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Monday, 18 December 2017

My Birthday October-2017...

Hello Everyone!!! It really feels amazing to blog again after such a long gap. As you all know; especially who follow me on Instagram; that I was on a month's break in October due to several reasons. I really wanted to blog long back, but had no time to do so. Finally, I am back on the track. 
Of course the blog title says it all, but still I would still like to mention that I had my Birthday on 10th of October this year. So, I thought why not share My Birthday photoshoot pics in this post which would be a great way to connect back with you all once again. I actually wanted to blog on this way back, but got a chance now. So, I am really happy to share with you all this special blog of my special day :)

So, let's begin with the blog post My Birthday October-2017...

For My Birthday lunch I decided to go to Hotel Radisson Blu, Nagpur. Whenever I am in Nagpur for My Birthday, I choose this same place quite often :D Also; this place turned out to be a great choice for a day time photoshoot. This photoshoot was planned specially for My Birthday.  I was accompanied by Dhiraj who does all my professional blog and video shoots, Also; who is a good friend. I had an amazing time at the lunch and during the shoot. Adding few pictures from Walker's Street, Nagpur as well. 

Photo Courtesy: Dhiraj Jangid Photography

A Birthday is incomplete without your family. Definitely I had to plan My Birthday dinner with my family at my favorite place i.e Hotel Tuli Imperial, Nagpur. I chose to dine at Ru-oo-fh 180 this time. I did this photoshoot with the help of my sister, who clicks my pics most of the time. I really enjoyed dining here, with my mom, sis and my close friend Tauseef. Feels blessed to have them in my life. 

Photo Courtesy: Raina 

I really had a great time enjoying on My Birthday. Had planned so much but could manage to pull it off everything on time. Thank you all for making My Birthday special by being with me or by wishing me everywhere on my social network. Every single wish and blessing means a lot to me.
 I'll be sharing some more pics and Video clips in My Birthday Vlog that I'll be creating soon for my YouTube Channel. So please stay tuned. Also; Blog on Birthday Gifts Haul on its way.

I hope you all liked this blog post on My Birthday October-2017... Don't forget to Like, Follow, Share or Comment. Keep loving and supporting my work. XOXO :D

Thank you...

Love Bhagyashree...

P.S: This is not an OOTD or OOTN Fashion Blog, So didn't share outfit details... :) If you need any details, DM me on Instagram.

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