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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Easy Ways To Stop Procrastination...

Running short of time to submit a certain project for work or any important task of your life? Well, one of the huge reason might be "Procrastination"... There are millions of people who Procrastinate every now then. Procrastination is an action of delaying or postponing something. Why I am talking about Procrastination? Though people don't take Procrastination seriously, Beating Procrastination, controlling and living in your present makes a lot of difference in your life, which leads to happiness and success. Definitely, this is a great way to start your year with such a good life-changing habit.

There are so many techniques used to Stop Procrastination. But, I thought to share with you all the basic and Easy Ways To Stop Procrastination, as these small ways will definitely help you from Procrastinating. These simple and easy techniques are my personal habits that I follow from many many years to get tasks done, which coincidentally happens to be somewhat same to Control Procrastination.

So let's have a look at these Easy Ways To Stop Procrastination...

Try Finishing Tasks On Time is the best way to handle one's Procrastinating pattern. Do Not Delay Tasks specially which hardly requires any time. For example, 5 min basic task of making bed in the morning as soon as you get up, saves your later time as well as is a clean and healthy habit one must have. Putting off certain tasks on later leads to Procrastination. How many times did you say and think-I have ample of time to do this later, I will do it tomorrow with a fresh mind, this can be kept on a hold, etc. Well, it is rightly said that "Time & Tide Waits For None"... So, being in present, doing stuff On Time matters than postponing your actions which leads not only to Procrastination, but also wastes time. Make Things Happen Now and not later... Who knows you might not get time later or might get engaged in some other important tasks. So Always Be On Time.

 Master The Mind on daily basis as you know it's everything in the mind. It all depends on what you think and how you think. So Mind Control helps you deal with your thoughts which ultimately helps in Beating Procrastination. Don't pile up work on work, in fact Break Tasks into difficult and easy ones, trust me this helps a lot. Doing Difficult Tasks First is an Easy Way To Stop Procrastination, as it requires more energy and time to do the same. So doing such tasks first, leaves you plenty of time to perform easy and less time consuming tasks later which you can do quick possibly.

Make A To-Do List or Things To-Do List almost daily. I personally have a habit of writing down my daily tasks on a notepad to help me remember as well as do things on or before time. This saves so much of time and I know what important stuff needs to be done; of the entire day; in one place. Definitely you can make A List in your mind as well, but so many stuff we all do in a single day, that writing down a To-Do List reduces the risk of skipping any important work for sure. Also, I love keeping a small notepad of Things To-Do or buy,etc in my personal hand bag that I carry every time, so that I don't miss a thing anywhere at anytime.

Also; Divide Tasks into Daily, Weekly or Monthly Basis which I personally have a habit of doing, So that one knows the deadlines of certain important work and projects also, this helps in organizing and planning your tasks and time perfectly. Definitely you can use diaries and notepads, also you can use your notes, planners, schedulers and reminders in your phone like I do. 

Set Positive Goals as this definitely helps to Stop Procrastination. Make Things Happen in you daily life by Setting Positive Goals whether small or big as this helps you achieve what needs to be done and is important. Make sure you follow and utilize time to complete your Set Goals. This no doubt gives the feeling of happiness and success when you achieve what you have aimed for.

Avoid Distractions and Focus on your tasks is the key to Stop Procrastinating daily in one's life. In this age distractions being many, it is difficult for one to focus. I personally face this problem of distraction in my daily life due to the various social apps I use and so many different stuff that go on at a time. Specially when you work online or have a sitting job, distractions play a major role for one to Procrastinate almost every time. Procrastinators love distractions and I think one should control one's mind and stop being a Procrastinator. I personally try keeping my Iphone away when I am working online and also control not to switch or open social media sites online on my laptop. Basically now a days its the internet that is the main cause of distraction in every ones life and this definitely leads to Procrastination. So Avoiding Distractions is must.

Laziness, Fear Of Failure, Perfectionism, etc are one of the major causes that leads to Procrastination depending on an individual. I personally feel one must overcome these negative behavioral patterns and habits in life to lead a successful and well planned and happy lifestyle as Procrastination further develops or leads to major setbacks or negative effects on life like missing great and important opportunities,etc. So always do things on time for a healthy and successful lifestyle on daily basis.

Honor Or Reward Yourself for every single achievement you make. Whether its a small task or a big one, important or less important try rewarding yourself. Treating Yourself with anything that makes you happy works amazingly well for anyone. This small act of Honoring Oneself  for the tasks encourages one to be productive and do more which leads to the End of Procrastination. Obviously who doesn't love getting appreciated for one's work and achievements and you deserve that treat for yourself very much. Once you complete your tasks try Treating or Making Self Happy. This pattern will definitely boost you to do more and more work and complete more more tasks daily on time. As you feel happy and content your mind definitely charges up and helps to achieve more positive stuff in your life.

I hope you all love reading my blog post on Easy Ways To Stop Procrastination... These simple ways will definitely help you achieve and get more positive and good results in life. Apply these simple techniques to get rid off Procrastinating and see changes happening. Please don't forget to like, comment, share and follow.
Thank you...
Love Bhagyashree...


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