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Saturday, 31 December 2016

3 Basic Looks With A Leather Jacket {Winter Look Book-1}...

Hi Everyone... Finally the last day of this year has arrived and I am so happy to say good bye to 2016 with my last post of this month and year. Well I am not sad, like everyone, even I am too excited and eagerly waiting for 2017 for a new start. As its December, we all love to wear our cosy coats and heavy jackets and I totally love winters as I get to layer up my winter wears. To be honest, I am actually obsessed with Leather Jackets. I like wearing my Leather Jacket in many ways so, I decided to create 3 Basic Looks for you all this winter. In this Look Book I am wearing a Black Leather Jacket by PAPAYA Weekend
which I got from MATALAN, Cardiff, U.K. at the price of 25 GBP. This Leather Jacket is a Biker Jacket which has textured details all over it. It also has a main zip that goes sideways and small pockets with zippers. I really love the design on its sleeves though. A perfect jacket for winters as its heavy and has a thick lining underneath. No doubt Black Leather Jackets are always trendy.

So lets have a look at the 3 Basic Looks With A Leather Jacket...

 The first look is a basic casual one that you can create with any causal lowers and a t-shirt. In this look I am wearing a pair of simple blue jeggings with a basic long white t-shirt. Also, I am wearing a white woolen round hat and a white woolen stole that definitely adds style to the whole look as well as is  perfect for winters. The jeggings are from Brands Republic, Nagpur for 1200 INR. The white t-shirt is for 300 INR from Decathlon, Bangalore. The boots are from Balujas, Empress Mall, Nagpur for 1500 INR. The winter hat and the stole is by Atmosphere, which I got from Primark, Cardiff, U.K for 5 GBP each. This look is simple, casual & basic but definitely a stylish trendy one to wear with your Leather Jacket

The second look is sort of a simple semi-casual one that you can wear for a weekend. Any LBD(Little Black Dress) will look great with this Leather Jacket. In this look I am wearing a LBD, which is asymmetrical in shape. I paired up dark red opaque tights/stockings with black peep-toe wedges. This black dress is for 800 INR which I got from Brands Republic, Nagpur. The opaque tights are for 2 GPB by Atmosphere from Primark, Cardiff, U.K and the shoes are from Balujas, Empress Mall, Nagpur for 600 INR. This look is basic and semi-casual, but over all looks great with the Leather Jacket.

The third look is completely chic and stylish. In this look I am wearing a short orange cocktail dress in sheer fabric which is long at the back. This is perfect for holiday party season. Also, I am wearing ankle length black sheer socks paired with black strappy heels. To add some extra style to this look, I am wearing a black belt and black choker neck piece with gold buckle details and gold hoop earrings. The dress is from MAX, Nagpur which I got for 1000 INR. Shoes are from Balujas, Empress Mall, Nagpur for 700 INR. Socks are from Lifestyle, Nagpur for just 100 INR. This is dressed up look that goes pretty well with the Leather Jacket and looks trendy. 

So I think its very simple and easy to wear anything with a Leather Jacket and create various stylish winter  looks according to your comfort & choice. You can wear it casually or can get a little dressed up for any occasion you want to. Feel free to style just the way you like it and be trendy throughout this winter.

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Photo Courtesy: Raina


Thursday, 29 December 2016

Permanent Hair Removal At Home With IPL- Review...

When it comes to hair removal, we all are skeptical about what to use, how to use, which method to use, etc. Trust me I have tried almost all hair removal techniques in my life and I am never happy and always keep cribbing. But now I am super happy with this new found device Braun Silk.expert Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), that is permanent hair removal system using professional light technology.This device allows you to permanently remove unwanted, visible hair at home. It is designed to meet the highest standards of quality, functionality and design. 

This device was launched early this year, and in the month of October my bro got this IPL hair removal system from the store Boots, Cardiff City Centre, U.K for 300 GBP. Happy to have this device with me though this product is not officially launched in India yet. This is a Special Beauty Edition combo pack as it has IPL hair removal as well as Sonic Body Exfoilator/Braun Silk.epil SkinSpa. Quite a great deal to get, must say.
So, lets begin with the review...

