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Thursday, 29 December 2016

Permanent Hair Removal At Home With IPL- Review...

When it comes to hair removal, we all are skeptical about what to use, how to use, which method to use, etc. Trust me I have tried almost all hair removal techniques in my life and I am never happy and always keep cribbing. But now I am super happy with this new found device Braun Silk.expert Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), that is permanent hair removal system using professional light technology.This device allows you to permanently remove unwanted, visible hair at home. It is designed to meet the highest standards of quality, functionality and design. 

This device was launched early this year, and in the month of October my bro got this IPL hair removal system from the store Boots, Cardiff City Centre, U.K for 300 GBP. Happy to have this device with me though this product is not officially launched in India yet. This is a Special Beauty Edition combo pack as it has IPL hair removal as well as Sonic Body Exfoilator/Braun Silk.epil SkinSpa. Quite a great deal to get, must say.
So, lets begin with the review...

This device as mentioned  is not effective on white, blonde, grey or red hair. Its best for dark hair with fair-medium skin tones. It works best for me as Asian hair is dark and is suitable for my skin tone.The best part is this device is user friendly and designed to use at home by men and women. It comes with an easy user manual guide where all do's and don'ts are mentioned. Now you don't have to visit your technicians and spend loads of money. This is for sure a one time investment and designed to use with ease and comfort.

Now coming on how to use this device, is not a big deal. Trust me its very simple and easy.You get a complete guide on how to use it. All you require is to shave the area before use. Just attach the adaptor chord to plug in and the device is ready. As it has SensoAdapt technology, it automatically adjusts the intensity required for your skin tone. As soon as you touch your skin you see white light adjusted in the meter and that indicates to now press your treatment button and then the it flashes a red light that indicates the job is done. You can also use the feather touch button if you are new to laser treatments. This device is awesome as its difficult to detect the the intensity required at your technicians place where you have to check on self the amount of pain you can bear for the hair removal. Here the device does all the work automatically for you. It has gliding mode and precision mode. You can use these two modes depending on your requirements. It has 1,20,000 flashes which will last you for 6 years depending on how much you use the device. The company claims permanent reduction in about 3-4 months

My experience with this IPL hair removal is so far the most amazing one ever. I am not new to laser hair removals, as I have done 4 sittings of laser hair removal treatment for my underarm 3 years back, which unfortunately didn't work out for me due to constant traveling and also didn't give me the desired results. May be the technician didn't use a machine that was suitable for my hair type and the treatments were expensive too. So I am pretty much excited for this amazing machine that I have now, which is quite affordable and saves you from all the expensive laser treatments available in the market. Also, it helps you with the discomfort you face with your technicians during the treatments. 
 My normal laser treatments were very painful and caused me a lot of discomfort but this awesome IPL hair removal is such a good one that I don't feel any pain with this and its super comfortable on my skin. On the feather touch mode the pain is almost negligible for me. I am already in love with this product as in just 3 uses, I feel slight changes in the growth of my hair. I am waiting eagerly for more results after 12-13 weeks. I definitely recommend this product to everyone who is interested in permanent hair reduction.

The Sonic Body Exfoliator/Braun Silk.epil SkinSpa is great to exfoliate your whole body in circular movements as per the design. This device comes with a simple adapter chord and is user friendly. You can use this exfoliator dry or wet as you desire. Mostly I love to use it dry as it gives the effect of dry body brushing. It keeps the body skin really nice, smooth and soft giving a spa like effect.

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