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Monday, 14 November 2016

My October Favourites 2016...

Hi everyone! Sorry guys for not posting a single blog since long, as I was really busy with my family in functions. Seriously happy to get back to blogging after a long gap. Today I am back with a very simple blog post on My October Favourites 2016. 

The products mentioned down below are the ones I really loved using during the October month and thought of sharing with you all. As I use these products a lot on regular basis, I couldn't stop myself to mention these in the list of My October Favourites 2016.

So lets have a look at the products...

I am totally obsessed with PS... MAKE UP FIXING SPRAY by Primark U.K. This is such an amazing product I must say. As this is oil free and for all skin types, I didn't had to worry for the changing weather in October. Also; my make up lasted for such a long time that I didn't require any make up touch ups. Definitely a must have for everyday use as it is super affordable and a great quality product. I got this spray from Primark in Cardiff, U.K for 2 GBP.

L'OREAL ABSOLUT REPAIR Lipidium* Expert serie by L'OREAL PROFFESSIONALS  nourishing serum is my favourite leave in hair product as it's formula is amazing for dull damaged dry hair. As I have damaged hair due to my blonde hair color, this serum works wonders for me giving my hair soft smooth and shiny finish. A must have for winter everyday use. I got my serum from Legaato Hair & Skin Studio Poonam Chamber, Nagpur for 600 INR.

I have been using All-IN-ONE Insta Blur by THE BODY SHOP since a long time. I really wanted to include this in my October favourite list as this product works great for all months. This 5 Action Perfector works great for all skin types and is in universal shade. Its formula is dry gel sort of but provides a great finish to my foundation base even in winters without making my skin dry. Even If I don't use make up, I love using this product as it instantly adds smooth and soft finish to my skin. A must have for everyday use. I got this Insta Blur from THE BODY SHOP Empress Mall, Nagpur for 1595 INR.

P.S. LOVE BLUSHER by Primark is a great product for me as it is highly pigmented and doesn't require multiple touch ups as it lasts for long long time. I don't know how many shades are available in this blusher range of P.S LOVE, but I grabbed this one in shade coral pink as it is perfect for my skin tone. The formula, color and finish of the blusher is really great for my skin. I use it often on daily basis too. I got this blusher from Primark in Cardiff, U.K for 2.50 GBP.

Though I have long thick eyelashes, The HYPER CURL VOLUM EXPRESS (WATERPROOF) Mascara by Maybelline works wonders on my lashes giving more length volume and curl. Gives an effect of falsies in just one application to me. Really great for everyday use as well. I really love this product as it defines my eyes so well making them look beautiful and lively. I got this mascara at Lifestyle Empress Mall, Nagpur for 325 INR.

ARGAN OIL of Morocco by Natural World is a miracle oil for body and face. Argan oil is my all time favourite due to its properties and uses. I really love using this oil as it is non greasy and good to use in hot and cold weather both. It keeps my skin nourished and works on various stuff like uneven skin tone, dry skin, scars,etc. I got this miracle oil from a Drugstore in Cardiff, U.K for 2.99 GBP.

SWISS BEAUTY DIP & TWIST Nail Lacquer Remover Sponge BLUEBERRY by Swiss Beauty is a very nice nail polish remover for any kind of nail colors. Completely removes even the dark and glitter nail polishes easily and is convenient to use. Avoids mess and is perfect even when I am in a hurry. It doesn't make my nails dry. There are other fruity variants available, I chose to buy Blueberry. I got Blueberry Dip & Twist from Health & Glow in Bangalore for 79 INR.

Pucelle Mist Cologne in wavy ocean fragrance is my all time favourite spray that I use for daily wear. The fragrance is really refreshing and good to go for day to eve wear. Though it is imported from Indonesia I easily get this in a local super bazaar at an affordable price and is available in other fragrances as well. I got this cologne mist from Poonam Super Bazaar Poonam Chambers, Nagpur for 135 INR.

GATSBY SET & KEEP SPRAY ULTRA HARD by Gatsby is super easy to use and helps to maintain my hairstyle. It gives my hair a shine effect and doesn't leave any visible residue on my hair. Always handy and is good for my long and heavy hair type. Easy to use and is preferred by hair experts too. I got this hair spray from Poonam Super Bazaar Poonam Chambers, Nagpur for 250 INR.

Patanjali Aloe Vera Gel by Patanjali is great for glowing fair skin and an instant solution for pimples and wrinkles. It keeps skin good in winter and summer. I use it everyday on regular basis to moisturize my oily skin. This aloe gel keeps my skin hydrated every single day. Also it works great for me as a base under foundation. Great quality product and super affordable. I got this Aloe Vera Gel from Patanjali Store in Sadar, Nagpur for 80 INR.

LITTLE SAVIOUR COCONUT HAND & NAIL CREAM by Inecto Naturals keep my hands and nails moisturized daily. Specially using a hand and nail cream makes a lot of difference to my daily care regime. This cream smells so good and the texture and formula is amazing. Though its non greasy it hydrates and keep my hands supple and soft in winter. My sis in law got this for me from Tesco in Cardiff, U.K for 1.58 GBP.

I love my make up remover products, but this Ultra Soft Wipes by Tesco Loves Baby are amazing to remove your make up when in hurry. I use them mostly for removing make up but these wipes are good for multiple uses as well. Obviously made for babies makes these wipes super safe to use and who doesn't love baby products. This too my sis in law got me from Tesco in Cardiff, U.K for 1 GBP.

So this is My October Favourites 2016. I hope you all will like to try out few products mentioned above which you feel can work best for you. This is my favourite products of October month and I would love if you all share your favourite products as well, so that even I can try out few. 

Hope you all liked my post. Dont forget to like, follow and comment.

Thank You...

Love Bhagyashree...


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