This device as mentioned  is not effective on white, blonde, grey or red hair. Its best for dark hair with fair-medium skin tones. It works best for me as Asian hair is dark and is suitable for my skin tone.The best part is this device is user friendly and designed to use at home by men and women. It comes with an easy user manual guide where all do's and don'ts are mentioned. Now you don't have to visit your technicians and spend loads of money. This is for sure a one time investment and designed to use with ease and comfort.

Now coming on how to use this device, is not a big deal. Trust me its very simple and easy.You get a complete guide on how to use it. All you require is to shave the area before use. Just attach the adaptor chord to plug in and the device is ready. As it has SensoAdapt technology, it automatically adjusts the intensity required for your skin tone. As soon as you touch your skin you see white light adjusted in the meter and that indicates to now press your treatment button and then the it flashes a red light that indicates the job is done. You can also use the feather touch button if you are new to laser treatments. This device is awesome as its difficult to detect the the intensity required at your technicians place where you have to check on self the amount of pain you can bear for the hair removal. Here the device does all the work automatically for you. It has gliding mode and precision mode. You can use these two modes depending on your requirements. It has 1,20,000 flashes which will last you for 6 years depending on how much you use the device. The company claims permanent reduction in about 3-4 months

My experience with this IPL hair removal is so far the most amazing one ever. I am not new to laser hair removals, as I have done 4 sittings of laser hair removal treatment for my underarm 3 years back, which unfortunately didn't work out for me due to constant traveling and also didn't give me the desired results. May be the technician didn't use a machine that was suitable for my hair type and the treatments were expensive too. So I am pretty much excited for this amazing machine that I have now, which is quite affordable and saves you from all the expensive laser treatments available in the market. Also, it helps you with the discomfort you face with your technicians during the treatments. 
 My normal laser treatments were very painful and caused me a lot of discomfort but this awesome IPL hair removal is such a good one that I don't feel any pain with this and its super comfortable on my skin. On the feather touch mode the pain is almost negligible for me. I am already in love with this product as in just 3 uses, I feel slight changes in the growth of my hair. I am waiting eagerly for more results after 12-13 weeks. I definitely recommend this product to everyone who is interested in permanent hair reduction.

The Sonic Body Exfoliator/Braun Silk.epil SkinSpa is great to exfoliate your whole body in circular movements as per the design. This device comes with a simple adapter chord and is user friendly. You can use this exfoliator dry or wet as you desire. Mostly I love to use it dry as it gives the effect of dry body brushing. It keeps the body skin really nice, smooth and soft giving a spa like effect.

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Sunday, 25 December 2016


Hello my beauty junkies, Today I will be reviewing PS... CONTOUR KIT by PRIMARK. As you all know Contouring is one of the biggest beauty trends this year, I am really excited to share my experience on this amazing Contour Kit. As usual all the products of Primark are animal cruelty free, this makes the kit even more amazing.

So, lets get started...

Primark launched PS... CONTOUR KIT around May this year. This Contour Kit consists of 3 shades which you can sculpt with that defines your features. This kit is available in cream and powder form as well. I got mine in the powder form which really works well for the oily skin.

Firstly this Contour Kit is budget friendly, that really makes me happy. Who doesn't like a Contour Kit just at the price of 4 GBP. I mean when there are so many brands selling Contour Kits for hefty prices, This PS... CONTOUR KIT is definitely contour on a budget. Being  super affordable, its a great investment as a beginner.

The packaging of this Contour Kit is a nice and simple rectangular box in black color. The kit has three big sized pans. Also, it contains a big mirror which makes it easy to carry the kit anywhere to use or do your touch ups. The quality of the packaging is really nice compared to such a low price. Also, its a great deal when you get a free contour brush inside. Though the brush is medium sized, the work is done pretty well. It has a small guide leaflet inside and also a guide to follow at the back of the box this makes it very easy to know where to apply what. 

