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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

My PS... Makeup Brush Collection by Primark, U.K...

Hi Everyone. Today's Blog post is about My PS... Makeup Brush Collection by Primark U.K. To be honest I hardly used any make up brushes to do my makeup so far. Yes like every beginner I applied my foundation and concealer with my fingers or a foundation sponge. I never realized that makeup brushes can definitely be a game changer in my makeup routine. 

 I thought why not share my experience and collection of makeup brushes with you all so that even you can try and collect various makeup brushes and see the difference in your makeup routine and techniques to apply your makeup. 

If you have not yet started your brush collection or if you are a beginner, I would suggest you to get yourself a makeup brush set. My collection is of PS... Makeup Brushes by Primark U.K, but there are few brands like Real Techniques, ColorBar, and many more affordable ones for beginners that you can get either in any drugstores or on Amazon online. Rest its on you if you would love to invest in makeup brushes like Sigma, MAC or other high end makeup brands.

My PS... Makeup Brush Collection by Primark U.K is definitely great to invest as a beginner. As the brushes you get are of good quality and are super affordable. I am really surprised to know that Primark offers great value products in terms of prices and gives you really great quality as well. As a beginner obviously you are little hesitant to invest a lot in high end brands so I personally feel its a great idea to begin with affordable brands. 

I am really happy to get these brushes and yes these brushes are game changer for me in my everyday makeup routine and have helped me to get a professional makeup effects. PS... by Primark U.K has a variety of makeup brush range that you can choose from. Right from brushes to egg sponge n much more. You can check their beauty products online on primark.com if you don't have a primark store in you city. 

So lets have a look at My PS... Makeup Brushes Collection by Primark, U.K...

PS... PRO BLENDING BRUSH high definition results is definitely a must have. Obviously a dupe for ARTIS Makeup Brushes, but are really good quality at such a low price. Best to apply foundation and blend concealers as well. The small brush also can be used to blend and apply eye shadows as well. I really liked these brushes as they are very dense and give a very natural blend but a high coverage to my makeup look. 

PS... FOUNDATION AND CONCEALER BRUSH is really good for application. You get 2 brushes in 1 for really low price. Good quality and gives a good coverage look and is easy for application. The concealer brush is really soft and totally blends the concealer even in small corners or your eyes.

PS... BLENDER SPONGE WITH FOUNDATION BRUSH is good to apply and blend foundation pretty well. The blender sponge gives you an effect of beauty blender too. You can also use this brush for heavy contouring as well as this blends the products really well giving it a smooth finish. 2 in 1 brush at a low price but great quality is great to keep in your collection. 

PS... CONTOUR BRUSH is a brush designed to give a that flawless finish to you contoured make up look. Really light and gives you flawless contour with few strokes. Best for powdered and cream contouring. Easy to apply and blend the contour smoothly. Great quality and is really low in price.

PS... KABUKI BRUSH is a brush used for application of loose powder all over your face, neck and sometimes body as well. This soft big round brush covers full face and gives a light coverage as its always good to use less powder to look natural n less caky. Best for compact or loose powders and for bronzing as well. Definitely can be used to blend blusher, bronzer and contour together.

PS... BLUSHER BRUSH is great for applying powdered and cream blushers too. Really good to blend blusher. I really love this brush as I cant live without my blusher even for my daily make up routine. Can also be used to apply bronzer and blush contours as well. Good quality and affordable.

PS... ANGLED BROW BRUSH & PS... EYEBROW & LASH GROOMER are great to use. You just need practice to define you brows and this angled brow brush is perfect to get the well defined eyebrows for gel or powder brow products. The spool makes it easy to direct and lift your eyebrows in the desired way. Eyebrow & lash groomer makes it easy to comb eyebrows and lashes before applying eyebrow and lash products. Great price deal for the brushes and are good to use.

PS... MAKEUP SPONGES are really great to blend and apply any makeup product on face. The shape and size really makes it easy to use. You can apply any face makeup product for that high coverage and flawless professional look. Works best when used in dabbing motion. Great to push makeup in skin for pore coverage as well. Best for oily skin type makeup users. So many sponges at just low price makes it super affordable. Really a must have.

I really thought of including a PS... MAKEUP BRUSH HOLDER as it is always good to keep your makeup brushes safe and in one place for easy access. Also, this holder is a closed one so definitely keeps your brushes free from dust an germs. 

The packaging of the makeup brushes is really simple. Good when compared to the prices of the brushes. Also the brushes look great with that PS... logo. The simple matte black and rose gold metal finish makes the brushes gorgeous and elite lookwise. The brush prices are mentioned in the pics above. I really love My PS... Makeup Brush Collection by Primark U.K and totally enjoy my makeup routine these days.

I hope you all liked my post. Please don't forget to like, follow and comment. 

Thank you...

Love Bhagyashree...


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