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Sunday, 2 October 2016

A Quid For A Lipstick... P.S Love... by Primark U.K...

Surprised by my title? Yes, I know you are and actually it is true. A lipstick just for a quid or in simple words for a single sterling pound literally surprises every make up lover. I was so happy to buy these affordable lipsticks from P.S Love... beauty range by Primark that I could not stop myself from sharing with you all this post. Also; I wanted to tell that sometimes it is good to invest in such brands as well. Definitely not a high end brand, but P.S Love... actually provides almost the same colors and formula of high end brands at a price next to nothing when compared, And who doesn't love to invest in good make up at an affordable price. Can say P.S Love... offers dupes of high end brands at low costs. Definitely keeps your wallets happy even after spending. Personally I love to spend on such products when I do some budget shopping.

So keeping the review simple and short, let's begin.

P.S Love... Lip Liner Pencil-Light Pink

P.S Love... Lipstick-Hard Candy

P.S Love... Lipstick-Red (No Name Mentioned On The Product)

P.S Love... Lipstick-Marsala


There are totally 9 shades available in this lipstick range. I just got 3 which I thought would look good on me. The Lighter shades don't look good on any skin type and are low in pigmentation. Mostly nudes in shades. The darker shades definitely are the best ones to buy. These shades are very moisturizing, smooth in texture and have satin finish to it. Easy for application. Very creamy and have soft sheen to it. Suitable for almost all skin types and have high color pigments. These shades lasts long where as the lighter shades dry out fast and are not advisable for dry lips. So avoid light shades as they don't last long and look weird. Also; they are not moisturizing and smooth. Basically all the lipsticks smell very delicious and awesome. Literally like berries and candies. I Included a lip liner in the list, as I use it as a lipstick or as a lip base for other lipcolors. It is matte in finish and is smooth which makes it easy to apply.

Price is definitely affordable. I got my lipsticks and lip liner for 0.80 GBP/ 80 INR each due to some offers. Actual price is 1 GBP that is 100 INR approx. That makes it super affordable. Packaging is really nice according to the pricing of the product. I got the lipsticks from Primark Store Cardiff (Wales), U.K. You can check out the lipsticks and its various shades in a Primark store, if u have in your city or country or can check for products online on the official Primark website. 
I personally love lipsticks a lot and would definitely recommend you to buy the P.S Love... Lipsticks in dark shades. Obviously low costing but very good quality lip colors. Definitely give it a try if you can.

I hope you all liked my review on P.S Love... Lipsticks by Primark U.K. Don't forget to like, comment and follow.

Thank you...

Love Bhagyashree...


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