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Friday, 2 December 2016

Aloe Vera Beauty Hacks...

Well everyone know the health and beauty benefits of Aloe vera. As I have so many Aloe vera plants at home since my childhood, I grew up using it every now and then for my skin and hair. Yes, thanks to my mom and granny, they really have taught me the various benefits of using Aloe vera. But I was really surprised when I got to know the beauty hacks and as I have started using these hacks since a couple of months I really couldn't stopped myself from posting this.

Today I'll be sharing with you some simple, common and easy Aloe vera Beauty Hacks which I really love and trust me you will love it too. These are some tried and tested beauty hacks which are trending this year everywhere. For this you will need fresh Aloe vera plant leaf or any organic or 100% pure ready to use Aloe vera gel from any good brands available. Here I am using fresh Aloe vera plant leaf, Patanjali Aloe vera gel, and Fabindia soothing gel aloe vera. To  make gel from fresh plant leaf you just need to scoop out the gel inside the leaf and blend it or use an Aloe vera leaf directly which has been cut into pieces.

So lets have a look at the Aloe Vera Beauty Hacks...

To soothe Sunburns or any minor burns or irritation of skin on face and body. It provides comfort,  reduces sunburns and helps in removing tan as well. As it has natural healing and soothing properties, Aloe vera literally gives you a cooling and soothing effect when applied directly from the plant leaf. You can also use Aloe vera ice cubes by deep freezing the Aloe vera gel in a refrigerator.

To reduce Under eye puffiness, wrinkles and dark circles. Just apply Aloe vera gel under and around your eyes at night before going to sleep. Definitely you will get relief from tired and puffy eyes overnight. Regular usage will reduce wrinkles and help you get rid of dark circles as Aloe vera has natural properties that gives you fairer looking skin.

Works great as Natural Eyebrow gel and Eyelash conditioner. Just dip your eye makeup spool for  eyebrow into Aloe vera gel and use this as Eyebrow setting gel to keep your brows in place and give a nice professional brow look. As it is transparent you don't have to worry about your brow color turning different. Also, you can dip your mascara wand or a spool into the Aloe vera gel and use it on you eyelashes to condition them overnight during sleep. Also, use it before you apply your mascara as a Lash primer.

Best to use as a Eye makeup remover. Removes that waterproof eye makeup as well. Just take good amount of your Aloe vera gel on a cotton pad or cotton ball and gently remove your eye makeup. To remove makeup from waterline u can use  Q tips/cotton swabs/cotton buds dipped into aloe gel. This helps in makeup removal as well as helps to moisturise the delicate skin around the eye area. Also, helps to soothe the skin after eye makeup removal.

Aloe vera gel works absolutely great as a Primer for a makeup base. It even outs your pore and gives a smooth finish to your skin which works great for any makeup base.Makeup spreads out evenly and easily all over your face. Also it moisturises and primes the skin at the same time that helps to prevent wrinkles and dryness due to makeup.

Aloe vera can be used as a natural Makeup setting spray. For this just mix water and Aloe vera gel into a spray bottle in 3:1 ratio respectively. Keeps your makeup fresh and lasting, also has anti bacterial properties.

  Great to use as a Shaving Gel... Its a great natural alternative to a shaving cream and is safe to shave with it at any part of body for hair removal. It conditions the skin and gives a good shave and at the same time helps to soothe the Razor burns. Great if your body skin is dry or sensitive.

As a Moisturiser for oily skin, Aloe vera gel is the best. Directly apply onto your face daily.It moisturises as well as tones your skin. Great for people who have rosacea or tend to get irritated skin and redness in sun. Works great on acne prone skin. Also helps in Reduction of acne and inflamation. Has amazing Anti bacterial properties as well.

Great remedy for Cracked heels. Just apply onto dry or cracked heels overnight. Wear socks and sleep off. You will have normal heels back after regular use. Good on Shoe bites and Blisters too. 

An amazing remedy on Bug bites or any insect bites such as mosquito. Gives relief from irritation and itchiness. Best as a Mosquito repellent too.

Helps in reduction of Stretch marks. Just apply for Aloe vera gel on the affected areas and then wipe out with a wet napkin soaked in lukewarm water, Or u can apply Aloe vera gel and give a nice hot towel steam to the affected area for better absorption in to the skin. Great too Exfoliate the body too.

Best to have Thick and long natural hair. Apply directly on to the scalp before 30 mins of head bath. Helps to cure Dandruff and prevents Hair fall. Also, great as a Hair mask for frizzy hair. Apply a generous amount all over your hair and then wash after 30 mins. You can also spray a mixture of aloe gel and water to Tame the frizz after washing as a Leave in conditioner.

So, these are few hacks which you can easily implement in your daily beauty routine. I love all of these hacks and hope you all like it too.

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Thank you...

Love Bhagyashree...


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