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Friday, 26 August 2016

The Finishing Touch... Through Nina Pop by Nina Ricci... {Perfume Review}

I personally feel that a perfume is a finishing touch to your clothes without which you are not completely dressed.It’s as important as your accessories or your make up.It defines you and linger wherever you go, making a statement for your personality.So I thought of sharing with you all, one of my newest perfume from my perfume collection, which I got in January, 2016.I have used it on few special occasions and really loved it a lot.This fragrance left others asking me about what I was wearing at that moment etc.

So here it is the best possible information and short review regarding the perfume.Hope you all like reading it.


Nina Pop by Nina Ricci is a fragrance for women.Introduced as a 10th Birthday Edition the perfume is launched as a limited edition in January,2016.As for the 10th anniversary of the Nina Perfumes and to celebrate the occasion of 10 years of success,the all time classic apple designed bottle is presented in a new stylized way.

This perfume has Floral Fruity fragrance.The top notes of lemon,lime fruit,sugar lime cocktail gives the perfume fresh citrus drink sort of touch to it.Ideal for spring season.Totally a day wear,that keeps your senses,mood and aura fresh all day long.The middle notes of peony,apple and toffee give a fruity touch to the fragrance.And who doesn’t love smelling good like a peony or a toffee.The base notes of musk, apple wood and cedar wood makes the scent a musky and woody one.I think it’s a perfect combination of notes and a great fragrance to wear for parties,fashion events,day weddings etc.

Details of Nina Pop:

Designer House/Brand:          Nina Ricci

Fragrance:                            For Women

                Perfume Type:                      EDT (Eau De Toilette)

  Introduced In:                       January,2016

    Status:                                  Limited Edition

Scent classification:              Floral Fruity

                                       Top/Opening Notes:              Lemon,Lime Fruit,Sugar Lime Cocktail 

                                             Heart Centre/ Notes:               Peony,  Apple, Toffee                                 

Base/Deep-Base Notes:           Apple Tree Wood, 
                                                  Cedar Wood, Musk

Wearable At:                        Day Time

Weather:                              Spring

           Longevity:                            Strong,Long lasting


The well-known authentic apple-shaped bottle is designed in creative and artistic way.The white colored opaque bottle has multi coloured polka dots all over on it and has a gold colored cap.Definitely looks different than the other apple line of nina ricci perfumes;but is cute in its own way.
Nina Pop 10th Birthday Edition EDT is available in 50ml and 80ml.
50ml - 42GBP,$42 which is 4200-INR approx.
80ml – 52GBP which is 5200-INR approx.


I got this 50ml bottle of Nina Pop 10th Birthday Edition as Gift from Bangkok airport duty-free Thailand.It’s sad that I haven’t seen it in any stores in India till now.But it’s available on various sites.So u can still buy it online.
Hope you all liked my description and review for this perfume.Please go ahead and buy if you are a perfume addict and love perfumes.Also,a great fragrance to gift as it is a limited edition and unique.

Thank You... 

Love Bhagyashree...



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