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Thursday, 20 October 2016

My Daily Skin & Hair Care Products by fabindia...

When it comes to skin or hair care, I am always trying out products every now and then. But the brands I use and totally rely on are The Body Shop and Dove. Few months back I was using face products from fabindia like the soothing aloe gel, facial spray-lemon grass and tea tree face wash. Though was skeptical about the products in the beginning, I found these products really good to use.

 Now that I am totally in love with this brand I got my hands on the skin and hair care products by fabindia for everyday use. I have been using these products since past 1 month and must tell you, these products are really superb and suit me well. Super affordable prices, good quality and made from organic and natural ingredients.

So today I'll show you My Daily Skin & Hair Care Products by fabindia. So let's have a look.

Scrub Face Wash Neem Tulsi & Skin Toner Neem Tulsi

As I have oily skin I opted for this Scrub Face Wash Neem Tulsi. This is very gentle scrub face wash ideal for everyday use. An anti-bacterial face wash leaves your skin fresh and clean. The daily exfoliation is so gentle that it doesn't harm the skin. Very good to help get rid of rashes and acne caused due to dirt and pollution everyday. Just at the price of 240 INR for 120ml.
Toner is always a must after a face wash. This Skin Toner Neem Tulsi is alcohol free. Gentle on skin and is anti-septic and anti-bacterial. Deeply cleanses the remaining dirt and impurities from skin pores if left any during face wash. Though for oily skin this toner doesn't dry your skin at all. Just at the price of 180 INR for 200ml.

Skin Hydrating Cream Vitamin E For Oily Skin 

Night Cream With Vitamin E For Dry Skin

This Skin Hydrating Cream Vitamin E For Oily Skin is good for nourishment and protects from moisture loss all day long. I opted this instead of aloe vera  moisturiser for oily skin as it is winter now and skin needs more hydration. Light weight yet moisturising gives a good combo for oily skin. This has age controlling cellular extracts which are good to keep your skin good and protected. Its always good to prevent skin from aging rather than using stuff to get rid off aging signs later. Just at the price of 250 INR for 50ml.
Though for dry skin I opted this Night Cream With Vitamin E as it is essential to moisturise your skin no matter if its oily or dry at night, for good nourishment and healing. This cream is not oily and has matte texture, but is very rich in moisture. As its winter this cream is good to protect your skin from wrinkles and all sort of aging caused by dry harsh winter climate. Helps to improve surface texture of skin as well. Just at the price of 390 INR for 100ml.

Soothing Gel Aloe Vera & Under Eye Gel Aloe Vera

This Soothing Gel Aloe Vera is great moisturiser for many skin types including the oily skin. This aloe vera gel is complete natural and nourishes skin very well. I use this when I don't need a hydrating cream. This soothes minor wounds and burns too and is great specially at night for face as it literally feels cool and gives a soothing effect to your skin naturally. Helps get rid off minor rashes caused by makeup or heat. Just at the price of 190 INR for 50ml.
This is my first under eye gel and this Under Eye Gel Aloe Vera is gentle and natural moisturiser. It helps reduce puffy and tired eyes as aloe vera gives you a soothing and cooling effect. Really made a lot of difference to my under eye area. Helps prevent wrinkles. As I said it is always good to prevent wrinkles though you don't have them, than working on the reduction afterwards. This under eye gel also helps to reduce dark circles. So a great all in one under eye product for all. Just at the price of 240 INR for 25ml.

Body Wash Wild Rose & Moisturising Lotion Wild Rose

This Body Wash Wild Rose is ideal for dry body type. As my body is dry I got myself this body wash. Its a creamy body wash with invigorating wild rose fragrance for refreshing bath experience. It contains soothing rose water as which cleanse as well as moisturise your body. Just at the price of 350 INR for 250ml.
Moisturising Lotion Wild Rose is a rehydrating lotion which makes skin soft and supple. The shea butter and vitamin E deeply nourishes the body. The soft wild rose fragrance makes this lotion a refreshing floral lotion. Ideal for dry body type. Just at the price of 290 INR for 200ml.  

