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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

My Wishlist 2017...

Hi Everyone!!! Today's blog post is about My Wishlist for this year. Well, we all know what a Wish List is! So basic idea about sharing My Wishlist is to let you all know what I am going to indulge myself in this year related to Beauty and Fashion. Apart from the stuff that I am going to blog about, I am just putting up this list so you can have an idea what things I will be adding up in my vanity collection this year. A wish list is great to share as it keeps you motivated to achieve your certain set goals. So, I thought why not share my wish list with you all for some inspiration.

Basically, I am just telling you the "Brands" I am going to buy stuff from, instead of particular items from these brands as my wish list might change according to the season & the new arrivals. Also; being a blogger and a beauty + fashion enthusiast, you never know what  you might end up buying and when. Sometimes, even the list is endless, Seriously!!!

So, let's begin with My Wishlist 2017... 

The very first brand on My Wishlist is PANDORA which is a very unique and stylish brand for jewellery and charms. I am in love with the designs and patterns that this brand provides. Totally classy and chic. The prices start from 50 USD onwards. So this really makes it a brand to indulge in if you fancy really delicate and elite jewellery pieces. So keeping my fingers crossed as I am excited to buy some really amazing jewellery pieces from PANDORA. You can definitely check the online store on pandora.net Provides services at many countries.

The second brand on My Wishlist is Lulus which is a clothing and shoe brand that is a style destination for trendsetters must say. This brand provides very stylish and high end fashion at a good price starting at the range of 50-60 USD. I am totally in love with this brand due to the versatile and high fashion it provides every season. Definitely a good brand to invest in. So wishing to buy from Lulus this year, hopefully soon. You can check the online store on lulus.com Provides shipping worldwide.

Last i.e the third brand on My Wishlist is e.l.f cosmetics which is a makeup and beauty cosmetic brand for eyes, lips and face. The brand really has beautiful and amazing range of makeup and beauty products to provide. A professional brand that gives you products at an affordable prices. The prices start from 3-4 USD depending on what product you are purchasing. Definitely a brand to indulge in as the products are really high-professional quality and has a wide range as well. So looking foreword to buy some really amazing products from e.l.f cosmetics. You can check the online store on elfcosmetics.com Provides services in many countires.

So my lovely people, this is My Wishlist of Fashion and Beauty brands that I really want to grab my hands on in the coming months this year. I hope even you all will love these brands like I do after checking everything online. I think, it's totally worth making a wish list on these brands as they are super amazing. Sorry, I couldn't include pictures of  products from these brands to show you how they are and look, due to the copyrights policy.

I hope you all liked my post on My Wishlist 2017... Don't forget to follow me on my social media. Keep supporting and loving my work. Love you all... XOXO

Thank you...

Love Bhagyashree...


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