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Tuesday, 19 March 2019

International Designer Shoe Dupes To Rock This Summer...

Hi there!!! I came up with an interesting Blog for you guys. Being a fashion addict, I always keep on searching various brands online every now & then for some inspiration. When I got these pair of shoes, I thought these were really cute & unique in design. But later, I was totally surprised to find out that my shoes were dupes of International high end brands. I was overjoyed as I had hardly spent on these 3 pairs; compared to other shoes that I purchase usually. I didn't know till then that Indian companies/brands are actually making dupes of famous International brands these days.
I though it would be fun & really interesting to share with you all this Blog on Shoe Dupes as these footwear are really amazing to rock this summer. Also; you will love it when you'll check the prices as well. So keep reading this post till the end!!!

P.S: Also; I am sharing my Shoe LookBook that I have recently uploaded on YouTube. Hope you like it. :)

So let's begin with International Designer Shoe Dupes To Rock This Summer...

Nude Bow Flip Flops by Ginger are dupes for Michael Kors. Yes, you read it correct!!! I was so surprised to see these flips flops that totally resembled the one's from Michael Kors. These flips flops are very comfy and best for summers. Specially amazing to wear pool side or on beach. Definitely good for everyday as well. The nude beige colour & the bow design is super cute & stylish. Totally love this footwear. 
The quality of this footwear is very good. I got these flip flops from Lifestyle Store, Nagpur for 499 INR approx. Super affordable.

White Sneakers by Forever Glam are dupes for Adidas All Star & Nike Air Force. I found these sneakers similar to both the brands. These sneakers are super comfortable, stylish & goes with many summer outfits. Also; white being my fav; I was super excited to buy these sneakers & later found out that these are dupes as well. 
The quality of this footwear is quite good when compared to the price & design. I got these sneakers from Pantaloons, Nagpur for 999 approx. Affordable when compared to the price of International Brands.

Pink Bow Slip On Shoes by Forever Glam are dupes for Mia Shoes. These shoes have beautiful suede finish. Very girly as it has a cute bow on it. Also; super comfortable for summers as well.  I was surprised with these shoes as well, when I came to know that these are exactly the same pair of slip ons that I saw in one of the videos on YouTube. I specially got these for My Birthday & since then I wear them quite often. These shoes are one of my favourites.
The quality if this footwear is very good. I got these slip ons from Pantaloons, Nagpur for 999 approx. Very affordable.

I hope you all enjoyed reading this Blog i.e International Designer Shoe Dupes To Rock This Summer... If you want to buy these shoes, you can definitely visit the Stores & Brands  that I have mentioned above. Also; you can check out other amazing designs & variety; these stores offer every every time. I really loved sharing this post with you all. If you liked it; please comment down below & let me know. Also; subscribe here & follow me on my social media as well. It would really mean a lot to me. I try to blog every Tuesday these days. So; catch up with you all until next one. Till then keep rocking!!! :D

Thank you...

Love Bhagyashree...



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