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Thursday, 5 January 2017

My December Favorites 2016...

Hey guys, Happy New Year !!! I had an awesome year end as well as a very relaxing and refreshing new year beginning. I hope you all had an amazing start this year too. After all the plannings, resolutions and to-do lists, I am back again with my very first blog post of 2017 and what a better way to start with a Favorites post.

My December Favorites 2016... is about random things I frequently used in the December month and as I totally loved them, I couldn't stay back from including them in my favorites list.

So, Lets begin with My December Favorites 2016...

QVS EYELASH CURLER-ERGONOMIC HANDLES WITH SPRING TENSION... is one of my beauty favorites and must-have.  I started using this tool in the beginning of December and totally loved it. When it comes to applying make-up using the right tools makes it really easy for application and gives perfect finish and results. QVS EYELASH CURLER has rounded non-slip silicon pads that gently curls the lashes without crimping or breaking. The ergonomic handles support hands for comfort control. This QVC EYELASH CURLER gives a natural curl to my lashes and is user friendly. Also, it gives a flawless finish to my mascara when applied after curling the lashes. Though this tool looks complicated, its very easy to use and comes with easy use and care instruction on the packaging. Packaging is really simple and includes 2 spare silicon pads, which can be changed when damaged. Used by professional make-up artists too. I got this tool from Westside, Nagpur for just 299 INR. Totally affordable and of good quality as well.

LAKME ABSOLUTE SHINE LINE  by LAKME in color black is my favorite beauty product for this party season. It has rich, intense color in one stroke, that stays true for hours. Perfect for parties as its long lasting and has shine to it. It is not dull and drying. Gives smouldering eyes and redefines liquid eyeliner look. A bold and intense black eyeliner that is long-lasting and has shine is perfect to create intense and bold eye make up looks easily. Its very smooth and doesn't crease once applied. I totally love this eyeliner. The packaging is simple yet elite and has metallic finish that makes it look luxurious. The applicator is of comfortable length and has smooth soft bristles which makes the application flawless.The formula is moisturizing and smooth. Definitely a good product. I got this from Lakme store at Mumbai Airport for 280 INR.

TULSI ORIGINAL by ORGANIC INDIA is an Antioxidant Rich which is 100% Certified Organic and this makes it one of my favorites. This Holy Basil drink is stress relieving and energizing. I definitely need a sip of true wellness of this TULSI ORIGINAL as its a perfect drink in this hectic life and cold weather. As Holy Basil is a herb with healing properties it helps you fight illness, cold and cough which is common in this cold weather. Also, it uplifts mood, helps you relax and reduce stress. It strengthens the immune system and boosts stamina. Improves digestion & metabolism and is abundant in antioxidants. Its anti ageing and anti jet lag. As its caffeine free it can be consumed many times in a day. A perfect hot beverage for winters that you too must include daily. Got this from a local store, Nagpur for 190 INR.

THE SEVEN SPIRITUAL LAWS OF SUCCESS by DEEPAK CHOPRA is on my favorite list too. What makes it favorite? Definitely the size and time required to read this self help book. Its just ONE HOUR OF WISDOM. Its a pocket guide to fulfill ones dreams by the very well known inspiring and bestselling author Deepak Chopra whom I really admire. I read it on my short trip while relaxing and really loved it. Definitely a book you can read in your busy schedule too. The best thing is that it really helps you understand the seven basic spiritual laws of success as well as life. Everything is very well explained in short but to the point. After reading this book, I really got to know more about these basic amazing laws that one must apply in life for fulfilling ones dreams and also to be successful in every aspect of life. These simple yet powerful principles once applied changes your life for sure depending on how you make use of this laws. I got this book from CROSSWORD, Nagpur for just 150 INR.

SKULLCANDY WINK'D In Ear Headphone are my favorites as they are fine tuned and engineered for women. The gels sized to fit women very well. The pureclean ear gels are super soft and super flexible that don't hurt your ears. You can check this on www.skullcandy.com or can buy on amazon.com. My earphones are gift but to mention the price, they are for 1699 INR. Great earphones for a budget as it comes with an extra ear gels and a small earphone box. I really loved these In Ear Headphones as it has great sound and comfort level and easy to carry always.

So these were my favorites which were really useful for me last month, you can try these products as well. All are super affordable and are good to use.

I hope you all liked this blog post on My December Favorites 2016... You can follow me on my blog as well as other social media. Don't forget to like, comment and share this post.

Thank you...

Love Bhagyashree...


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