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Monday, 15 April 2019

My Bucket List - 2019... & Why you must create one???

Hey Everyone!!! I hope you all are doing well. Today I came up with an interesting Blog post i.e My Bucket List - 2019... & Why you must create one???  I know Bucket List was a huge trend few years back. Lately it is not a trend but a must thing to do in your life. If you follow my Blogs regularly; you might know I created My WishList 2017... You can read it Here if you are interested. I could complete only one thing out of the three brands that I mentioned in My Wishlist 2017...  I got one e.l.f cosmetics product & I am really happy about that. :D

First let me tell you a bit about Bucket List if you are new to this concept. A Bucket List is all the things, experiences, achievements, etc. that one hopes, dreams or desires to do in one's life. You can create yearly Bucket List, a monthly or a lifetime one as you prefer. Also; you can create a particular Bucket List for travel, fashion, beauty, business, summer, winter, holidays, relationship, simply on any topic you want to. I literally have many Bucket Lists since ages & I must say I have accomplished many dreams, desires or goals mentioned in my journals in past years as well. I think it is really important to make one or multiple Bucket List for self. 

Keep reading the Blog till the end; to know My Bucket list 2019... & Why you must create one???  Also; wish me luck & positivity that I go out of my way to complete most of the things mentioned below. I hope you like reading it. :D

So; let's begin with My Bucket List - 2019... 

I literally have an endless list that can go on & on. So; I decided to just mention few major things from my list & add it under different categories to be more specific. I am really positive about My Bucket List 2019 & definitely looking forward to finish as many goals I can this year. I hope you get inspired by my list & make one for yourself as well!!! :D

1. Beauty
Indulge in High End/Luxury makeup brands. {e.g. Nars, Chanel, Dior, etc.}
Invest in High End/Luxury skincare products. {e.g. Estée Lauder, La Mer, Clinique, etc.}

2. Fashion:
Buy Luxury fashion items. { e.g. Clothes, Accessories, Shoes, etc.}
Invest in best jewellery brands. {e.g. Tiffany & Co., Pandora, Swarovski, etc.}
Be more Chic/Classy than present. 

3. Lifestyle, Health & Fitness:
Positive Lifestyle. {e.g. Positive Mindset, Meditation, Holistic Culture, etc.}
Luxury Lifestyle. {e.g. Indulge in Luxuries even more than present, etc}
Healthy Lifestyle. {e.g. Eat, Sleep, Exercise, etc.}
Join Fitness Centre. {e.g. Sport, Yoga, Kick Boxing, etc.} 
Join a Club/Group. {e.g. Reader's Club, Social Services, City/Country Club, etc.}

4. Travel:
Visit best Island destination either national or international. {e.g. Maldives, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Ko Samui, etc.}
Travel with family, friends, solo. 

5. Food & Drinks:
Different types of Sushi.
Gourmet Cuisine.
Visit a Vineyard & Winery either national or international.

6. Career:
Re-start my Fashion Business & Grow as soon as possible.
Collaborate with best brands in Blogging.
Create more content on YouTube & collaborate with other YouTubers.

7. Books:
Read 2 books a month. 
Start Bullet Journaling more professionally.
Complete my Dream Book.
Organise & declutter all my digital & paper planners.

Why you must create one??? 

I feel it is very important to create A Bucket List as it helps to keep a track of all your major & minor goals or dreams in one place. Reading your list over & over again; motivates you to do things faster. It pushes you out of your comfort zone to go & achieve, explore or discover things you always dream of. It is a positive & organised way of achieving goals that you keep procrastinating every now & then. 

Also; sharing your Bucket List with everyone helps keep one motivated to do things & inspires others as well. I would definitely recommend you to make a Bucket List as it gives purpose to one's life. Not only it helps you focus on your goals & dreams but also; gives a direction to your life to move on towards particular things that you love & always wanted to do. I think making a Bucket List is so positive in every single way.

I hope you enjoyed reading this Blog post i.e My Bucket List - 2019... & Why you must create one??? I would really love to know what's on your Bucket List as well. Who knows we might even have many things in common in our list coincidently!!! So; comment down below your list as well as let me know what inspired you from My Bucket List. Also; follow me on my social media platforms & subscribe to my blog here as well. I'll see you all in my next post. Till then keep rocking & smiling always :)

Thank you...

Love Bhagyashree...


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