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Sunday, 30 April 2017

Beautyblender vs Silisponge... which one is worth the Hype???

Every beauty guru and make up artist swears by this amazing the original beautyblender Modernize the Way You Make Up. So definitely I was looking forward to grab my hands on it since very long. Trust me, this is the best makeup tool I have ever invested in lately. Ever since I got my beautyblender, I am completely obsessed over it. It has surely been the biggest game changer in how I do my base makeup. I feel I should have bought it last year itself.
Being super active on Instagram, I come across many makeup products and tools every now and then. So when I came across this Silisponge, I was like what is it with this new weird stuff? So I saw couple of videos and reviews related to this Silisponge/Silicone Blender. Many beauty gurus were trying it out and personally, even I wanted to check whether this new Silisponge is really worth the hype or not! 

So, lets check in my blog post Beautyblender vs Silisponge... which one is worth the Hype???

To be honest, this beautyblender isn't going anywhere till ages from my collection of makeup tools. I think there is no replacement of this miracle sponge with any other makeup applicators. You might be thinking I am over exaggerating and too bias with this already, but must say its totally worth the hype!!!
This beauty blender comes with a tiny manual on how to use it. All you need to do is saturate it in water by squeezing and then towel dry to remove excess water. This damp BB is then ready to use. All you need to do is just dip in your makeup and apply it in stippling motion. Easy to use and clean. This beauty blender can be used for applying various beauty, skincare and makeup products. Also; its great for both wet and powder makeup products.This beauty blender reaches even to the slightest inner corner of your eye. As you know this part is the most difficult one to blend your makeup in, this blender is the best one to use. A versatile makeup tool must say. Its very soft and gentle. When compared, beautyblender gives an amazing flawless makeup finish. Personally I feel as if I am not wearing to much makeup. Feels like a natural layer on your skin. It helps to even out the makeup and give even coverage all over. Minimizes the appearance of enlarged pores. Best for using foundations and concealers. Specially concealer under the eye feels natural with it and blends super easily. Great to use powders for baking technique as well. It doesn't soak up much of your product as its used damp. Gives a natural dewy finish to your makeup. Simply love it!
So according to me, I think beautyblender is totally worth the hype!!! After using it, even I can swear by it for my makeup application. So go ahead and give it a try without any second thoughts. I got this beautyblender online from Nykaa.com for 1899 INR. It is costly but totally worth it...

So coming back to the Silisponge even I was skeptical about buying it. But as I wanted to try it out, I got myself one.This Silisponge as mentioned is made from silicone,its transparent and quite squishy. Soft and delicate to touch and feel. The best part is, it doesn't soak any product on it. While applying all you have to do is simply dab it all over your face. The foundation or any wet product that you want to apply actually gets totally transferred on your face as it. So the makeup products don't change its texture or formula. For example, if your foundation is dewy so exact dewy finished foundation will be on your face rather than the moisture in the product getting soaked up in any other makeup tools like, sponge or brush. The foundation blends easily. Also; its easy to use and clean. Apply foundation or concealer with it directly and once done clean it under running tap water or with makeup remover wipe. This gives a heavy foundation look and high coverage. Also, less product is required while using this Silisponge.
What I didn't like about this Silisponge is that it gives a finish of having too much makeup on one's face. You can actually see that you have applied makeup on your face. The finish is not natural and thus can be used for high and heavy coverage makeup looks. Also; it is difficult to use under eyes as it doesn't blend well and is difficult to reach the inner corner of the eye. Here you need to use some blending tools separately to give even finished foundation and concealer look for your base makeup. Definitely not used for powder application as it cannot blend the dry products well making everything patchy. You can use this Silisponge along with other blending sponge or beautyblender to achieve a perfect desired look for wet foundations and concealers.
So, considering all the things I would say, Silisponge is definitely not worth the hype!!! As you require other makeup tools along with it to have a perfect base for your face.. So if you just want to experience it you can buy this Sislisponge from Amazon.com for the price of 399 INR. 

Comparing both the blenders, I would definitely give a thumbs up to the beautyblender and will swear by it God knows how many times. Single tool to help you get that perfect flawless base or sculpted look. Where as Silisponge definitely can't work all by itself for that best result. So its up to you whether you want the high price beautyblender which is totally worth the hype or the Silisponge which requires a great effort to achive the look.

I hope you all liked my post on Beautyblender vs Silisponge... which one is worth the hype??? Please go ahead and try these makeup tools as it is always good to experience different stuff and products. Don't forget to share and comment below about your experience if you have ever tried these makeup tools. Also; you can follow me on my social media. XOXO

Thank you...

Love Bhagyashree..


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