Shampoo Herbal For Daily Use & Aloe Vera Protein Conditioner

This Shampoo Herbal For Daily Use is a very mild shampoo and doesn't damage your hair on daily use. It has no parabens and no sulphates which makes it very gentle and conditioning. This contains natural herbal ingredients such as fenugreek, henna and brahmi extract. This shampoo cleanses the scalp thoroughly leaving it soft, silky and with a natural sheen. I chose this shampoo as my scalp is oily and rest of my hair are dry and frizzy. So this shampoo gives my hair the perfect balance of cleanse, shine and conditioning in gentle way. Just at the price of 450 INR for 250ml.
Aloe Vera Protein Conditioner is a very mild conditioner for everyday use. Great for dry and frizzy hair. The aloe vera extract and vitamin E acetate hydrates and soften the hair. Also, this conditioner restores the natural moisture balance giving the hair a healthy sheen. Just at the price of 350 INR for 250ml.

You don't get all products in one single skincare range of fabindia like body shop. For eg. complete aloe vera skin care range like face wash, toner, moisturizer, day cream, night cream, etc. You  have to mix and match products according to your skin and hair type and personal requirements. Though it is little time consuming to choose products from vast variety available, I highly recommend you to use the products for various skin types as fabindia products are really good to invest and are of very good quality, natural and at affordable prices. You can always get different skincare and beauty products according to your skin and hair type available in fabindia stores. You actually see a lot of difference within few days of application. I truly recommend you to try fabindia products at least once.

You can get the products at fabindia outlets in many cities of India and also available at fabindia online store, amazon.in and various online sites. So dont forget to check.

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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

One Brand Eye Makeup For Beginners...

Well, there is always a first time for everyone in their lives regarding many things. So it goes the same with makeup too for many individuals. Even if you are a beginner, eye makeup is always a matter of concern. As eye makeup is always a tricky business to do, certain makeup products really make it easy or can say help you get the perfect desired eye look even if you are not an expert in doing so. In fact eyes being the most noticeable features of your face, you definitely don't wanna go wrong with them.
So today, I thought to give you an idea about the Maybelline-One Brand Eye Makeup Product-List, which is great for beginners to use. 

So lets have a look...

The Nudes Eye Shadow Palette - Maybelline

The Nudes Eye Shadow Palette - Maybelline is very good for beginners as the palette has almost all 12 shades for everyday use. It has well balanced shades of nudes and few basic shimmers. Very good palette as it has guidelines at the back to help you create various looks with basic eye shadows available if you don't know where to apply what. Specially created to give you easy but professional eye make up looks. It is not a dupe but as L'Oreal owns both Maybelline and Urban Decay, The Nudes Eye Shadow Palette - Maybelline has few similar color shades when compared to L'Oreal LA Palette Nude 1 and Urban Decay Naked 1 Palette. So definitely if you don't want to spend a lot on these brands, you can try this palette at the price of 899 INR

The Blushed Nudes Eye Shadow Palette - Maybelline

The Blushed Nudes Eye Shadow Palette - Maybelline is a very good palette for beginners, if you are looking for some rose gold pigments or some bold shimmery shades. You can create your own styles with these 12 shades as well as the guidelines at the back of the palette makes it easy for creating custom eye makeup looks too. Very bold shades which are really good for party looks as well as if you want to flaunt bold eyes every day. Perfect for creating versatile make up looks. As I already mentioned above L'Oreal owns both Maybelline and Urban Decay you will find similar eye shadow shades in L'Oreal La Palette Nude 2 and Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette. The price is 899 INR which is good enough to invest.

The Hyper Curl Volum Express (waterproof) - Maybelline

The Hyper Curl Volum Express (waterproof) - Maybelline is definitely a very great mascara for the beginners. It gives those flattering curly voluminous lashes without the use of curler. Though its hyper curl volume express, your lashes appear natural. Very easy to use. The mascara brush being anti-clump gives perfect separated lashes which makes it so comfortable to use as a beginner. The price of this product is 325 INR.

FashionBrow Duo Shaper - Maybelline

The Fashion Brow Duo Shaper - Maybelline is all-in-one pen for eyebrows. It has both powder and pencil which makes a good duo. Very easy and effortless brow shaper gives you well defined eyebrows.Can be used on daily basis. Beginners must have this Fashion Brow Duo Shaper as it is important in makeup to define brows as well and also this gives a very natural appearance and blends really smooth giving perfect brows. This Fashion Brow Duo Shaper is available at the price of 300 INR in 2 colors. I got mine in color grey. Definitely a must have.

