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Thursday, 15 December 2016

My Black Choker Collection-Must Haves...

Chokers have been  huge trend this year and still the trend continues in the fall/winter 2016-2017 as well. We have seen so many fashion icons flaunting their chokers on various occasions. Every Fashion lover knows this, but in case if you don't, Chokers are close fitting necklaces that are worn around the neck. We have seen so many beautiful chokers in so many different styles and material and all look amazingly beautiful and stylish. For example, the Gold Metal ones are one of my favorites.

But whenever we talk about chokers, we mostly think about the black ones. As the black chokers are trending since history, they really look amazing comparatively to other colors. So I thought why not share with you all my collection of black trendy chokers which are the most common and easy to get. Actually I feel every girl should at least have these basic common black chokers in her wardrobe.

So lets have a look at My Black Choker Collection-Must Haves...

This is a beautiful black Victorian/Vintage Choker which I feel is a must have as a party wear. You can pair it up with your party dresses or tops. An amazing statement neck piece that is made with black net floral applique lace, black round beads and soft metal chains. Totally a feminine choker. I got mine for 210 INR from a local store Expressions, Nagpur.

 This is a Lace Choker made of round flower applique lace. This choker comes in a variety of lace designs. A girly sort of choker that you can add in your everyday style. You can get this choker easily in stores or you can make your own DIY choker with your favorite laces available in the market. I got mine for 50 INR from the same shop Expressions, Nagpur.

This is a Basic Elastic Choker with a gold metallic design. Its exactly like an elastic waist belt with a gold metal buckle. You can adjust the buckle design according to your choice, either on the center or to the side. The gold metal design of CC symbol resembles Chanel logo. I got this from the same shop mentioned above for 110 INR. It looks really chic as well as goes with many outfits and the gold metallic design definitely makes it more trendy.

This Velvet Pendant Choker is stylish in its own way. Those who love wearing pendant, this is a good option for you. Basically you can wear just a velvet band to keep the look minimal, but this little gold metallic pendant adds a style statement to it. I got this choker from Pantaloons, Nagpur for 399 INR. 

This is a Double Layer Choker as it has a basic black lace choker and a string/chord with a star pendant. This gives a pendat and a choker necklace look in a single piece. Definitely adds a different style to your look. More sort of a punk look can say. I got this for 50 INR from Colaba Causeway Market, Mumbai.

This Tattoo Choker is the most common choker available everywhere. This is a flexible intricate fake tattoo sort of a band which you can wear it almost on any clothes. Easy to wear and gives you a retro kind of a look. Can be worn casually and this one is simple yet stylish. You get various designs in this as well. I got this choker for 149 INR from Pantaloons, Nagpur.

This is a Wrap Around Chord Choker. Basically you can wear this choker in many ways by just wrapping it around your neck in multiple layers and knots. I didn't get a wrap around chord choker in market, so I just used a leather chord from my sling bag. You can make you own DIY chord chokers at home with any chords or strings for example shoe lace and add some details at the ends of the chords. This looks really amazing when worn in a stylish way.

This DIY Basic Band Choker gives you that 90's style. Just a simple black band around your neck gives you a retro look. You can make these kind of basic chokers at home with any plain laces, elastic or velvet bands. In this pic these are my detachable bra belts as chokers. As these are handy and easy to wear, this saves a lot time and money. You can wear single or double bands at a time as you feel like.

So this was My Black Choker Collection. All these are basic n common types of chokers that are must haves in your collection if you are a choker lover. As this trend will continue in 2017 its a good time this holiday season to flaunt your Chokers in many ways.

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Thank you...

Love Bhagyashree...


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