jangid Photography

A Birthday is incomplete without your family. Definitely I had to plan My Birthday dinner with my family at my favorite place i.e Hotel Tuli Imperial, Nagpur. I chose to dine at Ru-oo-fh 180 this time. I did this photoshoot with the help of my sister, who clicks my pics most of the time. I really enjoyed dining here, with my mom, sis and my close friend Tauseef. Feels blessed to have them in my life. 

Photo Courtesy: Raina 

I really had a great time enjoying on My Birthday. Had planned so much but could manage to pull it off everything on time. Thank you all for making My Birthday special by being with me or by wishing me everywhere on my social network. Every single wish and blessing means a lot to me.
 I'll be sharing some more pics and Video clips in My Birthday Vlog that I'll be creating soon for my YouTube Channel. So please stay tuned. Also; Blog on Birthday Gifts Haul on its way.

I hope you all liked this blog post on My Birthday October-2017... Don't forget to Like, Follow, Share or Comment. Keep loving and supporting my work. XOXO :D

Thank you...

Love Bhagyashree...

P.S: This is not an OOTD or OOTN Fashion Blog, So didn't share outfit details... :) If you need any details, DM me on Instagram.

Saturday, 23 September 2017

My Blog Photography & Videography Kit...

Hey Everyone!!! Its been Almost 13-14 months i.e a year and more, I am into Blogging and making Videos on YouTube. So many people have asked me how I do my Blogs & create my Videos. Also; what all camera and equipments I use for my Blog Photos, Photos on social media like Instagram, etc and Videos. I have answered many of you through DMs, etc many times. So, I thought why not just create a blog post and make it even easier for everyone to get to know what I actually use for My Blog Photography & Videography, which will not only inspire you all but also; help to start with your career as a beginner in this field. This Kit is what  I use for my Blogs and Videos  since the beginning. Specially the camera I purchased was solely for my blogs. Also; I am really happy that I don't have to upgrade anything currently. Must say!!! Everything in this Kit I own is fabulous and works pretty well for me. :D

So let's begin with My Blog Photography & Videography Kit...

The most important equipment in My Kit, I think is the Canon EOS 700D Camera a.k.a Rebel T5i that I got from Reliance Digital, Nagpur. I use this camera ever since my first Blog. This DSLR is trusted by many professional photgraphers all over the globe. It is easy to use and has many inbuilt features that can be figured out quickly. A professional camera that gives high quality pictures or videos instantly. Though being a beginner, I could work with it comfortably in the beginning. I love using this camera and suggest many to buy it as well. I shoot all my photos with this camera, as it helps taking sharp and bright, beautiful images. Also; with the help of good features and the flip out screen, its easy to film self videos.
I use EF-S 18-55mm lens and EF-S 55-250mm lens that I got with this camera itself, when I purchased it. Both the lenses do a great job and are perfect for my Video and Blog shoots. As I am not a professional photographer these lenses work pretty well for me. This camera is around 41000-42000 INR depending upon where you buy it from. The camera is totally worth the price as it is one time investment. At least I never thought or needed to upgrade my camera so far as it gives best quality images for my work. Definitely you can buy lenses according to your requirements but I never felt the necessity to do so. Specially the EF-S 18mm lens is perfect for my Beauty Videos and product shoots.

Definitely a remote is a must to take some self portraits when one is working alone. I use Generic RC-6 IR Wireless Remote for Canon Models that I got from Amazon.in for 300 INR. This work perfectly with Canon or any other DSLR as well. This remote helps in wireless shutter release and is capable of instantly triggering the shutter without disturbing the camera and controls the speed well. It comes handy and is pocket friendly.
  A tripod is a must have when you film videos or take your own photos for balancing and stability. I use AmazonBasics 60 Inches Tripod that I obviously got from Amazon.in for 1500 INR This tripod is lightweight and easy to carry anywhere as it comes with a bag. Balances a DSLR very well. The height can be adjusted easily according to the requirements and it is super sturdy with rubber feet. Easy to mount, rotate, tilt or swivel freely. Comes really handy to me.

Ofcourse there are times when I use my iPhone 6 for my Blogs and also; work from it. Certain videos of mine, do include pictures and small video clips that I had shot on my iPhone. Sometimes when you don't require a DSLR, iPhone totally comes handy. I use iPhone 6 at present. iPhone definitely gives a HDR image and video quality. Many Bloggers and Vloggers use iPhone as well for there work. I shoot small videos or many of my casual pics on a day to day basis on my iPhone so many times. I also do editing for Instagram posts on my iPhone 6. So as I always say iPhone is the best to invest not only for pics and videos but also; for important work that can be carried out easily.