The Colossal Liner - Maybelline

With a bit of practice any beginner can master The Colossal Liner - Maybelline easily.  It has super fine and flexible felt tip which is easy to apply. It is designed to prevent mistakes and gives smooth and clean finish in no time, thus making it good for all beginners. The price of The Colossal Liner - Maybelline  is 425 INR and easily available in stores. 

The Colossal Kajal Super Black - Maybelline

As a beginner if you are not used to wearing kajal, you can definitely give it a try as The Colossal Kajal Super Black - Maybelline is good for sensitive eyes and contact lens users. Gives a matte finish and is smooth and easy to apply. Definitely soothes and nourishes eyes so it is super good for new users. This kajal works as a best eyeliner for everyday use.  Also; it is easily available and the price is 300 INR.

New Clean Express Total Clean! - Maybelline

As a beginner you should know its very important to remove your eye makeup before you go to bed to avoid all possible skin and eye related issues. This New Clean Express Total Clean! - Maybelline is an express eye and lip makeup remover for all skin types and removes stubborn waterproof makeup easily in 2-3 strokes. Just for 300 INR which makes it really affordable.

I included a makeup remover in the eye makeup for beginner's list, as adding this to the eye make up product list gives you a complete handy, one brand eye makeup kit. Maybelline doesn't have separate eye makeup primers otherwise I would have definitely included it as well. You can try Maybelline - Color Tattoo by Eyestudio in many shades as it works best as an eye shadow base and is just for 350 INR.

So this is my One Brand Eye Makeup For beginners... You should definitely try all the makeup products as they are super affordable and great if you really want to create a start up eye makeup kit. A great budget brand for beginners as well as used by many professionals and experts for every day use, and who doesn't love having their own daily eye makeup kit. I personally loved buying all the products for my everyday eye makeup and recommend you all too as it is a great alternative for other high end brands as well.

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Sunday, 2 October 2016

A Quid For A Lipstick... P.S Love... by Primark U.K...

Surprised by my title? Yes, I know you are and actually it is true. A lipstick just for a quid or in simple words for a single sterling pound literally surprises every make up lover. I was so happy to buy these affordable lipsticks from P.S Love... beauty range by Primark that I could not stop myself from sharing with you all this post. Also; I wanted to tell that sometimes it is good to invest in such brands as well. Definitely not a high end brand, but P.S Love... actually provides almost the same colors and formula of high end brands at a price next to nothing when compared, And who doesn't love to invest in good make up at an affordable price. Can say P.S Love... offers dupes of high end brands at low costs. Definitely keeps your wallets happy even after spending. Personally I love to spend on such products when I do some budget shopping.

So keeping the review simple and short, let's begin.

P.S Love... Lip Liner Pencil-Light Pink

P.S Love... Lipstick-Hard Candy

P.S Love... Lipstick-Red (No Name Mentioned On The Product)

P.S Love... Lipstick-Marsala


There are totally 9 shades available in this lipstick range. I just got 3 which I thought would look good on me. The Lighter shades don't look good on any skin type and are low in pigmentation. Mostly nudes in shades. The darker shades definitely are the best ones to buy. These shades are very moisturizing, smooth in texture and have satin finish to it. Easy for application. Very creamy and have soft sheen to it. Suitable for almost all skin types and have high color pigments. These shades lasts long where as the lighter shades dry out fast and are not advisable for dry lips. So avoid light shades as they don't last long and look weird. Also; they are not moisturizing and smooth. Basically all the lipsticks smell very delicious and awesome. Literally like berries and candies. I Included a lip liner in the list, as I use it as a lipstick or as a lip base for other lipcolors. It is matte in finish and is smooth which makes it easy to apply.

Price is definitely affordable. I got my lipsticks and lip liner for 0.80 GBP/ 80 INR each due to some offers. Actual price is 1 GBP that is 100 INR approx. That makes it super affordable. Packaging is really nice according to the pricing of the product. I got the lipsticks from Primark Store Cardiff (Wales), U.K. You can check out the lipsticks and its various shades in a Primark store, if u have in your city or country or can check for products online on the official Primark website. 
I personally love lipsticks a lot and would definitely recommend you to buy the P.S Love... Lipsticks in dark shades. Obviously low costing but very good quality lip colors. Definitely give it a try if you can.

I hope you all liked my review on P.S Love... Lipsticks by Primark U.K. Don't forget to like, comment and follow.

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