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Wednesday, 23 May 2018

May Favorites 2018... {Beauty-Edit}

Hi Everyone!!! I am back with My Favorites Blog after a long time :D Most of the months I keep using same products again and again, so I don't do favorites blogs quite often. Snapchat fam knows I have recently added new products to my vanity. So, I thought why not share the new products with you all this month. 
These are the few & new products I have been using lately and totally loving them all. Definitely, all are worth buying and I am sure I'll continue to use these in the future as well. Hope you all enjoy reading the short review and details of my favorite products down below :)

So, lets begin with May Favorites 2018... 

Finally, I got my hands on this amazing product that I was waiting to use since many years. So many beauty gurus on youtube and beauty bloggers swear by this product globally. So, I really wanted to buy it and was waiting for long to get it in the Indian markets. No.1 on my favorites list is this New Instant Age Rewind - Eraser Dark Circles by MAYBELLINE NEW YORK. It is a treatment concealer which not only conceals your dark circles during makeup but also treats them at the same time when applied. Every 9 out of 10 people suffer from dark circles and I think this concealer treatment is one of the best products I have ever purchased till now.
It contains Goji Berry + Haloxyl which instantly erases dark circles, fine lines and visibly diminishes puffiness under the eyes. This Micro - Corrector Applicator comes with a sponge attached, which makes it easy for application even in the inner corners of the eyes. It is available in various shades. I got mine in the shade 120 - LIGHT/PALE as I use concealers 1-2 shades lighter than my complexion to give brightening effect. I am really loving the way this formula hides my dark circles making my eyes look radiant & refreshed. Also; I find slight difference in my dark circles with just few applications. The price of this product is 650 INR for 6ml. Quite affordable and a must have as it is one of the best products to invest in. Available in drugstores near you or online.

New GARNIER SKIN NATURALS Micellar Cleansing Water is newly launched in India. This is also one the products most commonly used worldwide. After trying L'oreal Micellar Water and BIODERMA Sensibio H2O, I wanted to try this as well. You all know how much I love micellar water to use for my makeup removal. Its 1st new All-in-One Micellar Cleansing Water that purifies and removes makeup in 1 gesture. It doesn't require rubbing to get rid of impurities or makeup. Works like a magnet by lifting away residue from face, eyes & lips; leaving skin perfectly clean, soft & healthy looking. It is suitable for all skin types as it is soothing and is perfume free. This pink bottle is even for sensitive skin. I personally loved using it. Can't. say its better than other micellar waters but does the job very well. I prefer it as its very affordable comparatively and is easily available now in India. The price of the bottle is 175 INR for 125ml. One of my current favorites. Available in drugstores near you or online.

New GARNIER SKIN NATURALS Micellar Oil-Infused Cleansing Water is 1st Oil-Infused Micellar water which is powerful in removing waterproof makeup and yet is gentle on the skin. For the first time GARNIER combined its micellar technology with nourishing Argan oil. The micelles lifts all the makeup like a magnet while Argan oil dissolves all the waterproof makeup and nourishes skin. I totally loved this product and is one of my favorites as it helps remove makeup with ease and at the same time the Argan oil helps protect and nourish the skin. It is non-greasy and is suitable for all skin types. My skin feels soft , clean and comfortable after using. Its gentle on the face, eyes and lips as no rubbing is required to remove any residue on skin or makeup. As it is infused with Argan oil, all you need to do is just shake the bottle well before use, so that the formula gets mixed completely. The price of the bottle is 225 INR for 125ml. Affordable and a good product to invest in. Available in drugstores near you or online.

PS... PRO HYDRATING PREP SPRAY by PRIMARK U.K. is the perfect step prior to make up application. It is a primer spray with Camellia Oil & Amino Acids that moisturises and protects the skin. Witch Hazel helps minimise the appearance and tighten pores for a smooth and flawless complexion. This formula works best for me as a makeup primer base as it is in spray form, it makes it easy for me to just spray and apply & prep the skin in just seconds. As my skin is oily it is great for my open pores as well. It is hydrating and gives makeup a flawless finish. I really love this spray as it helps to prep skin without using too many products. Can be used alone or before makeup. This spray is for 2GBP for 123ml. Affordable and a good quality product. Must try. This hydrating prep spray is from PS... PRO Range by Primark and is available in Primark Stores only. 

PS... WORKOUT FIX UP by PRIMARK, U.K. is a makeup setting spray from the workout range by PS... This range is specially designed keeping in mind the workout routine of women who want to wear makeup during their workout sessions too. This range is very affordable and very effective. This makeup setting spray when used during workouts, helps makeup to stay in place inspite of the heat &  sweat. As my skin is oily and the weather is too hot here in India, this spray helps keep my makeup intact for very long time and doesn't let my makeup melt at all. It gives a matte look to my makeup and does its job well. This spray is refreshing and gives a radiant look. Just for 2GBP for 75 ml is a great product to invest in and very affordable. Totally love this makeup setting spray. Available only in Primark Stores.

So thats all for this post!!! Don't forget to try these products as I highly recommend and personally use them on regular basis. I hope you all liked my blog post on May Favorites 2018... Comment down below if any of these are one of your fav products as well. Please follow me here and on my social media to stay updated. Thank you for all the love and support. Keep Smiling :)

Thank you...

Love Bhagyashree... 


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