So coming to the main product, as mentioned it has got three shades to sculpt and define features, this makes it super comfy to have three shades in one place as a kit. All the shades are of good quality and smooth in texture. Blends really well giving a soft finish. Mostly suits many skin tones. 

The Contour shade is a cool toned shadow, perfect for pale to medium skin tones. This is natural contour color not too high in pigment, but really gives that perfect contour finish without making it look fake. Perfect for every day contour and defines the contoured features very well. Doesn't look muddy. 

The Bronze is warm toned pigment lighter than the contour shade. Its perfect for pale to medium skin tone. Gives a sun kissed glow to your face. Has a good warm pigment but very natural. Good for every day use. A really good bronze I must say.

The Highlight is basically matte of yellow or can say banana color pigment. Has a slight sheen to it, which makes it perfect for everyday use. It doesn't have cakey or shiny finish, so perfect to highlight even your under eye area, which I mostly love doing. Has a good pigment to give you a natural highlight finish. Good for most of the skin tones to highlight the features well.

So basically this Contour Kit is amazing for the beginners who really want to try the contour make up techniques. This kit is user and budget friendly with a great quality, compared to other costly make up brands. I am really loving this Contour Kit and would love if you try this out too. You can get this kit at any Primark store in your city or country, if you have one. Also, you can log on to the official online site of Primark. I got my Contour Kit from Primark store in Cardiff ,Uk.

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Friday, 23 December 2016

How To Style-A Sweater Dress...

Hello my loves, Today I'll be sharing with you all few tips on how you can style or wear a Sweater Dress this winter. I know its winter and we all love to layer up, but that doesn't mean you have to stop looking stylish. A Sweater Dress is a dress basically made out of various knits, patterns,etc and is perfect to wear in winters. I personally love Sweater Dresses as I don't have to think much what to layer on my normal dress with, for winters. I just wear it and I am ready to go.

So lets begin with How To Style-A Sweater Dress...

In this look, I am wearing A Sweater Dress in grey-black color. Its mid thigh length and is loose fitted. It has a zipper at back and black leather elbow patches. I got this dress from a local shop in Cardiff, UK. The brand is Italy Moda, made in Italy. Its just for 10 GBP. You can simply wear this outfit or style it in your own way.

Here, I have styled my Sweater Dress with knee length sheer socks as it is not that cold here in Nagpur during the day time. You can wear these sheer socks above or below your knees according the length of your Sweater Dress. Also, you can wear this with a pair of black leather pants, leggings, sheer or opaque stockings,etc or what goes well with your dress. I got my sheer socks from a local shop in Nagpur for hardly few bucks.

I am wearing a pair of  laced-up black boots to match my entire outfit. You can definitely wear different shoes to glam up your Sweater Dress or keep it casual. High heeled boots, pumps, even a pair of sneakers look great with this dress. Trust me A Sweater Dress can be styled in multiple-easy ways. My black laced up boots are of Atmosphere brand, Primark, UK for 15 GBP.

Here, I am carrying a sling beige bag to keep the look casual. Definitely you can carry any bag that goes well with your dress and occasion. Bag packs and totes look great too. I got my bag from local shop in Bandra, Mumbai for 700 INR.

I tried to keep my look simple as I don't like to add to many accessories. I am wearing a velvet pendant choker, from my choker collection which I got from Pantaloons Nagpur for 399 INR.  You can accessorize your look with chunky bracelets, statement neck piece, earrings and headgear or head accessories as well.

This look is simple yet stylish and is good for a weekend or casual hangout. You can wear it even for parties by styling it in a different way. Don't worry if you don't have A Sweater Dress. You can always wear over sized sweaters for this look, Loose and long ones are always in and easy to get.
So get this look for yourself this winter, and always look and be stylish and trendy.

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Photo Courtesy: Tauseef Khan
Location: Gorewada Road, Nagpur
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