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Sunday, 5 February 2017

Flaunt your lips this Valentine's Day with INTENSE BUTTER GLOSS by NYX...

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Well, Valentine's Day is near and I know many of you have already started shopping and planning out everything. Obviously! who doesn't want to look their best on this day of love even if you are single & planning to spend time with your girl gang or going out on a special date. So, I thought why not suggest you all lip color shades that will look best on any girl specially on this Valentine's Day. Also, I wanted to share my experience on this beautiful and amazing IBLGSET06 INTENSE BUTTER GLOSS by NYX which I think is perfect to match any outfit or style. Though last month I did a video-swatch review on Snapchat, I could not stop myself from blogging on these lip glosses.

So lets get started...

INTENSE BUTTER GLOSS by NYX is all new version of their signature BUTTER GLOSS. The formula is even thicker, more creamier like soft thick butter, more glossy but opaque if compared to BUTTER GLOSS by NYX. The lip colors are more intense and bold. The lip glosses have a very unique yummy scent to it. The INTENSE BUTTER GLOSS are specially introduced for spring-summer, so that makes it even great to use these colors for this Valentine's Day.

My experience with these lip glosses is really amazing. Though they are glosses, they don't feel like one. The lip glosses give a feeling of applying soft thick butter literally. The texture is soft, creamy, moisturizing and glossy. As they are heavy they cover even dark lips completely. The longevity is really good. The lip colors will last for a very long time. They can be worn at day and evening as well. The color transfers a bit but I don't think that is a major drawback. They wont dry out and will keep your lips hydrated and moisturized all day long without being sticky.

Though the glosses feel tacky in the beginning they feel very good after the formula is settled down on your lips. Its tricky to apply evenly if you are new to the glosses as they are very thick and opaque. There are almost 24 shades available on nyxcosmetics.com but in India the shades are limited to 12. Also, here I am using the IBLGSET06 which already come in a set of 3 lip colorset. Also, the IBLGSET packs are available in other shades as well. What I loved is that this set has really awesome pink, coral peach and red color. All the colors that I would love to buy are already in a single pack.

So below are the lip color shades IBLG19PINK MACAROON, IBLG16 SUMMER FRUIT & IBLG22 CHERRY CUSTARD in the respective order. Definitely for this Valentine's Day you can go with pink, fruity or bold cherry lip color. All these three colors will look stunning and make you stand out completely. As pink and red symbolizes the color of love any of the colors mentioned, is a must have. Wear it either at day time or at evening, your date is gonna love it for sure and won't be able to stop himself from showering you with compliments.

The packaging is same as their statement BUTTER GLOSS but the cap of the bottle is metallic shiny one. Compared to the price of the lip gloss the packaging is really good. My sis got this IBLGSET06 from U.S for $12. Individually you can buy INTENSE BUTTER GLOSS for $5 that is INR 550-600 approx.You can definitely get these shades from amazon.in or nykaa.com easily. I am personally loving the color shades and formula of these lip glosses. I would highly recommend you all to buy these glosses as they are super affordable and if you personally love bold statement lips.

So, Flaunt your lips this Valentine's Day with INTENSE BUTTER GLOSS by NYX... Grab yourself one, or as many as you feel like and I am sure you won't regret. I bet you will definitely fall in love with this amazing beauty product. I hope you liked my post on these awesome glosses by NYX. Don't forget to Like, Comment, Share and Follow...

Thank you...

Love Bhagyashree...


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