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Sunday, 25 December 2016


Hello my beauty junkies, Today I will be reviewing PS... CONTOUR KIT by PRIMARK. As you all know Contouring is one of the biggest beauty trends this year, I am really excited to share my experience on this amazing Contour Kit. As usual all the products of Primark are animal cruelty free, this makes the kit even more amazing.

So, lets get started...

Primark launched PS... CONTOUR KIT around May this year. This Contour Kit consists of 3 shades which you can sculpt with that defines your features. This kit is available in cream and powder form as well. I got mine in the powder form which really works well for the oily skin.

Firstly this Contour Kit is budget friendly, that really makes me happy. Who doesn't like a Contour Kit just at the price of 4 GBP. I mean when there are so many brands selling Contour Kits for hefty prices, This PS... CONTOUR KIT is definitely contour on a budget. Being  super affordable, its a great investment as a beginner.

The packaging of this Contour Kit is a nice and simple rectangular box in black color. The kit has three big sized pans. Also, it contains a big mirror which makes it easy to carry the kit anywhere to use or do your touch ups. The quality of the packaging is really nice compared to such a low price. Also, its a great deal when you get a free contour brush inside. Though the brush is medium sized, the work is done pretty well. It has a small guide leaflet inside and also a guide to follow at the back of the box this makes it very easy to know where to apply what. 

So coming to the main product, as mentioned it has got three shades to sculpt and define features, this makes it super comfy to have three shades in one place as a kit. All the shades are of good quality and smooth in texture. Blends really well giving a soft finish. Mostly suits many skin tones. 

The Contour shade is a cool toned shadow, perfect for pale to medium skin tones. This is natural contour color not too high in pigment, but really gives that perfect contour finish without making it look fake. Perfect for every day contour and defines the contoured features very well. Doesn't look muddy. 

The Bronze is warm toned pigment lighter than the contour shade. Its perfect for pale to medium skin tone. Gives a sun kissed glow to your face. Has a good warm pigment but very natural. Good for every day use. A really good bronze I must say.

The Highlight is basically matte of yellow or can say banana color pigment. Has a slight sheen to it, which makes it perfect for everyday use. It doesn't have cakey or shiny finish, so perfect to highlight even your under eye area, which I mostly love doing. Has a good pigment to give you a natural highlight finish. Good for most of the skin tones to highlight the features well.

So basically this Contour Kit is amazing for the beginners who really want to try the contour make up techniques. This kit is user and budget friendly with a great quality, compared to other costly make up brands. I am really loving this Contour Kit and would love if you try this out too. You can get this kit at any Primark store in your city or country, if you have one. Also, you can log on to the official online site of Primark. I got my Contour Kit from Primark store in Cardiff ,Uk.

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