Photo Courtesy: Dhiraj Jangid Photography

No Blogs and Videos are complete without a good laptop or desktop to work on. All my online or editing work is done from my MacBook Air which I got from Inspire, Nagpur for 79000-80000 INR approx. Its the best laptop I have ever worked on. Makes my blogging n video work easy. Whether its editing my videos or my pics, this MacBook Air  comes super handy and is quite easy to use. Also; helps transfer pics easily from my iPhone on it and vice-versa. This easy transfer and other tasks online are carried effortlessly. One of the best investments you can ever make seriously, if you have a continuous online job of being a Blogger or a YouTuber.

So thats it Everyone!!! This is My Kit that I use for Blogging and creating Videos. Definitely want to add more stuff to it. I never required much stuff in this Kit, as I think whatever I have is the best stuff so far. No upgrading of equipments is required till now. So if you guys really want to start Blogging, create Videos or start Photography, I think this Kit is good enough and is one time investment. So go ahead and give it a try.

Hope you all liked my post on My Blog Photography and Videography Kit... Please comment, share and follow. Would love to know from you all as well, what equipments you use if you are into Photography, Blogging or YouTube...

Thank you...

Love Bhagyashree...


Wednesday, 13 September 2017

My August Favorites...

Hey Everyone!!! I am back with my monthly favourites. :) These are few of my favorite beauty products that I got for myself in the month of August. I know I am a week late for my August Favourites post, as I couldn't make it on time due to other blog post lined up and some important event taking place. But, I am really happy to share with you all these amazing list of products that you definitely must try. Trust me, you will love it!!!

So let's begin with My August Favorites...

Nykaa Nude Matte Nail Lacquer Collection (All 8 Shades)

Nykaa introduced these 8 Nude Matte Nail Enamels in the month of March this year. Finally I got a chance to order this collection in August and to be honest, I totally love it!!! All the 8 shades are My Favorites :D Seriously, It was so difficult for me to choose between these gorgeous Nail Enamels that I  ended up buying the whole collection. :p All the 8 shades in Nykaa Nude Matte Collection are so amazing and has tempting names and shades that no one can resist buying them. Most of the colors are suitable for many skin tones. Gorgeous shades from nude pinks to warm browns, comes with complete matte finish look. Definitely perfect for any season and many occasions.
Delicate, subtle and gorgeous shades that look completely sophisticated and gives a chic vibe to your entire look. A collection that is apt for any occasion, where you don't want to be bold yet upto the mark. I am completely in love with this collection and really recommend you all to buy it. A collection that you can't go wrong with. So bare it all with these gorgeous shades that are just for 199 INR each. I got this collection from Nykaa app. You can buy it online as well from Nykaa.com  

You can check the entire collection with names and no.s down below:

Shade 151 - Nutcracker Dreams is a pinkish toned brown hue which is very beautiful. It gives a classy & chic look.

Shade 152 - Pink Ruffle is a soft delicate pink hue for many girls who love to wear pinks. A complete girly chic color to flaunt.

Shade 153 - Tender Tulle is a rose pink color that is stunning yet classy. A perfect balance of subtle & vibrant look in a single shade.

Shade 154 - Corny Creampuff is a gorgeous creamy nude color. The words that describe this shade the best are sophisticated and classy.

Shade 155 - Nougat Bar is a creamy nude grey shade. This color is different, stylish and gives a sophisticated chic look.

Shade 156 - Very Vanilla is a creamy ivory shade. For those who love off whites and cream hues, this is definitely the one to go for. Chic and stylish color to wear.

Shade 157 - Milk Chocolate has a chocolate undertone to it. Its a light brown chocolate milk color that is a perfect warm nude to wear. Chic and sophisticated color.

Shade 158 - French Toast is a deep brown nude for a Parisian/French chic look. A classy nude brown color that is gorgeous and stylish.

PS... LIPSTICK by Primark in the shade 06 SCARLET is one of My August Favourites. A beautiful reddish orange color that is perfect for most of the occasions. Bright and bold color that captures everyone's attention. Love the amazing berry fragrance of this lipstick. The formula has a soft and smooth texture that nourishes your lips as well. This is one of my favorite brands to indulge in since quite a time as the products are really good quality and super affordable. I got this lipcolor for 0.90 GBP from Primark U.K, Cardiff.

Straight artifact Ceramic Straightening Brush is one of My Favorite picks that I made in August. I really wanted to try this straightening brush since long, so I ordered this one for self just to try it out. I got this brand as it was really at low price and as it was just for trial basis, I didn't want to take a risk of investing a lot in costly brands. But this brand even being at a very low price, actually works pretty well for me. The ceramic straightening brush gives a straight hair and is good to keep frizzy and wavy hair straight in this monsoon season.This device comes with digital temperature settings and is easy to use. Results are good. An easy and convenient way to keep hair styled straight on the go. I got this brush for 499 INR from Amazon.com A must try product. You can try this or any other brand as well, according to your preferences.

So thats it everyone. I hope you all liked My August Favourites... post.  Don't forget to follow, comment and share. :D XOXO

Thank you...

Love Bhagyashree...

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