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Sunday, 10 June 2018

Stop And Smell The Roses!!! Review on PAUL SMITH ROSE & VELVET ROSE Perfumes...

You are never fully dressed without wearing a perfume!!! Being a perfume addict & a fashion stylist; I totally agree with this statement. Personally I feel, that a perfume not only enhances your personality but also; makes you more appealing.
The smell of Roses is something I am incredibly in love with. I am passionate about Roses; the white ones in particular ;) I never leave a chance to Stop And Smell The Roses whenever I am around these flowers. They simply make me feel nostalgic, divine & happy.
So today I'll be sharing a review on 2 perfumes which have a distinguishing Rose fragrance. Its a great idea to gift someone these perfumes as you can never go wrong with the scent of Roses and on top of it; these are really good ones as they are not sweet and have amazing floral fragrance.
My mom got these perfumes as a gift from my bro & sis-in-law. I am super excited to wear these Rose Scents from her perfume collection always, so I thought to share with you all my take on these Rose Perfumes as they not only grabbed my attention but also; are amazing to invest in. :D

So lets begin with a Review on PAUL SMITH ROSE & VELVET ROSE Perfumes...

PAUL SMITH ROSE by Paul Smith is a fragrance for women. Quite an old perfume, basically launched in 2007, but still is one of the best floral perfumes I came across. This scent is feminine, refreshing and incredible. Top/opening notes Rose, Violet & Green Tea blends perfectly with the middle/heart notes of Turkish Rose & Magnolia, creating a harmony with the base notes of Cedar and Musk. A day wear perfume that lasts & lingers all day long. The fragrance is gentle and not overpowering. A Rose Scent that is not sweet and is loved by many woman globally. A perfume that can never go out of style even today. A must try if you love Roses & floral fragrances. This perfume is for 40 GBP approx. for 100ml, purchased in Cardiff, U.K. You can get this perfume in other sizes and is available online as well.

VELVET ROSE EAU DE PERFUM by PRIMARK, is a lovely scent for women that belongs to Primark's private collection. A strong and deep Rose Scent that is really addicting. Elegant and feminine. Simply love it. Top/opening notes consists a sophisticated combination of Fresh Bergamot & Green Tea with blend of an elegant middle/heart notes of Red Rose Petals creating a perfect luxurious accord with base notes of Orange Blossom & Oriental Orchid. A deep floral day and night wear fragrance that is extremely long lasting. Amazing perfume for many occasions. A personal favorite. This perfume is for 4-5 GBP approx. for 75ml,  purchased from Primark, Cardiff, U.K. Available on eBay as well. 

So that's all for now everyone. I hope you all liked the post  Stop And Smell The Roses!!! Review on PAUL SMITH ROSE & VELVET ROSE Perfumes... Good brands and amazing quality products. Go and try these perfumes if you haven't yet. Also; drop a comment down below if you like reading my blogs or want to read about a particular topic. Hope you all enjoyed it. Please follow me here and on my social media as well, for latest updates. Keep smiling :) XOXO

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