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Friday, 27 January 2017


Watching and reading about MICELLAR WATER everywhere since many months, really made me grab my hands on this wonderful product lately. Must tell you all, I cannot get over this product since the day I started using it. It's now one of my best beauty products for daily skincare and yes, I am totally obsessed with it right now. So many beauty brands like Bioderma, Garnier, etc. have introduced MICELLAR WATER in the beginning and now this has become a beauty trend or can say a beauty must have product everywhere.

First let me tell you, "What a MICELLAR WATER is"? if in case you are not familiar with it. A MICELLAR WATER is made up of micelles (tiny balls of cleansing oil molecules) suspended in soft water. The magic behind this water is that, this formula attracts all the dirt and impurities like a magnet, from the skin leaving it moisturized and nourished.

Here, I am sharing my experience with L'OREAL PARIS MICELLAR WATER- MOISTURIZING, as it was easily available to me on Nykaa.com just at the price of 475 INR. You can definitely choose any other MICELLAR WATER that are available in stores or online, according to your preferences and skin types. This one is the most affordable comparatively. Also; L'OREAL MICELLAR WATER comes in two types, Refreshing-Blue bottle for oily to normal skin and Moisturizing- Pink bottle for normal to dry skin and both are suitable for sensitive skin as well. 

So let's have a look at L'OREAL MICELLAR WATER... A Must Have!!!

This L'OREAL MICELLAR WATER- MOISTURISING comes with a New Micellar Technology. The unique micellar molecules act like a magnet to remove make-up residue, dirt and impurities  from skin thoroughly. Not just cleanses but dissolves impurities to clean. 3-IN-1 Action Cleanse, Remove Makeup, Soothe is easy and gentle on eyes, lips and face. This action leaves the skin super clean, pure and hydrated. This is No Rinse product as mentioned on the product. Just apply the product on a cotton pad and gently wipe the face, eyes and lips in circular gesture and then no rinse i.e not wash is required.

Though this product doesn't require a rinse, I once in a day either at night or during a shower use a face wash to clean and exfoliate my skin as my skin is extra oily. Rest of the time I use this product twice or thrice to keep my face clean and fresh and also when I want to remove my makeup. Whenever I use this product, my skin feels clean and fresh. Though it's moisturizing and I have oily skin, whenever I wake up next day after using it, my skin feels nourished and pampered baby-like and has no oil residue. I really can swear by this product as I got rid off my oily greasy skin that I had to deal with every now and then. As its moisturizing, my skin gets nourishment, at the same time deep pore cleansing helps get rid off excess oil and dirt as well. Definitely, a must have product for everyone.

This L'OREAL MICELLAR WATER is A Must Have because:
3-IN-1 action cleanse, remove makeup, soothe
moisturizing, nourishing & hydrating
non greasy
water-like, no fragrance, transparent
good for all skin types, even for sensitive skin
everyday skin care product
no side effects
best makeup remover
gentle on eyes, specially the corner and under eye
doesn't dry out skin
doesn't leave any residue on skin after make up removal
no rinse required
tones and soothes skin
easily removes waterproof makeup
not heavy on skin
no irritation or burning effect
skin feels non oily/greasy, yet hydrated after waking up next day
not only cleanse but dissolves impurities 
travel friendly as you don't require tap water to rinse off

I am totally in love with this MICELLAR WATER already. I highly recommend this product to everyone who wears makeup or doesn't. Definitely a must have in your daily skin care routine. You will notice better skin everyday. So grab yourself one and experience the beauty benefits of this amazing product.

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Thank you...

Love Bhagyashree...


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